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Shakespeare- Twelfth Night (or what you will)

I have to be honest, this is the only play i have read by Shakespeare (unless you count Charles and Mary Lamb's abridged tales)... And I am only reading it because it was required for my GCSE correspondence course...

And at first, I hated it with passion..

But i am finding that I love it more and more, the more times I read it.

I would love to discuss it with other people (aside from my tutor, haha), and hopefully that would also help me gain a better understanding, and a wider perspective on it, before I send in my Assignment Smile

Sadly,i haven't seen the play performed live... I do have a video of a performance, though... And I have listened to an audio CD of it by the BBC...

So... anyone??

Favourite characters? favourite quotes? favourite scenes? favourite representations/interpretations?
Yeah, Twelfth Night!

This is a fantastic play, I've seen it performed live and I've been in two seperate scene studies of it. I really like this show, and it's incredibly entertaining.

I think one of the most interesting things is the character of the duke. Orsino believes so much that he is in love with Olivia, when in reality he is only in love with the idea of love with Olivia. She is beautiful, and it will give him more power and wealth. But then enter Viola (aka Cesario), and the Duke is suddenly posed with this dilemma: continue his love for this woman he adores, or submit to these taboo feelings he has for this young boy. Of course, it is all resolved when he discovers that she's a woman, but there are some serious challenges for him before he discovers it.

Great play... Actually, I wrote a rap outlining the plot once for a presentation in class. I'll post it when I'm back at my computer.
Hmm Twelfth Night, wow it's been a long time since I read the play, so I will refrain from looking like a retard by joining the discussion.

However I do recommend that you read more Shakespeare. His insight into human nature is astounding. I recommend the following, King Lear, Hamlet, and The Tempest.
Here is the rap that me and a fellow student wrote to outline most of the plot of Twelfth Night. To make it work, get someone to beatbox and talk it out Vanilla Ice style:

Our humble story begins in the land of Illyria

Yo, yo, yo, Check it out:

There’s this Duke Orsino, the ruler of the place,
A pretty nice guy with an alright face,
But the on he loves: the Countess Olivia
Is mourning her brother, gone totally oblivia

(Spoken) So Olivia won’t have anything to do with the duke because of her brothers death. She won’t do anything or see anyone for seven years.

Around this time a girl is saved from a crash,
Her name is Viola, to shore they got in a flash,
She gets the sailor to help her make her a man,
Get some work with the Duke, make a life if she can.

So Viola, Viola’s now Cesario
Cesario, Cesario’s the man
In just three days he’s the best in the land.
So our lovesick Duke, sends him over to the ho
To give her the message and “Don’t take no!”

Olivia’s uncle, a drunk named Sir Toby
Brings by his friend, to get them to marry,
But Sir Andrew’s a fool and this they all know,
He was gonna stay a week but now he’s stayin’ for more.

Then Olivia hears there’s a man at the door
“Is he from the Duke? Oh please no more!”
But Cesario enters against the steward’s will
“Hear what I say, and please take your fill”

So now with Cesario Olivia is taken,
None does she know he’s a she just fakin’!
“You can come back to give me the word,
But only you come please don’t send that turd.”

Viola tells the Duke “Dude it’s time to give up”
“No way man! I wanna drink from her cup”
So our lovesick Duke sends him once more with a thing,
Over to Olivia to give her the bling.

Viola goes over with the jewel in her hand
Olivia says “O baby please be my man!”
“I am really flattered but I gotta tell you this:
that I’ll never love a woman, so sorry no kiss.”

(Spoken) Alright, let’s go back to the shore where Viola washed up.

Viola’s twin bro Sebastian hits the scene
I guess he didn’t drown but he’s lookin’ rather clean!
He was saved by a sailor who’s name’s Antonio,
And often he was sayin; “Man I love you like a bro”

“I’d go with you but I’m wanted in this town
But I’ll risk it all just to have you around
Take my purse and I’ll meet you at the place
I’ll hide out there because I can’t show my face”

But then Toby says:

“She wanted you to hear that, she’s just egging you on
So now you must duel him to show that you are the one”
They start the duel looks like Viola is dead,
But Antonia saves him by his heart he is led.

He asked for his purse to which he was denied,
“Do you not love me?” In pain he cried.
“I’m sorry man but I’ve never seen your face
You must be thinking of a different time and place”

Sebastian’s all sad ‘cause he can’t find his sailor
Then out comes Olivia wanting him to nail her.
She thinks it’s Cesario and asks him for his hand,
He’s like, “Sure bitch, this is one crazy ass land”

Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Fabian and Feste
Conspire with Maria to pull a little jeste
They’re gonna write him a letter and give it to Malvolio
To make him think he’s Olivia’s Romeo.

So in come Malvolio looking like a clown,
All cross-gartered and yellow as a crown,
Smiles at Olivia and gets in Toby’s face,
Until Olivia says “Lock him in a dark place!”

So every single person that was in on the plan,
Came to rub it on this Malvolio man
Feste plays a priest and then everybody leaves,
And he gets some things for Malvolio’s release!

So everybody’s happy and everybody’s hitched,
(Except for Malvolio who’s mopin’ like a bitch)

So I hope we made it clear, I hope you see the light
For this is Bill’s story of the play Twelfth Night!

(c) Dean Rideout and Stuart Constable
arkle wrote:
I have to be honest, this is the only play i have read by Shakespeare (unless you count Charles and Mary Lamb's abridged tales)... And I am only reading it because it was required for my GCSE correspondence course...

interesting Shocked
his plays are the best in english language.
i read nearly all of them and enjoyed very much.
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