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IB Program?

Has anyone heard about the IB program? Any good? What are your comments on it...
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As an alternative to A Lervels? I don't like the sound of it. I'm sure it creates well-rounded individuals, but I don't want to be well-rounded damnit - I want to do Arts subjects.
hehe....i see well anyone else?
i've heard of it. know people who went through it too.

it's a LOT of work and almost too much pain to be worthwhile.

if you manage to stay afloat, it does come in handy later on if you get course credits for it. though a lot of people i know who did it repeated the courses anyways as gpa boosters.

one winning feature is that they do through so much at you that you become desensitized by the time post-secondary swings around. surprise oral presentations? sure no problem. essay finals? let's go. as the phrase goes, IB therefore I BS. you get coping skills from being overloaded.

question comes down to:
would you rather have excellent grades in medicore courses?
or medicore grades in IB courses? (unless of course, you are a genius - at which point, you should just ignore this and laugh at your pre-IB peers).

numbers DO matter - is the IB tag worth it?
i am acually facing the IB next year, and it sounds like a crock of shit.
Colleges like it because it is pretty much a guarantee that the parents of the kid are rich.
It is a heap more work with more useless stuff that makes you a "well rounded person"

in short, it is expensive and only worth it if you want your resum้ to look suspiciously good.
I go to an IB school. It's pretty easy. Plus, at this school I can go on exchange to Germany in year 11 (It also has exchanges to make other counties). There is nothing wrong with IB it's not hard and the 1-7 marks thing on your report is simple. Out of all your subjects you need to get .. 32 I think (Depends though, I'm not too sure) (But you normally have enough subjects to get a 4 in each and still pass) (I was somewhere high up Smile ). Still, I go to a private school (Reception until year 12). Unlike in Britain with their whole strange system, here you go Kindy-Recetion-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-University (Australia)
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