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NCAA Frozen Four picks

Who do you think is gonna go all the way?
Man My bracket is busted to pieces. I live in ACC country and we have one shot left after DUKE colapsed. Evil or Very Mad

Well I am an NC State Fan so I never have too much to cheer about.

I'd have to give the edge to UCONN though. Their bench could start in most conferences. They are gonna take it.
Too bad I picked Syracuse to go all the way. d'oh!
Geez. Who are these guys? Hockey is 10 times better than hoops and the dumb fans are already posting hoops reponses on a hockey board. How stupid can you be?

Wisconsin was my pick to go all the way and is still my pick. Minnesota, my heart pick blew it by letting Holy Cross upset them in O.T. Good for Holy Cross, but bad for my home team.

I think the Badgers are the pick because they are playing the frozen four (not final four) in their home state. Plus, they handled the Gophers so well early in the year and they have their main goalie back.

They better win it all since my pool is depending on it.

Syracuse and Duke? These guys don't even know what a hockey skate is.

What the hell is hockey, someone should ban that guy.

Anyway, I think LSU has a good chance to win now. I hate UCLA. I had Gonzaga to go to the Final Four, so I am biased now and I want some revenge. Lol. My bracket is also ruined. Most people had either UCONN or Duke taking the championship. I was heartbroken to see them go. :[
From wikipedia
Ice hockey, referred to simply as "hockey" in Canada and the United States, is a team sport played on ice. It is one of the world's fastest sports, with players on skates capable of going high speeds on natural or artificial ice surfaces. The most prominent ice hockey nations are Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States. While there are 64 total members of the International Ice Hockey Federation, those seven nations have dominated ice hockey. Of the sixty medals awarded in men's competition at the Olympic level from 1920 on, only six did not go to one of those countries (or a former entity thereof, such as Czechoslovakia or the Soviet Union) and only one such medal was awarded above bronze. [1]
Ice hockey's worldwide popularity is concentrated primarily in locales cold enough for natural, long-term seasonal ice cover. It is one of the four major North American professional sports, represented by the National Hockey League (NHL) at the highest level. It is the official national winter sport of Canada, where the game enjoys immense popularity. Six of the thirty NHL franchises are based in Canada, but Canadians currently outnumber Americans in the league by a ratio of almost three to one, and about thirty percent of the league's players are non-North Americans. The sport is most popular in certain regions of the United States, notably the Northeast, the Upper Midwest, and Alaska.

The badgers won it but boston college came close with a second left and hitting the post. was a great game.
It seems like NCAA hockey is never on tv. Seems like the dominant sports always are on television.
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