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novel attempt/short story

i started writing a novel for national novel writing month last november (!)

anyway, i only lasted 2 weeks. . but i think the end result is pretty good Smile

here it is:

please let me know what you think Very Happy


here is an extract:

She wasn't sure exactly how much time had passed; she had been so immersed in feeling this beautiful gift of love. Eventually, as a leaf from the overhead branches fell down onto her nose, she left the garden. As she opened the door, Warez held out his hand, took hers and kissed it softly. He had been watching her, for all this time. . and when he saw she was coming back into the house, he had stood inside the door. Waiting.

"Warez. ." Alice whispered.

She noticed that he was wearing a tuxedo, and he had decorated his hair with pretty flowers. She felt so amazed, she admired how he had taken such an effort to be romantic for her. He looked incredibly handsome in his formal outfit, and her heart melted at the sight of the flowers. She truly loved flowers, and it was a beautiful guesture that he had put them in his hair for her. For Alice.

"What are you doing in the door?" she asked faintly, her heart beating fast.

Warez stepped out, and brought a tiara with him. It was a beautiful tiara, silver and decorated with shining silver flowers and petals. Alice loved it immensely, and wished she could put it on her head. Putting things on her head was fun!

"This is for you," he spoke gently, as he lifted up the tiara and placed it carefully upon her.

As the tiara entered her hair, his fingers softly touched her. She felt another wave of sparks fly between her and Warez. It was quite electrifying, and she hoped that her hair wasn't becoming static and flying upwards. Warez smoothed her hair down so it didn't matter. It was only then that, for the first time that afternoon, their eyes met. Their unique lines of sight merged; became one. They gazed at one another for a few moments, delighting in the few precious seconds of pure ecstasy.

As the moments passed, they because uncomfortably aware of what was happening. This was something that had never happened between them before, and it was startling.

"Alice, I. . I want to take you out tonight. If that's ok with you," Warez hesitantly asked, pondering and hoping that her reply would be a positive affirmation.

She blinked, and thought. Warez wanted to take her out! Where, why? What would she wear? Oh, the tiara was so beautiful. And now they both had flowers in their hair! His were real, hers were art(ifical). Wow, she had never realised that the world 'art' was simply a shorter version of 'artifical'! What an interesting revelation! It was then that she realised. . no matter how beautiful the imitations, nothing was as perfect and beautiful as the real versions, the ones that nature had created. She did love the tiara, she really did. It was just that, she had never understood so clearly the difference between man-made objects and what nature has created over many, many thousands and millions of years.

Very Happy
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