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Accelerando RULES, you've got to check it out.

Texas Al
Here's a sci-fi story by Charlie Stross called Accelerando.


I just got done reading it and really liked it because he captures some of how strange the future may turn out to be. I mean, most science fiction is just people and events from today but with spaceships and lightsabers added on, but this story really follows the development of the human species over the next thousand years and really makes it sound plausible how one thing leads to another.

Though he sells it as a regular book, he also makes it available free online (which you'll understand once you read more about what his main character does for a living).

Anyway, I loved it, and if you read it and like it as much as I did, check out his other story, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

Disclaimer: not necesserily for young readers.
Oh, cool! I read some parts of the Prime Intellect series when they were being posted on K5. Really interesting when it goes all the way back to how PI was created. Didn't know about Accelerando. kthx, looking at it Smile
Wow. What a load of noise. Is this the hallmark of sci-fi? Ridiculous techy buzzwords being thrown around in an attempt to convey the future to the reader?

I waded through Part 1 and a tiny bit into 2. Yikes. If it wasn't so thoroughly saturated with bull, I would have continued. Right now it's just a pointless waste of time.
Texas Al
Yeah, he is a bit gimmicky... but at least he uses the buzzwords and buzzconcepts in the right context unlike a lot of authors. Plus, I found the basic idea of offloading most of your thought processes onto external software pretty realistic... after all, we're already trying to do that with PDAs and so on. I also identified with his idea of the Gift Economy as something real and workable.

But his exuberance about it does kind of start to get irritating, I know what you mean. Like a kid who discovered some new game and won't stop talking about it. Once the story leaves the near future far behind, there are fewer buzzwords and more focus on the actual plot.
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