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Elfen Lied

I've just finished to watch the anime "Elfen Lied" it's a real great anime I must say.
it's kinda hard to explain what exactly it's all about, to me anyway
so i tooked some info from "AnimeNfO"
(but i've changed it a little bit)

The diclonius (two-horned human) was a new Human-race. It had a special ability that could be described as a sixth sense.

The mutants had enough power to exterminate the whole human race. Humans being afraid of their powers, they were isolated into research labs to be studied.

One of the diclonius girls named Lucy broke out of confinement, killed the guards and escaped from the laboratory. She feel into the ocean after being shot and ended up on a beach. There she met Kota and Yuka, they named her Nyu and began to live with her.

i must say, there's a lot of blood, and Ecchi in this anime serie.
but it's so great!!
one of the best.

so, someone saw that anime too?

I think you should warn people that Elfen Lied is VERY VERY graphic, and is probably not for everyone. In the first 10 minutes of the first episode alone there are severed limbs, a decapitation and, well, a good deal of nakedness. Now that I'm sure all the kids are clamouring to see this... Very Happy

Elfen Lied is a fairly decent show, that sometimes relies on excessive shock-value to drive home its point. It is, at different times, funny, cute, depressing, shocking and more often downright disturbing. I've also noticed that I found it VERY difficult to watch too many episodes at a stretch; I just had to take a break to recover from some of the visceral imagery. This isn't really an action show though, so don't think it's that kind of a show. At its core it's really just about these cute girls who unfortanately have the ability to kill or maim with ease, sometimes mercilessly and without real thought, and what happened to them to make them like this.

However, if you're still here, I would like to say it DOES end on something of an up note. So if you don't like the kind of show that just keeps dragging you down to an inevitably horrible conclusion, you might want to check this one out. Just remember, you'll have to wade through some disturbing stuff to get there.
even if this anime is vary gory and violent it olso offers alot of hard emotions that normal anime whuldent tuch whit a 8 feet pole and thats deffenetly a gold star in my corner. i recommend this to any one thats not scared of blood
Loved this anime, definately not suitable for the kids though. One of the main descriptors of this anime is NOT Ecchi though, it think it does the anime a disgrace by calling it Ecchi.[/u]
I love this anime, it was one of the ones that I would actually sit all the way through without a break. It kept my attention the whole way through (which is rare) like I was watching texhnolyze in my first period today and i actually managed to fall asleep during it, idk i guess it has more action than talking with a great story line. for example a series like .hack there is way to much talking that I lose interest in it soooo fast the i can't sit through an episode without questioning why I'm watching it. Really the only other anime that I've been able to do that with was Neia Under 7 which was a comedy and It's great you guys should check it out.
i did say there is A LOT OF BLOOD AND ECCHI.
and sorry, but it IS Ecchi.
i think this anime can be in the genners:
Ecchi-Sci Fi-Horror-Drama-Action

and yap, the drama is so touching, i'm dead serious..
i was almost crying in some parts...

i think it's my Favourite Anime-serie...
[and I've seen a lot, god-damn a lot.]
The story is depressing. Too much sadness and tragedy. As for violence, theres plenty when there is action around but some episodes are just pure drama, so it tends to drag on those episodes. And yes the nakedness although part of the story, seems also a little too much (just imagine a fight scene wearing nothing). Also the art is not so great, when I watched the opening I had high hopes that the animation quality would be like something from the opening but sadly it wasn't.
Seen all episodes as well quite a while ago, from recommedation from some friends
The storyline was actually one of the few i liked, i usually don't watch a lot of anime's cause trying to understand the storyline makes me want to go puke
Now mind my worthlessness, but what does Ecchi mean, i'm not quite familiar to all this
I've seen all the episodes, the story is great and this is one of my favorite anime.
Ecchi??? i guess it means naughty or nudity Very Happy
Its i very nice anime and the manga version is good to. And The story is good in both versions.
Hi there,

No doubt one of the best animes I have ever seen. As said before, children should really stay away from this one. This anime is the only one I show to some of my acquaintances when they say that animes are for kids and it is childish to watch it. Is not that i have something to prove but I love to see their face after the first 5 minutes of episode one.

To everyone mature enough out there that haven't seen this anime, i suggest you do so. Its a fantastic anime.

Stay Cool.
Elfen Lied was pretty sweet. I watched it a while back, but it was one of the better animes I've seen. It was crazy to see how gorry it was with in a few minutes of the first episode. I was hooked after that.
Scaramanga wrote:
I think you should warn people that Elfen Lied is VERY VERY graphic, and is probably not for everyone. In the first 10 minutes of the first episode alone there are severed limbs, a decapitation and, well, a good deal of nakedness. Now that I'm sure all the kids are clamouring to see this... Very Happy
Yeah ... I kinda didn't know that before I watched the first Episode. Pretty good story, I guess. I didn't have any idea what it was about when I started, so I was ... unnerved, I think is the best way to put it. Really strong from the start, especially in the mature category. I haven't watched all of it - in fact, only a couple of episodes - so I can't really critique this one that well. I don't know if I want to finish it, though, if that's any indication ...
if you look at the anime from a technical aspect, it epically fails in several areas (i.e. plot not complete, characters have development issues.. etc).

but this is one of those animes that you just have to sit back and soak in the art value.

like the grandfather clock chiming in the very last scene (gothic church bell), and the silent black-background end credits. that, was in my opinion (talking about the credits) the best part of the entire series. it's surprising how these small things add to the whole.
The character designs for this show annoy me too much for me to ever watch it. It seems like the original author/designer of it wanted to do a catgirl kind of design, then decided it was too cliche and switched the ear to "horns" without ever changing how they look.

And I'm not overly big on fanservice (though somehow Grenadier won me over), so that's another turn-off for me. Besides, I've generally noticed that if an anime or game has to be extremely graphic to get its point across, it's probably got a rather lacking story to begin with.
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