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A girl scared to get married!

Are there any other girls out there who feel scared to death to get married like I do?? I am 25 years old and am terrified of it. I know women are supposed to be the ones who are excited and ready to plan that "magical" day. Anyone else as weird as I am? haha Very Happy
well.... my girlfriend is just as weird as you lol.
You probably don't feel ready to do it, and it's perfectly understandable. After all we don't live in the middle ages when if a girl didn't got married before she turned 20 she would be considered an old maiden.
It all depends on your priorities in life, if you want more a family (in which case it depends on factors like meeting the right man, etc.) or if you want a career, bla bla bla Smile
depends on you i guess, if don't wanna get married and you're sure someone will ask your hand after you're 30, then go have the power now when you're <30 but after 30's it's gonna be quite pressurising to get married.
me too i'm scare for marriage cuz i'm not sure 'how long we can still together?' or "Is he best for me?' sometime I feel like i not enough know my boyfriend.and not sure 'Can he take care ouf life?' I think i'll do some research about this topic.lolz Very Happy
marriage is the biggest step in any relationship, and it is okay to be nervous. You have to be sure that that person is the one for you, to share everything together, for the rest of your days. Because noone gets married thinking about divorce! haha. Everyone is nervous about getting married. But you have to make sure the nerves arent about the person your marrying but of the actualization of getting married instead. There are good nerves and bad.
some advise:

before you go and spend a lot on your wedding, see if you 2 are truly the one. If you really think youre ready, do a simple wedding first, then over a good period of time, plan/save for your wedding.

I think planning and saving for a wedding is hard enough without having to deal with getting to being used as a couple.

This is what I did and ended up with one of the most perfect weddings imaginable.
Do you know what specifically you are scared of? Is it that it is such a big commitment?
I think it is okay, and probably good to be a little scared of that. It means you take it more seriously then a lot of people do.
But marriage is still a good thing, if you love a guy and he loves you, and you want to spend the rest of your lives together.
Its one of those things you should have a healthy fear and excitement over at the same time.
Although, some people do prefer to stay single, which seems fine too.
I'd say the main reason you are scared is because you haven't found the right one. When you find the right one, you'll want to get married so bad it will hurt. There will be no reason to wait. You'll both want to share everything together and grow old together etc.

If you don't have that yet, don't worry about it. As an earlier poster said, it isn't the day when people think you should be married at 20 or your an old maid. I do know of a couple churches where their single girls feel that way, if they're single past 21. Many often get married at 18. That is not good. Usually their husband lives like a king and they are like a slave with the kids, etc.

Find the right guy and don't sweat it. Sounds easy doesn't it?

You'll know. I was two months shy of my 30th when I tied the knot. Now four kids later, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm glad I didn't earlier either. I was mature and ready.
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