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Ronaldihno the best of the best!!!!Do you Agree!!!

Ronaldihno is one of the finest players ever produced and BRAZIL the best
team in world of football!I still remember the famous goal that he shot
in the WORLD CUP!!It was worth watching!!!isnt it
Yes ...I agree doubt it was one of the finest goals I ever seenom ..

And Brazil is the king team
Yes he is the best player in the world, and Brazil will probably win the wold cup aswel no other team is good enough Confused
Well, I think you're making him too big... he may be the best player right now, but he is still not the best ever.
Yeah.. Smile
Very Happy
yes of course

who else
is the best

ronaldinho is the most talented player now

it is mix of bele & mardona
Indeed Ronaldo de Assis Moreira aka Ronaldinho aka Big Tooth is a wonderful player. However, I think that Lionel Messi could take over his thrown as the world's best within a few years, he is less ugly too.
of course he's the best but i like alex de souza too..
Of course!!! I'm agree with you, Ronalndinho is the best player in the world at the moment!
thing i like about him is that he always smiles, no cheeking the ref like rooney
yes i agree
Ronaldinho is the best of all!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is the best player and Barcelon is the best football club! Without Ronaldinho Barcelona wouldn't be so great! Very Happy
oh yea his skills are awsome 2 Razz, lol no need to point that out, have u seen the recent nike advert when it shows him playing as a kid lol! He is owning everyone!
good day to everyone...

yes your right ronaldinho is the best of the best...

a very talented athlete with unbeatable dribbling and passing skills ....

he is tough to beat...

the best in the world....

one of a kind athlete....

he deserves the athlete of the year award....

and also the most valuable player award...
He and Henry are the best in the world at the moment, You can't say they are the best ever.
Yeah, obviously we can't say he's the best player ever yet, we'll have to wait until he wins more titles, see if he keeps playing at this level for some years... wait for him to make history really. But the truth is (and this comes from a sad Real Madrid supporter) that there's no other player who can currently mix his talent, creativity, technique, physical skills, etc. and who is on such a good moment.

In my opinion Henry is the player who comes closer to him in terms of effectiveness and good shape, he's just completed an amazing season and actually gave Arsenal wings, but he's obviously more limited and especialised only in his striker role.

I personally love to see them both in the pitch, although Ronaldinho has got this "magic" which makes it so exiciting to see him play.

Let's just hope Robinho develops just as good as him in a couple of years... at least we can say Ronaldinho is uglier Very Happy
For sure, Ronaldinho has top be up there with the likes of Pele and Maradona, he is the most skillful player to grace this planet!
NO doubt, Ronadiho is the best player for now. Some people say that he's just as good as Pele, for that i don't know because I've never seen Pele played. But if you're talking about the greatest player ever, I think Ronaldo should be added on to the list too. He's kind of fat and really in a bad shape this years(lot of injuries you know), but if you look back like 3-7 years ago, and compare that to Ronaldiho, i would say that Ronaldo is better.
Well it's hard to compare him to Ronaldo, mainly because they're two different players with different styles as well. Ronaldo is (or has been) an extreme especialist at making goals. He's been the best 9 out there for very long, because of having the best finishing in the world during these years. Basically he's a pure striker, who can't miss if you manage to give him the ball in the appropiate place (unless he's in a bad shape).

Ronaldinho is more of a playmaker, he's more of an attacking midfielder who can of course make goals with ease, but who plays a bit further from the goal. That's why his goals have such a big impact, because when he makes a goal he either comes from his attacking midfielder position leaving everyone behind with outstanding driblings, or manages to make some excellent combination with his teammates.

I find it quite hard to compare them, because they play at different positions and thus they're compatible in the same starting eleven of a team. Let's hope to see them both in action in the world cup Very Happy
Well I prefer Ronaldo, but so sad this tournament he's not at his best condition. Sad Anyway also love Ronaldiho Very Happy
i agree ronaldiho is one of the best players in the world by far and ronaldo is no where near in his class. he's fat and a striker and he dreams of having the class ronaldiho has.

henry is an excellent all round player and playing in the english league makes him a brilliant player. i'd love to see ronaldiho in the english league and see how he would play. im not saying he wouldnt cope but it wouldnt'nt be as easy for him.

sorry for the real madrid fan but the english league is alot harder than the spanish league and far more competitive.
yeah.....i agree. He is the most skillful player that i have ever seen. His passing are all very beautiful. I like to watch him playing football.
I think he is one of the best.
Ronaldinho is probably the best player in the world at the moment but I don't think he's the best of all time, not yet anyway. I think that Maradona was better in his day. However, we might see Ronaldinho take over his crown. It is a little too easy to only rate strikers as the best footballers in the world but I think that defenders an midfield players are often overlooked. We have some great players in england, many of whom play in defence.
Bosleee wrote:
sorry for the real madrid fan but the english league is alot harder than the spanish league and far more competitive.

Erm, well, I'm sorry but I can't agree with that... I've been watching them both these year quite frecuently, and while the top teams in the Premiership are at the level of the top teams in the Spanish league, lower teams in the Premiership are not anywhere near the lower Spanish teams...

This year Sevilla won the UEFA cup completely outplaying Middlesbrough in the final. Villarreal got to the Champions League semis (2 Spanish teams in both semis...), and they completely outplayed Arsenal in the second match, everyone agreed they deserved to get that one goal (with a missed penalty by Riquelme), which could've meant a Barcelona-Villarreal final. Villareal was only 7th in the league this year.

In the Spanish league, any team is competitive to the most, no matter if they're down in the table, they can put in serious performances and cause trouble to any of the top teams. A team like Getafe, which got promoted last year, has been 9th this year displaying a great football directed by Bernd Schuster.

It's actually quite surprising a team like Chelsea won the Premiership so easily displaying such a poor gameplay, based on long balls and counter attacks in most matches.

I think the Premiership is more physic-based, while Spanish league is more technical. Not saying that it's a great difference, but I think it exists.

Anyway, I have no doubts that they're the two best and most competitive leagues in the world, each one with it's own style, and it's always between English and Spanish teams where we get to see the best European matches.
Ronaldihno is one of the best players that I ever seen so far. That guy is amazing.
yeah ronaldinho is best the best soccer.

samedays i say thanksgiving Brasil have only a ronaldinho

if have 11 ronaldinho, no one wouldn't win match
Well, at this moment, and in this world cup, Ronaldinho is the best soccer player.

But I don't think that he is the best ever!! Maradonna, Platini, etc... are very good players too!

"if have 11 ronaldinho, no one wouldn't win match" I'm ok with you Smile
Ya man, Ronldhnio is the best football player at the moment, there is nobody who can play like him, he is uniqe and could go on to lead Brazil to win the wolrd cup 2006 in germany. He could also win few more FIFA World Player of the Year for next few years.... He is also a good entertainer, its exciting to watch him juggle the ball and play soccer.
i dont really know how you can say that ronaldinho was the best in this world cup. he had a terrible world cup. he never seemed to show up in the france games yesterday. IMO part of the reason why they lost. at the moment the player id be most worried about is henry
I think Ronaldihno is the best football player at the moment
How can you say Ronaldinho played well at the world cup? For me he was more dissapointing than any other player, and that's saying a lot considering how poor the whole Brazil team looked throughout.
In my opinion Ronaldinho is the best professional footballer in the world at doing tricks with a football but as we all saw the other night when he came face to face with Zidane he could not perform. Zidane took control of the game and Ronaldinho rarely touched the ball or got to show his stuff. When he performs he can be the most amazing player in the world to watch but I see him playing alot and I am dissappointed alot by his poor performances and lack of determination to put in no workrate.

Zidanes workrate against Brazil was outstanding because everyone noticed him running the game and single handedly pulling France through to the next round. The only thing I noticed about Ronaldinho was that he was getting a show made of him Zidane and he was once again not playing to his full potential.

Ronaldinho is not over rated but many people do not seem to notice his lack of powerful and exciting performance which many say he nearly always does. I am a fan of him but he wouldn't be my favourite player.

My favourite player is Steven Gerrard because he is a true leader and people who watch English football would realy understand that. He has saved liverpool football club a countless number of times and he will go down as a true liverpool great. He is the heartbeat of the liverpool football team!
My opinio is that Ronaldinho has a special gift for football... he is the best football player on the world.. i like him very much, but i'm dissapointed with he's games on World cup... But Zidan is one of the greatest players in last 20-30 years... he's old, he can't run for long but he is playing like in he's best days... because od him france passed brazil on world cup.. Ronaldinho can play much better .... but i think he hasn't enough freedom in the brasil team... And i think that robinho we'll be better than long.. btw france will won tha World Cup
cghq wrote:
For sure, Ronaldinho has top be up there with the likes of Pele and Maradona, he is the most skillful player to grace this planet!

Apparently Pele rated Ronaldinho above Maradona. I was always liked Ronaldo, but no doubt will Ranaldinho will prove his own worth even more than he already has.
IceNinjaa wrote:
i dont really know how you can say that ronaldinho was the best in this world cup. he had a terrible world cup.

finaly i agree with someone!!!! yes, he is a good player.. but in this world cup he didn't showed it. there are plenty of players who made a much better cup than him (zidane against brazil: outrageous)... he might be one of the best players, but i don't think he is the best. but if you ask me who the best player is, i would not know what to answer. there are plenty of players fighting for that.
yes hes amazing
however, on footwork alone, zidane is looking pretty good especially if u take into account his age
I thik Ronaldhino is the best player right now....He still has time to be better than Pele' and Maradonna.....I think Brazil lost not beacuse of Ronaldhino. Foot ball is a team game, I think Ronaldhino should have played in his proper position in Left side.
Ronaldinho is actually one of the best football players right now but he wasn't "SO" good in that World cup.
ronaldinho is the best because he not only scores but he gives passes to eto. showing that he is not only worried about his fame but the good of the team. he is also good at futbol because he don't dribble the ball he dances and makes love to the ball and best of all he enjoys every second of futbol.
i agree indeed , besides, he enjoys when he plays, and hes not a dirty player as others

its quite difficult to say that ronaldinho is the best ever , but , football its tougher than ever and he is a realy talent A+ in football
At the moment, he's the best going around, no doubt about it.
Ronaldinho was plain horrible at this World Cup. Only he wasn't the only Brasilian, so there are excuses. At Brasil he's more one of the 11, while at Barca he's still the real star. Because of that he also has another role there in the field, more in the attack where he can do what he wants. Now he was placed more as a midfielder. A position where he looked really tied. Shame that see, although I was happy to see Brasil go out. Felt much like Real Madrid the last couple of seasons.
I watch very little soccer, but my friends tell me he is one of the best. In my view it seems that he is a bit overpromoted, maybe he took the place Bekcham had a few years ago.
Ronaldihno was the best since 1998. Ronaldo also use to be the best . But this year it is not one Brazil but Zidane.
Ronaldinho is an amazing player and exciting to watch....though was was pretty disapointed with his performance in Germany. I think Brazil would have easily won the world cup if he played like we all know he can.
Ronaldinho is excellent player but i think cristiano ronaldo had more potential.. (for thoes that dont know he is playing in manchester united)
i am watch him for along time and evrey time he became more good at his skills..
i think in about 2 years or less evrey one will know him more and talk about him like talking about Ronaldinho Wink
Zidane is the best player now and ever
All the guys that don't agree don't know nothing about the football
Ronaldinho loves the show, Zidane loves the ball
Don't think im french Smile
Nope. Ronaldinho isn't the best player in the world. Didn'y you see how badly he performed in the world cup? I agree that Zidane is better than him but Zidane isn't the best player ever. The best has to be Raul. He's the king of forwards and the Boot of Spain.
He didn't even look like the best player on his own national team during the World Cup. With his club play considered, he is definitely a candidate, but after the Cup, you have to look long and hard at other options before ceding the title to Ronaldinho.
I agree totally with you man! He's the best soccer player i ever seen. I'm from Monterrey and I went to the trainings of the Barcelona FC. He's awsome!
yes of course

who else
is the best
I agree that Ronaldinho is one of the greatest footballer in the world. Now Zidane has retired and Ronaldinho will be the best footballer. Because he got very tactiful technique and good in free kicks as well. His football handling is fantastic. He will be the best footballer for next few years.
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