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Run Linux from CD

The Linux distro is called Slax. It is put out by Slackware. It runs from the cd you have burnt the ISO file to and you can set it up to save any new info you have aquired during your session to the web. It will save and reload all your information from the web at the beginning and end of each session, after you tell it to do so. It's truelly portable this way. Stick the cd in the computer at work and away you go.

There are different Slax versions for your paticular needs. Download the version of your choice from Then you'll need to burn the iso to cd. I got a freeware burner from for this task. To save you some reading(I did it wrong the first time), open the burner select the top icon (burn a data cd), go to the file menu at the top of the burner and select "write disc from iso file", from the drop down list. You'll see an address box. To the right of the box, click the button to browse for the iso file you downloaded. Click write disk.

Next you'll need to change the bios in your computer to boot from cd, if it's not already set up to do so. Make your CD drive the first boot device. When you reboot your computer it will give you a certain amout of time to hit any key to boot from cd. If the the cd you made is in the drive it should load Slax. If it doesn't, there are more bios changes you'll have to make. If you have to make other changes to your bios, they are in the in the online manual at . I didn't need to make any bios changes for my desktop, but my IBM Thinkpad choked on the cd. I'm going to try to get it to work on the laptop. If and when I do, I'll post the changes I had to make in the forum.

Good luck and tell me in this forum if it worked for you.
There are loads of Linux distros available. Slax is not the only "Live CD" version - there are loads more that boot directly from the CD.

Please have a look at some of the other Linux discussions and you might find any help you need. I'm closing this because there are so many "Best Linux Distro" threads already.

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