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Death of book is here

chesss wrote:
The sony ebook reader. I can see most of you will scoff at the idea of a ebook reader better than normal books, but just check out the features:
1. In this ebook reader the screen won't be LCD nor plasma,
2. refresh rate: 0 , meaning 0.0 flicker, hence no strain on eyes.
3. No backlight- lke traditional modile LCD, laptop or crt screens
3. It would require external soure of light- sun tubelight jsut like paper
4. On a single recharge 7500 page turns are possible

Not impressed? Read on..
the most AMAZING thing is that to display text(or images) it wouldn't require ELECTRICITY. No electricity!! So just like paper it would just stay!!
This epaper is also bendable and can display colour.

Imagine what would happen if every rural household in India gets this. That would be the information age for India.

I read about this a few weeks back but saw it today on 'click' on BBC Timings:

SONY reader:
Bendable epaper:

Also checkout wikipedia for more.
This is what I'm waiting for! On that thing you at least can read decently an e-book. Wink It has the same or even better properties than paper concerning the reflection of light. How nice, especially because it's bendable.
Yeah, been waiting for a proper version of an eInk-based reader. Not going to buy Sony's though (it's been standing still featurewise since the Librie they released in Japan over a year ago). The iRex Iliad looks much nicer and well-developed - better storage options, better display, better CPU, better format support (Sony still seem to like their stupid proprietary format)... but will sadly also be about twice as expensive Sad

Doubt it's the death of books, though. The Sony Librie has been out in Japan for a long time, it's been imported by some people in other countries, but it hasn't really been a success in Japan or elsewhere (well, the keys with labels written in kana and kanji might explain that...).

I'll wait some more, I guess Smile
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