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the Ring

also i hear from a lot of people that ring was a good movie.
i've watched the original japanese version, korean version and american version but it's not as scary as exorcist..
The ring wasnt bad, But I found it a bit odd, The make up really creep me out.
i liked the first part of the Ring but not the second part, the makeup was really kewl they dint spend much on it but it was kind of was not scary though but a nice movie to watch with your friends any day or night!
I had expected more out The Ring to be honest. I only watched it recently, but didn't really get scared by it. The ending was also odd and made me think: ok, this was it?

I've seen scarier movies, although dont ask me to throw in a couple of names now. Wink
arr why alright i just typed a load of stuff and lost it so i'll just say i liked it good done bye!
I've seen the american and japanese versions of "The Ring". As far as I'm concerned, both were very scary...
Wow its a good movie!! Sadly I didnt watch all of the 1st one so I will have to rent it, but the second half of the film was amazing. Very very suspensul, with tons of twists and turns and lots of thrills. Plus the ending was totally unexpected. I think that they made a sequel this yr (or end of last) so if thats the case then we should also chekc that one out too. Smile
The Ring is only 'scary' because it's completely weird. It creeps me out, as many of you have said, and I find it hard to watch it without being creeped out. It's nothing on Blair Witch though, that is a scary film.
Rolling Eyes i like japanese versions of "The Ring".
I think it's good movie.
I haven't seen the Japanese versions of The Ring, but I did watch the American version of the first movie at a Halloween party a few years back. It was hilariously funny; however, that might have been a result of watching some comedy shows beforehand.
Dude... The closet scene is AWESOME!
I've never seen a better definition for "scare to die"!
DUDE I loved the Ring (American version)

Because it was just too awesome. I love scary movies that actually have a plot. Unlike 99 % of the other ones.

And it really wasn't just gave you something to think about.
I read somewhere that there are two types of fear in movies; physical and unknown. The american movies are based mostly on physical (ie: all those slasher movies) the japanese horror movies are based on the unknown type of fear. you have to find what kind you are afraid of to really enjoy a movie. i am more afraid of the unknow than the physical. so this movie scared the bejesus out of me! Shocked i couldn't be in my bathroom for very long, and my tv creeped me out at night time. The second movie didn't have the same effect though...
The RIng, many people say its very good.

BUt everyone have the different ideas.

I dont think so good about the ring.

I havnt saw it . ANd i dont want to see it.
IMHO, that movie isn't something special. Got it points, but really I don't see what's so awesome?!... well, yeah... matter of taste, in fact I prefer movies like The Butterfly Effect. I watched it to the middle but couldn't win me. There's a better scary movies. Smile Like Scary Movie Razz
Love Ring, thought it was a brilliant movie and plenty scary. The sequal less so, in one scene it raised the tension well, but mostly it was just plot over horror. As for Ring 0... Well that was just tripe. It plodded along pointlessy.

I'm on about the Japanese versions, I refuse to see the American one. Partly because remakes fill me with anger but mostly because as far as I'm concerned I saw the film when I saw the Japanese version, why bother with someone else's take on a film I enjoyed.

I get that a lot of people prefer remakes because they want higher budgets and no subtitles... but no... I'm not playing...
I will check the japanese versions, as people always recommend.
But what it does so much better from the Hollywood-made ones?
I loved the ring :O
I want to see the japanese version too, they say it's very good.
I've seen the Japanese films, but I've felt no urge to watch the US remake.
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