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can anyone beat federer?

i'm a strong tennis fan. the status of federer as no 1 is undeniable. but can he be beaten?
i think that there are few players that can beat federer playing well. one of them is safin, he is very unregular, sometimes great matches and someother times he is beaten by no1021 easily. but if he plays well, it is possible
nalbandian is another who can do it: he showed it in the masters cup. i think that if he wants he could be fighting the no1 but he is not a fan of tennis: he enjoys more motor racing for example. he has a gift and he earns money with that, that's all... and he dates top models also
hewitt playing well could play a very fighted match with roger and maybe he wins.. anyway i don't see it probable
nadal is anotherone... in clay he definetly can beat him... i'm not quite sure if he can beat a playing-well federer in hard though...
Federer is nothing. I played him a few weeks ago, using only a small brush in place of a racquet and having never before played tennis. Ending up winning at a canter.
Rofl Very Happy..
You don't know much about Tennis huh?..

But Roger Federer (isn't that his name... haven't watched any Tennis a long time :s)
isn't too good. It's just his individual playing that beats a lot of players.
But then if there is a guy who really won't get fooled by Federer's tricks
he would be beaten easily.
You know Andi Roddick? Cool player Wink.
I have played Tennis myself like 1 year ago.. But stopped doing that.
Don't like to play any ballgames any more :s.. I just loose lol.

Instead I do Parkour Very Happy
unfortunately joshdifabio isn't an active member of the ATP circuit - which really sucks because he could probably beat roddick without even turning up!!
Laughing Cool Cool Laughing

but i would have to go with nadal as the one guy who could consistently beat Roger. He's still young so has a lot of growing and learning to do, so i think in the not too distant future Nadal will become number 1 and not just for a couple of weeks too. For a while.

The thing about roger (yes, we are on a first name basis) is that he is well-rounded. So he can manage to respond to what a lot of his opponents throw at him. Other guys are stronger in one part of their game, so their weaknesses can always be exploited. Federer is also very consistent and generally calm. Other guys are inconsistent (Safin) and can become emotional (Nadal).

If he could control his Spanish passion and stay more calm under pressure and take his grass game to the level of his clay game, Nadal could clintch number 1. Unless of course joshdifabio turns pro!
well federer is a the greatest and the best tennis player that we have today. but yes, he can lose... and we did saw it a few weeks ago , that Nadal won him.
I think that Nadal can stop him in some matches, especially oh the himar, Nalbadian, Roddick.

but Federe is the best tennis player in the world.
lyndonray wrote:
He's still young so has a lot of growing and learning to do, so i think in the not too distant future Nadal will become number 1 and not just for a couple of weeks too. For a while.

i don't agree with that... nadal is my fauvorite player, he gives everything on every match, he plays with his heart and he plays every point as if his life depends on it... but being realistic, nadal's game is based on his legs: he runs every ball to make a forehand shot because his backhand is not good, and i think the day he gets tired (not a distant future) he will be beaten easily, at least on hard courts... anyway, as long as he mantains his forehand (i think he has the best) and he have the capacity to run too much, he'll be an almost unbeatable player
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