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Who should Mancheste United buy in the Summer?

Its obvious that even though they are doing well at the moment United are in dire need of more quality players, most notably in midfield. Who does everyone think that they should get/ will get when the transfer window opens, although any dealings will probably be done after the world cup.

Or is the any other area in the team that needs strengthening? The strikers are some of if not the best in the premiership, along with the goalkeeper (finally) and the defence was improved in the January window. But there is always room for improvement in every position in every team
Well they have pretty good atack, they have Rooney, Ruud Van Nistleroy, Luis Saha, Paul scholles, Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo.

I think that they need to buy some players to the defence, cos they have their some problems.. if it possible so thay need to buy John Terry, one of the greatest defenders today.
I'm not sure who they should buy, but they should certainly sell:

Christiano Ronaldo: I believe Juve are interested, so let them have the clown
Rio Ferdinand: More difficult here, despite Ferguson blowing his trumpet about him, nobody's buying. Certainly not for 20 mill
Ruud van Nistelroy: pretty much past his sell by date.

This is so depressing, I don't know where to stop Crying or Very sad
Attack and defence can be improved, but I think what they need most is a replacement for Roy Keane. No one has been able to fill the void after Keane left. And it's hard to find one today as good as Keane was.
Manchester United is sooo over people.
They have had their time but too bad it is over.
The teams to beat now are Barcelona and Chelsea.
But who should Man u buy ? ? I think a striker who can score easily. Van the Man had his time but doesnt have that nose for goals anymore.
They need someone who is creative and fresh. Maybe Robinho i thought
The premiership's leading goalscorer doesn't have the nose for goals anymore?

And he built up that goalscoring lead before he was benched so he's had a much better goalscoring record this year than it looks.

And he's only been benched because Louis Saha is doing so well.

Like everyone thinks, I think they should get some midfield help. I really like the tough defensive midfielder that Alan Smith has become, but for obvious reasons, they don't have his services for a while. Paul Scholes isn't the goalscorer he once was either and they should really look for a tough attacking midfielder.

Actually I think they should pull Rooney back and have him play attacking midfield and start both van Nistelrooy and Saha up front considering everyone thought that those two were perfect strike partners before Saha got injured.
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