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Independent Film maker Love, Life and a Dream

Well hello all, My name is H A Wellborn retired Marine and a Film maker here in Las vegas,
For those of you out there that have the dream of making your own films, all I can say is take the bull by the horns and just DO IT!! I recieved my degree in Film many years ago, and did nothing with it, in my defence I was doing other things like, being shot at, crawling in the mud and such, and then I desided to stay in the corps and well, all of a sudden it is 20 plus years later and I look at the paper on the wall and the passion comes to me again. Now granted, what I learned all those many years ago is to say the least out of date, but the basic's are there. So I hit the book store and found ever book I could find to up date my knowledge.
Now I find myself with a small crew and 501 sponsorship, and in the next few months, as we are in pre-production right now, we will be shooting our first film. I work part time for now to help pay the bills, and everything I get goes to making this film. I now know what starving artist means...LOL....
So if you have the love, willing to live the life and hang on to your dream GO FOR IT.. No matter what..

More to follow
It's me again, well the Web site is up and while I have to tweak it, add to it, and then re-do the whole thing in frontpage, it isn't half bad. It gives you a look at whats going on. I think the one in frontpage will be a bit better, I just don't really like using front page, it's learning curve is a bit much. but we will see. My crew and I will be sitting down with our future fiscal sponsor next week. Hope to WOW his socks off with a show of how commited we are to this venture. After that, it is a mad dash for fund raising and then pre production, production, post production, promotion, and finger crossing.
So I will keep you posted, BTW if anyone has and comments or advice on the web site please feel free to talk to me, any help is well received.

Some Finnish students made a sci-fi parody film which has created a cult following. If you want to check out their web-site, go to www dot starwreck dot com.

Their sponsorship came from businesses as well as individuals.
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