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Battlefield 2142

Wow, I was going to get battlefield 2, now I have to think again because they are coming out with Battlefield 2142.;4901170;;/fileinfo.html

^ Video...

I think it's very good.
Wow, I'm stunned right now. So I guess I bought Battlefield for nothing then. But dont be impress by the clip. It bull, Honestly I played Battlefield for sometime now and never have I ever experienced a war like the videos show. In online games its all for one and one for all even in team battle. You cant expect organization as the clip showed. Never have I seen two aircraft or helicopter do a fly by over two tanks and a line of soldiers. Never have I ever seen an helicopter flying over an enemy while Personal Carriers and talks cut the road to the enemy.
Klaw 2
Cool! Looks good BUT when does it comes out?
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Battlefield 2142 is most probably going to live up to the franchise name, but it isn't going to be released until fall of 2006 which is quite a while from now, so there would be no need preventing yourself from buying BF2 until it comes out.
It looks pretty much the same as battlefield 2, except with different vehicles, and that cloaked ground unit. It depends on how cool the vehicles and playability I think.
yeah i heard rumors about this game soon after Bf:2 whas realesd dident ting much of it then... i truly love bf2 as a game but this looks more like my cinda game.
This game looks absolutely awesome! Mechs are the BEST thing they out in there! Does it have an exact release date yet?
Here we go! what's next BattleField 2242? seems to me the only thing they want with it now is getting more money. sure the mech's are nice but like someone said, no body is playing like a guy in the trailer. I still think this should be something like an expansion rather then a new complete game.
Yup. it's no longer about quality and the gamplayer any more in the Battlefield series, it's about MILKING THE COW.

BF42 was a great game, and my tournament still uses it and plays it in campaigns. BF Vietnam was an absolutely horrible game, and was in actual fact only based on a BF42 Modification.

BF2 was again based on a BF42 mod, but it was done in part by the guys that made that mod. It wasn't bad, but they rushed the release in order to get the most CASH from their advertising campaign, and scheduled release date.

Most of the serious gamers involved in tournaments using BF42, only used BF2 for a little while, because you couldn't really have a 12 hour battle day with 64 players on BF2 - it was unworkable. We all carried on using BF42, because the platform was so much richer, and the mod's were well worked out and trouble free (for the most part).

Now this. All I can assume is that this is in actual fact the BETA tested version of BF2 that they had wanted to release, but were not allowed to delay by EA. Don't get me wrong, DICE are a great bunch of guys, and we had some great mods from them for BF42, but EA are THE biggest bunch of cowboys out there in the gaming world. They don't give a crap about the gamers, as they demonstrated with the Starfleet Command series amongst others, it's 100% about raping the ardent gamers with them.

If enough people buy BF2142, then you can expect to see at least 2 "expansion packs" coming out to further rape the fans. In actual fact, most of the time in the BF series, expansion packs are nothing more than additional maps and bug fixes, as we saw with 1.42 for BF42.

It's getting to the stage that BF should become the BS series of games, and EA should just reveal their true name Ever Avaricious.........
One of my clan members showed me that the other day and thought WOOOO that looks wicked but it won't be out for a while, so still go and buy battlefield 2, it is turely a wicked game.

Even game of the year, but i can't wait for this game to come out, be even beeter then the one out now, i like the last screenshot of the walking tank, that looks cool Very Happy
I just wish I could run this game. Razz Heck, I can't even run Battlefield 1942, operating system incompatibilities.
Wow, I actually think that is pretty cool. I hope there are going to be
some lightsabers Very Happy, or at least a mod for it ehe...

And about that thing alkady said:
If you really want something like that then make a RP-Mod or
at least a RP server where there are rules which say that you
have to RP. So it's not allowed to be like, running to the enemy spawn
and kill everybody, but it's like
Both teams have 3 minutes to prepare there tactics!
10 seconds left
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
This is it! Follow the strategies and tactics which have just been discussed..

Or something like that.
Hopefully this one will live up to the Battlefield Name. Set to be released this fall it's one to look forward to. Very Happy
like shaggly wrote the game is being milkd soo... thats noting new olmost eavry game develeper dose it. and i tink its wrong too beat down on bf2 coz it hade some bugs on its reles bf1942 hade some sickening bugs when it whas relesd. bf vitnam never itrested me tho. the upcoming bf itrests me tho coz its a new inviorment and bla bla bla

i agree that EA is a F**K UP but eavry 1 needs financial backing
Yea EA is really Milking the name, but BF2 is tons better than the old BF 1942 Engine. DC Combat is fun and all, with a lot of cool vehicles, but the engine in old now. BF2 flying is so much better, the first person in BF1942 is still totaly unplayable BF2 is a ton better in that department. The graphic engine blows BF1942 away, sound and voice communication. The list just gets longer. BF1942 took a year of updates and patch to be playable at all. I really sucked when it first came out.

BF2 has a few glitches, but compartively runs smooth out of the box. So get with the program and give up the older is better thing. As far as the new 2142 they said it uses the same engine. So it will just be a MOD. I really think some of the basic setup of BF2 needs some tweaking and there are a lot of great mods that do that and more.

With the new 2142 it will be the same game, so I don't see any point in paying more money, just like Special Forces or the Euro add ons. There are a lot better mods out there for free.. EA is taking it to far there. But at least there isn't a monthly few or some dumb thing of the like. Now MORPGs really are Milking money, $50-65 for the game and $10-$20 a month is just nuts!!! Gamers really shouldn't give into those type of games, it just telling the gaming co. that we are willing to throw our cash away.

I would like to see a RTS type of commander setup, think Command and Conquer style of building a base and ordering units with BF2 . That would be sweet!!! Cool
BF 2142 looks like a good game. But the only bad thing is that they haven't even bothered, by the looks of things, to improve on the engine, and to graphically improve the game.

The bf2 engine was a big step up from bf 1942, so why not try better it even more?
I might be going a little off topic on this one, but here goes.

Ive played the BF series since the original 1942, and I have to say its the best large scale battle simulator.
Or at least the most entertaining.

The original is still the best in my humble opinion in the same way that Age of Empires or Age of Kings are better than AoE: 3.
Just because the game engine is supped up doesnt mean that the game gets better.
It needs good solid game play.

So lets look at the line-up:
BF 1942 (with misc add-ons)
Weapons - The weapons are less than accurate, but true to the period. This inspires teamwork since you probably not going to take on too many enemies on your own.
Vehicles - Slow and vulnerable. The tanks are rolling coffins if you dont know what you are doing and the airplanes require mad skills.
Game Play - Nice solid game play. Teamwork pays off.

BF Vietnam (with misc add-ons)
Weapons - The US forces have far superior weapons. Again true to the period, at least the end.
However some, like the M-60, are too easy to handle and quickly became the weapon of choice for noobs.
Vehicles - Music over the PA system while fun is not very practical in a combat situation. At least not while travelling alone behind enemy lines.
The helicopters are too easy to fly. There is no problem doing a dead stop hover next to the flag.
Game Play Team play goes out the window as soon as you hit the tree line. You can literally stands 3 feet away from the enemy and not know it.

BF 2 (with misc add-ons)
Weapons It still feels like the US forces has got the better deal. Special Forces have the most versatile payload.
Vehicles - Like everything else they are advanced. Everything above the common jeep comes equipped with at least a laser targeting warning system.
Game Play In urban areas the team play is actually there is you look hard enough. In open areas however the game belongs to the airplane ******.
The rest mostly runs around like ants looking for a picnic.

So what would we like to see in the next instalment?
- The squad setup was a great idea, but maybe you should qualify for the squadleader position?
- For better or worse orders should be orders. Failure to obey should result in a penalty.
- Even more realistic vehicles. Id like to see the downdraft from the rotors effect more than the grass. And how about gassing up? The fuel tanks size is ridiculous.
But since its going to in the future they probably have high power fuel cells.

So the floor is open. Bring on the wish list people.
ok guys here it is after updating to the latest patch of bf2142 i started to experience the punkbuster kicking problem but luckily i found out how to fix it

download this punkbuster setup

When PBSetup is run for the first time, the End User License Agreement (EULA) for PunkBuster software
is displayed. Please read and understand our EULA before deciding whether or not to accept it and proceed.
Below are displayed sample screenshots and instructions for using PBSetup.

Click the "Add a Game" button to bring up the game selection screen. Use the dropdown menu to select a game.
In most cases, PBSetup will then auto-detect the path to the appropriate PB folder. If not, use the browse button
to tell PBSetup where the game is installed on the computer.

After one or more games have been added, click on the "Check for Updates" button to have PBSetup check for
new updates, install PB, and/or repair PB files that may be missing or corrupted.

enjoy the fix it works perfectly for me now hurray for me and the punkbuster team
i like this game Cool Cool
battlefield 2 still better... this new one is booring after a while
I like Battlefield 2 better.
I played the BF 2142 demo, but the whole game is so slow, boring and easy now. It's very noob-orientated. I don't like it.
For example, the new 'jets'. You can't even crash with them! Also, auto-locking missles that require no skill at all - compared to the Battlefield 2 Chopper missles.
The only vehicle that I really liked in BF2142 was the hover tank. It requires some skill and is fun to drive - but that's it.

I'd really recommend buying Battlefield 2. It's a soo much better game imo Smile
well, i have heard from maney, that they think bf2 is better, because it's more realistic and the maps is better.

one thing i don't like about BF 2142.
Is the wide open areals in every map.
The most tactical thing we use in our clan, is to clear the road with a sniper and then run. but we don't have to talk about it, because the sniper have taken the guys out before we reach the road ( im the sniper Razz (eliasr))

and you can place a c4 (rdx), the enemy will die, and you wont take damage your self. but i think that is a server side configuration.
so the rdx is also being use to reach roofs.

else it's pretty cool, it kinda fit to a sniper, to go behind enemy lines and use c4 on targets, but on the same time, it's like, wtf, a sniper , do they get explosive educations ?

in general the game is very fine, but could need some more maps.

then i will complain a bit about the booster pack, because it's 10 EUR and i dont think it's worth it, and specially the titan mode in it, is a bit fu''' ed , they don't really fit together.

and EA be realistic, our player got the high of a truck... or the truck og a high of the player.. fking small car. if you take the FAV , then it's much larger

DK*E introdution
Well, Im one of the webmarsters in our clan (eliasr), and we are moveing to this host instead.

We are Danish Bf 2142 players, and we call us DK Elite, we wassn't ready for the Slap liga (danish championship) but we will go next year.
we are 17 members, and allways up for a fight, so, contact us, useing the contact page, and wewill grap our gear ^^

we got members aged between 13 and 35.
we work tacticaly good with each others, and we do what we are best to. ( no it's not dying)

we are soon buying a 24 slot server for an year at i3D

we cant wait to fill you with PB ^^
Patriot Players
I had heard the BF2142 was just disappointing in general. Shame really I had thought I would try it out.

My friend socmplained of issues with bugs and with balance in the game that seem to plague most of the BF series. Another one I am going to have to pass on looks like.
I own BF 2142. It got old real quick. I'm now addicted to soldier force.

It's not the wide open spaces that killed the game for me. It was the fact that practically every game was a Titan Game. I like the good old fashioned team DM.
Its too big for my PC Sad
I have Battle field 2 and BF2142 which BF2142 overrules all Cool
BF2142 had the same (or similar, whatever) graphics engine and felt kinda gimmicky. I'd rather EA just focused on making BF2 better. I played it for a solid couple months where very few of the significant bugs were fixed.. EA rapes every game they take control of.
Well.. I like the game play better on bf2142.. I'm kinda happy there aren't planes becuase on bf2 people just tk you all the time for them
I bought BF 2142 for one thing, Titan Mode. If you can actually manage to get two teams together who know what they are doing, no game known to mankind can touch this.
This is true, Titan mode is definitely one of the more fun online multiplayer experiences.

The only thing I didn't like about it was the amount of ordnance required to take out a control panel in a Titan. I think the total "hit points" of a Titan control panel should scale with the number of players on the map, so a panel could be destroyed solo in 1 or 2 trips worth of ammo in something like a 5v5, but would require significantly more in a 64 player game.
Osmodius wrote:
This is true, Titan mode is definitely one of the more fun online multiplayer experiences.

The only thing I didn't like about it was the amount of ordnance required to take out a control panel in a Titan. I think the total "hit points" of a Titan control panel should scale with the number of players on the map, so a panel could be destroyed solo in 1 or 2 trips worth of ammo in something like a 5v5, but would require significantly more in a 64 player game.

Yeah.. It's always a pain having to keep a support guy with you in small games when there's only one of them around. I think they're actually addressing that in the next patch.
Ah, I play(ed) this game a lot. It's overall a great game, but with most out there, it has it's bugs. Though EA are pushin' out as many patches they can fix it up. Titan mode is what really makes the game though, way much more fun than Conquest.
well, still a great game, but i miss the normaly jet, however i have become better with the new chopter... think it's a bad thing that they missed the jet.

DK*Elite have also gotten a server up Razz 24 slots, normaly quite full each day, and it's kept clean by the admins, as after some time have learned to be some more professionel -.-'
DK*Elite have also growen allot and gained some good new people, and yesterday, a starter, but we will learn him to pwnez ya ^^

But we seek clan battels, if any are interested, go to our sites contact page the forum (curently the forum is the only english we got on our site)
server info is on the frontpage.
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