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Career: So confused..

I'm a junior in high school and I need to choose what I want to do for a living for the rest of my life.

Personally I love computers, everything from photoshop/animation, 3d software(just started), web design, (a bit of VB programming but I doubt I'll get very much into it). But I don't know what to choose or not even what are my choices? I've talked to my councelors and they don't know, and yes we have a very bad school system.

So I have a few questions, what exactly is a computer engineer? computer science? Or what would be the career for me, if I like photoshop, 3d software, web design, etc? I'm so confused hehe.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.
Computer science is really a science. It has a lot to do with mathematics, so if you want to do computer science you have to be able to cope with lots of mathematics. Wink Actually, that counts for regular programming too.

Webdesign is something very different from programming. What programming languages do you know?

I'm hoping to help you out with this. Smile

I just started an apprenticeship as IT-System-Electronic (how we call it in germany). I don't know how it is called in your country, but it's a very cool job.
You do lots of things like:
- installing and configuring networks
- customer service
- planning and realizing new concepts
- installing internet and telephone connections
- configuring desktop systems...

If you like to do an apprenticeship at all, you might concern this job to for your decision.

But if you are really interested in graphic design and programming, and if your parents have the money Wink you might go studiing informatics or graphic design...

so far, hope I helped you!

Thanks for the help. Well we don't have a lot of money but I'm signing up for scholarships, and there is always the dreaded loans I could get.

Anyways, I'm not very good with mathematics, in fact I don't like it much at all. But you never know, if it's mathematics having to do with computers, I will most likely enjoy it.

@Gieter, I know html, css, php, and I'm trying to learn mysql. I'm not very good with php though, I'm learning all this by myself. I know php does have mathematics, but I actually find those fun, unlike in class where I'm extremely bored.
I once entered the Computanional Systems Engineer career, my experience of two years studying i guess wasnt a waste of time. But, i found it to be very disperse,ranging from digital electronics to 6 grades of maths, to the real old C++ language. Its like having a gap of 3 or 4 years of the edge technology that you will have to learn a soon as you end with a studyprogram made years ago. You just should hack your way trough the web of bits.
You're a junior and you already have to choose a career? Wow Razz
Lots of people in Belgium have the tendency to hold off on choosing till a few months before they start uni/college.

About computer engineering:
Think more along of the lines of half of your first year classes being maths (though it depends from uni to uni of course) and not just some basic algebra Wink
Computer science deals with more aspects of software and theory.

Computer engineering deals with more aspects of hardware (thus more hands on.)

If you choose to go into either fields just know you'll be studying forever (yes, even after college). If you can't keep up, you'll be replaced.
Thank for the responses, they helped me a lot.

This website also helped me a lot Check it out, it might help you as well. It just explains the fundamentals of many computer careers.
Pablo Diablo
I went to college with a strikingly similar list of computer skills as you. I just graduated from Software Engineering and it is really, really tough to find ANY job in computer programming due to the huge amount of people competing.

Only now do I realize the importance of taking a CO-OP College or Uni course, so that after the 4 years of schooling, you have 2 or 3 computer programming jobs on your resume. It's so competitive right now that without that experience, you will have to settle on a crappy job that will pay 10 bux an hour or something. (After you apply to almost 100 jobs and that's the only one that calls
meet in rio
Well... I know nothing at all about CompSci, but I felt the need to tell do not to worry about not knowing what to do with your future.

Unless you're leaning towards a vocational uni course like Medicine/Dentistry/Vet. Science then my 'intellectually hedonistic' advice would be to just go ahead with the subjects you love, without worrying too much about the career towards which they might lead.

A year or two ago, I was really panicking about this sort of thing, and somehow convinced myself that it would be a safe bet to do the Sciences - that they would lead me up a comfortable career path. Luckily, I had a bit of a revelation, and scraped all that for Arts subjects/languages. I still have very little idea what I want to do, but I'm happy, and I'm doing well.

And now I have to run off to eat fajitas, and leave lots of holes in that message because I can't be arsed to save it and edit it later.

Good luck with your life, and all Wink .
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