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Gaming PRocessor?

i want to get the best gaming processor -

i was looking at the estreme edition but iv'e heard it has problems with coding so that it won't run alot of programs

so what im asking is what is the best processor for a gamer who has alot of softwasre and still wants to be able to run it all.

also what exactly is this software problem

third if there are any good deals on processors

Intel Pentium Processors please i don't support amd, xeon, etc....
For gaming, you should definently go with AMD.

I'm not saying you have to... But, AMD is a much better gaming processor.

Back to the topic at hand though, how much money will you be spending and what programs will you be running? will you multi-task often also?
less than 300, multitasking alot, using high ram progs-- i got quite a bit of ram;

( i can always ebay something too though i perfer not too so if theres one that is highly recommended recomend away.)
i will be running programs like world of warcraft GTA SA

photo shop; dreamweaver, Flash Mx Firfox --- lots of addons; video and audio editing programs.
Dark-Tech wrote:
i want to get the best gaming processor -
Dark-Tech wrote:
Intel Pentium Processors please i don't support amd, xeon, etc....

Hard to answer your question given those two statements above Laughing

If it was me I would go for an AMD 64 (Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2, Turion 64, Opteron or Sempron). If you are running RAM hungry apps, well the AMD 64 with initial support for 256 Terabytes of addressable memory would certainly gobble up anything you could throw at it. Cool

In the long run you should marry that with XP x64 edition in order to get the best use from the processor, but you don't have to do that initially. Driver support for x64 has improved a lot, so you shouldn't have any worries about compatability except with much older hardware no longer supported by the manufacturer. I run two instances of x64 on one machine with dual 250Gb SATA drives, one for Apps and the other for Games. No problem running games on the x64 platform.

The other thing to do is to get a really good video card. Split your budget equally between processor and video card. PCI Express is the starting point here, but no point having a really fast processor and a dog of a video card. Starting point would be 256Mb DDR on the Video Card.
Why dont you support AMD, xeon etc.??? Your motherboard doesnt support it or...?? Well if you want a good cpu, you should get a AMD X2. Really really fast. What cpu you got now? Do you want an upgrade or a whole new pc? Why not buy a new mobo for AMD X2 for a low price and pop in your old memory and vga and stuff? Rolling Eyes
yea i guess im gona have to get a new motherboard aren't i but just checking your all saying AMD is what i want right - can't affor to get a whole new computer at the moment - i've just been saving for a processor

i was planning on attempting to get to the point where my computer was above normal market specs and stay there but it'll be a while and a bit more costly than i hoped

is this sort of the processor your suggesting ?

also what mother board would you suggest to go with it

im looking for one that supports lots of ram perferably many slots so i could buy the cheaper ram cards but more

maybe dual processor support
Look at the prices carefully, you can get good prices for the older 64 bit processors. The Athlon 64 3200 939 is about $150 or less if you shop around.

The main thing is your mobo. If you get one that supports the later processors, you can then save money on your CPU and then upgrade just the CPU when your target processor drops in price as it will inevitably.

Buying the latest processor is a mugs game. You end up on a very expensive merry-go-round always trying to keep up with the latest processor. I make a personal rule of never paying more than $150 for a processor, and a lot of the time keep to around $130.
What mobo do you have now? And what CPU?

An AMD X2 is expensive, BUT freakin fast. You could go for a cheaper, 64 bit AMD cpu. And buy a mobo with it. Mobo will cost around 50/80$.
Check this out:

With this Mobo:

This option is not TO expensive. But dont know your setup now, so write that down soon:)
I dont know your RAM standards. And dont know what VGA card you have. But this mobo supports all, AGP/PCI/PCIe. Has 4 mem. slots.

best bang for the buck right now IMHO is the AMD Athlon64 3500+ since its resonably priced right now and still has some decent performance and overclocking capability with no cooling or stability problems right out of the box.

if you looking to spend a little more though i would go with the 4000+ or higher if you can, it will give you better performance with the same chip.
AMD Athlon 64 X2 does NOT beat the FX-57 in gaming. FX-57 pulls out more frames in just about every single game.

Intel processors are definately not gaming CPUs.

A64 3500+ is also not the most worthy for its value. Try a 3800+ and overclocking it, it's a beast.
Actually, single cores are usually a better option for gaming, because you really don't need/use that second core. 3700+ is the best option, because it is at least $50 less than the 3800+, and you get 1Mb L2 cache, which basically eats games alive. More importantly than the CPU however is the video card. Most computers have bottlenecks at the GPU in games, and I have even heard estimates that (to have a bottleneck at the CPU) you would have to run a 2000+ with a 7800 GTX to be even near equal.

So if you really want better performance, I reccommend getting a better graphics card and probably more RAM (if you are running less than a gig). If you have not made the jump to PCI-E yet, then save up some and do so ASAP. At this point, AGP is not even worth upgrading unless you can get a used card for cheap.
You can also OC a 3500+ though maybe not as far as a 3800+ but imo i believe it to still be a decent game chip for the price.

And i was miss informed about the 4000+ (thanks to sable [psyco knows who that is]) I was told that it was the new, faster single core processors...guess that just goes to show that i should do my own research next time.
Intel Pentium Processors please i don't support amd, xeon, etc....

WOW, WTF. Xeon is a intel pentium cpu DUH. The difference is Xeons support multiprocessors and p4s don't.

If you want a good gameing computer get a AMD.

Any high class intel process you get and you will have heat issues end of story. Intels have heat issues AMD's don't. AMD beat Intels in gameing.

The only thing Intels do better then AMDs is Media and Multitasking.

Also AMDs has Virus support. Almost all virus coding trying to be processesed by a AMD will not comply. So it helps protect you from viruses. Intels are stupid they let the virus coding pass, and if you want a gaming computer you don't want virus coding on your computer it slows it done too much.

Just get over your thing about Intel. AMDs might have a lower Ghz then intel, but in the long run AMDs proform better then intel at gaming.
Well also, frequency is not everything. The Northbridge, your RAM, and the L2 cache of the processor will SIGNIFICANTLY affect processing speed. A FX-67 can be totally destroyed by a 2000+ if it is in a total crap mobo with crap ram (like pc1000 or something ram).

One thing wrong with what you said, Xenic... A processor will run whatever the OS tells it to. The hardware will still execute most viruses... Just not some that the P4 is more vulnerable to (I believe that a Nuke is one of them).

And Intel is not always behind AMD on gaming, it depends on HOW you game. At normal resolutions on normal setups, AMD blazes by. But, when you are dual-monitor gaming or gaming at 1600x1200 or higher, Pentium will catch up to or even exceed AMD in performance.

But either way, for the average gamer, Socket 939 AMD + NVIDIA + PCI-E is the way to go for maximum performance for the dollar.
I recommend the latest dual core processer for you if you do not prefer an AMD(which is quite a waste). It contains Intel Yunna(if i had not forgotten)...that means a fast clock speed!
AMD is a waste? BLASPHEMY.

If you are ignorant to call AMD a waste, at least explain why.

And any dual core processor will run games well. Its just that a dual core is completely unnecessary for a gaming pc Laughing
ok so i guess im going with amd and a new processor - im pretty much gona need to start with scratch anyway but i noticed someone said that intel beats Amd in gaming but not in MEdia what if i want to do both well??
AMD will still do media well, especially if you are not multitasking. AMD is best for gaming by far, but Pentium is best for multitasking. If you want an AMD that will be able to multifunction as good, or better than a pentium, get a dual core AMD. Here is the cheapest one:
It will be way more processing power than the average user ever needs, but if you plan on compiling or doing HEAVY multitasking, it is pretty much the best option.
Shocked Hey I've done a lot of research on gaming pcs, because the got mine last summer. And here is the low down, THE CPU Really doesn't matter to much. If you want a sweet gaming rig put your money into the Video Card! It is that simple. There is no point in spending $1000 on a shiny new cpu that will have little to no effect on you proformance, in most cases the fastest cpu only give 5-10 fps more than the stock dell cheapo setup. The only games that use the CPU are heavy RTS games, and you can still run most of them with a PIII.

Plus CPU prices drop soon the top P4 EE that cost $700-1200 today will cost half that in 4 to 6 months. I got an AMD 3700+ OCed to 2.64 and I smoke any game. Games are based mostly on the Video card like I said before. I like AMD because for cheaper you can do a lot more, and they are more tuned for gaming it seems. And Nvidia is the only way to go for Video, Get a 7800 GTX for $300 or so and grab a creative SB Card for sound and your set. The only reason to pay extra for the P4 is if you do a lot of recoding, incoding, and/or any other type of App that actually uses the CPU.
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