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This page is in Swedish, though some explaining pages in English is planned. It's not complete yet, but it's a good bit on the way. If you don't get it, there is always pictures speaking international language raging the tower of Babylon. Those you can find under the semi-international menu: "Galleri"
Plz sign if you like, and don't be afraid to critizise Laughing

By the way, I'm all new to sql n' php, and would love some insigth from people who know it. So far it's the 'Viper guestbook' there, but I'm anxious to explore the possibilities Wink
Looks allright, a bit basic but nice enough.

You may want to look into displaying your galleries in something other than table format...Maybe have them expanded and add some next\previous navigation?
Your site is bit basic as for me.... Maybe it's because I've already stopped working only in HTML... Template looks boring, perhaps if you'll add little of high-tech style or something else, header is tooooo small. Maybe you'll take one sided block layout? Something like that:

It's very simple layout, but must be good as an example...
woww!! i love your catssss !! your white one looks a bit like my puhin Razz
they're so cuteeeeee u knooo .. is it easy livin with 4 cats ?? don't they fightt ? do they all want ur attention ??? i think it's really kewl Very Happy

here's a pic of my puhaaa Smile !

and check this one having a rest Razz
Quick replies with good feedback. Thx!

reshi wrote:
...galleries in something other than table format...

Not sure of that one. I find relative tables good considering that people use different sized monitors and resolution. About the 'next/previous'-navigation, I'll look in to that.

Alie wrote:
...high-tech style or something else, header is tooooo small...

About the style I'm not sure. I'm aware that the lay-out mabye isn't the greatest graphiclly seen, but to us the content's the most important. I havn't written HTML in almost ten years, so I'm satisfied having managed at all Smile . Much have changed, and I'm not sure I'm willing to offer the time to get into it all.
About the header, though, you're absolutlly right!

asfaltboy wrote:
is it easy livin with 4 cats ?? don't they fightt ? do they all want ur attention ???

Very Happy I know this hasn't got so much with the homepage to do, but it's content. The highest priority for us, so we're very glad for your post. Wonderful cats!
Actually, four isn't so different from two. A bit more hair, and some more sand to shuffle Wink Ours have very separate personalities, so they seek our attention on different levels. For example, one wish to sleep on the pillow, one preferes an own bed (sitting by the computer, the 'lone-sleeper' often jumps up in the lap, while the 'pillow-cat' stays in bed. Although, in the sofa they're all there Laughing ). Another thing helping, though, is that we're two adults and one kid. Lots of hands Smile
Oh, one last thing, about the fighting. That's not a problem. They found their places rather quicklly, and we only have one male, wich helps in that mather. Kittens are expected, so then there will propablly be a few disagreements Wink
Hmm Nice site,
You could make it a little less spaced out, it looks like you have no content if the width is 100%.

Ohh Your navigation bar is sooooooooo good, you just need to add some rollover buttons and your sweet!

If you don't know how to make 'em i suggest:
Tables Smile

All the Best!
I'm not sure I'm willing to offer the time to get into it all.

Just try to do your best Wink It's doesn't really matter which language have you used for a site - every php coded page you can integrate into simple HTML (static, but if you don't have much content...).
I loved asfaltboy's first picture - it's so colourfull and nice Razz I think it would be good if you'll take this colour gamma...
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