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Simple or Bulky/Heavy ?

Hey guys, do u know whether one shud use a simple layout for the website o a local store, or a bulky one full on images?, i hafta design one and i need sum tips for the stores website...

simple one Razz.
simple ,layout
that actually depends on the contents. if your contents are considered formal then it would be better to use a simple design since the main purpose are the contents. however, if you're on misc. sites like a personal site or whatever, then make a design whatever you please. may be full of graphics or whatever, just consider your visitors like does my site loads fast enough? etc... text only layouts like in personal website looks dull.
What about including Flash content? shud i like include a bulky intro? or can i create Flash Headers?, though im not so acquainted with the Flash Action Scripting, i still cant build a whole online store COMPLETELY in flash!
you're better off doing things simple, it still looks good. It's just that it's probably going to be more compatible with everyone.
I like simple layouts for ALL sites. I can't stand it when someone makes a site with tons of flash and takes a long time to load (dial-up) so I would say go with a simple layout, this is the advice I would give to anyone and everyone so it wouldn't justbe for this kind of site.
For the site of a local store, the design layout shouldn't be too heavy.

Keep in mind that the visitors would mostly be customers, who would be already knowing that they r visiting an online store site.
So your pages shouldn't take much time to load.
They would be more interested in the content (i.e. items for sale, new offers, online shop facility, contact form etc.)

Make a nice design, keep it sober (use some logos and images of products that the store can provide u).
A bit of flash banners for different content sections is ok, but don't use it too much.
Focus more on the content.
I think ALL sites should be kept simple and focused on the content. Bells and whistles should then only be used to help manage the content (like if there's a lot of it). Too many sites overdo it, don't much care for needless extravagance the first time, care much less for it if I'm visiting the site again. But site owners can do what they will.
Texas Al
Flash is crap. Most of what it gets used for is ads, so I don't even have the plugin installed in FireFox. If I have reason to believe a site is really, really worth looking at... sometimes I make an exception and open it up in IE to see what all the fuss is about. And most of the time, it doesn't turn out to be worth it.
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