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Whats best Online Multi Game??

Whats the best Online Game?
World of Warcraft
 29%  [ 11 ]
 21%  [ 8 ]
Guild Wars
 5%  [ 2 ]
Diablo 2: LoD
 0%  [ 0 ]
Starcraft: BW
 8%  [ 3 ]
Other, post it!
 35%  [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 37

Whats your favorite Online Multiplayer Game?
I like All of these, but I play Diablo 2 the most; don't ask why, hehe

And I vote for Counter Strike, since its awesome to surf! =)
Call of duty united offensive offcourse;)
Why do you compare games like Counterstrike with world of warcraft?

I can´t see the point?

Ragnarok Online is probably the best Multi-Player Online Game.

Not only does it have excellent replay value, but it is ever changing and getting new updates.

And with all the private servers around, you are never bored. You can always meet new people. And all servers have different rates, custom items, players, and much more.

There is always something to do in Ragnarok Online.

I myself host a private server....
CS:Source is the best online game iv'e played. Actually, i like most of the games available via STEAM, like Day of Defeat. The Source engine is explended for online gamers and the thing about cs is that its not a massive multiplayer game like world of warcraft. you dont get THAT addicted.
Untill now, i'm enjoying WoW the most. It's just such an awesome game...Quite addictive after a while.
I hope noone posts saying that RS is the best mmorpg out there....i used to play it, and....yeah...its a good game...but with its non-full screen gameplay and bad graphics...Its cant come close to other online games

Starcraft of course, its the best stratagie game out there, it was also one of the first Smile
By far the most entertaining and captivating massive online game is World of warcraft, multiple classes and character development allow for an outstanding game experience. I must also stress the fact that the graphics are extremely well done, and the landscapes and music really makes you 'live' in the game. Actually the idea of the game is to make you 'live' within the realm Azeroth, and the development of your character will actually take months, carrying out quests, developing multiple skills and engaging in active player to player contact. Also featured is an exhilarating player vs player mode where massive parties of players face each other for the contest of game resources. I cannot stress how much fun the game turrns out to be.
Owning a ragnarok private server is ILLEGAL. So don't even show it off here. And Ragnarok is BORING. It is bad and lousy compared to alot of other quality MMORPGs out there. Even a 2D game can beat the hell outta Ragnarok. Ragnarok does not offer much customization at all. The normal STR DEX AGI stats thingy is just not enough.

Guildwar and WOW is actually good. But I don't play them. Wasteof money. So far I've been playing DotA constantlu and it seems it has a high replay value. And it's really customizable. Though it's abit too lame at times. xD
My vote goes to Guild Wars, since I recently bought it and started playing it. On another note, I have played DiabloII Lord Of Destruction a bit more than any game, I suppose. Except from the Final Fantasy series, but that's another story.

I find Guild Wars exiting, varied, nice, an cosy. all that an online game must do to please me.

Diablo 2 was fun for a while, but it just became a big hunt for items and runes all the time. kept on collecting and selling, for no real reason...

mhe, also, I've played Star Wars Galaxies quite a lot too. back in the old days when it was brand new and stuff. Galaxies kept me going, it did, but it got too outdated, and too little UPdated, so it just got boring after a while.
I really like World of Warcraft. I have played it some time ago, but I haven't got money to play it... I have tried some unofficial servers, but those aren't as good as the official game servers. I think WoW is the best online game, but, as I said, it is too expensive for me.
Uhmm... for me the best is MU Online( but i like all the games from Bliizard..

They are the creators of wonderful games.... I like Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft and World Of Warcraft...
The best game in mine opinion is Enemy Territory. It's free, it's brainless, the graphics are quite good, there are many servers, there's enough variation in it (sniper versus flamethrower versus artillery versus Panzerfaust versus machine gunner versus...) and it's very addictive!
Counter-Strike:Source and World of Warcraft are very interesting !
But i like to play online games like runescape etc too...
I like Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft and Star Craft. I used to play with my friends in Cyber Cafe. Nice games... Very Happy
Counter-Strike rulez.. Go go go... lol
Live for Speed: Online Racing Simulator. Racing other humans in an online simulator is way more satisfying to me than any other kind of online game such as a fps.

Check it out now!
I am and always will be a WoW fanboi. I love almost everything there is to love about the game. I played SWG for a long time and to be honest, if they would have kept that game the way it was Pre Pub 10 then I would still be playing it but SOE has no idea how to run a MMORPG.

I do play Guild Wars as well and it is fun, just not quite the superb game that WoW is in my opinion.

I am told that the new D&D game is next to impossible to solo effectively so I wont be bothering with that.
my favorite Online Multiplayer Game is world of warcraft.i have played it about one year
A little something off the topic. Are there any free WoW servers?
jeffleo wrote:
A little something off the topic. Are there any free WoW servers?
Ah you do realize your talking about blizzard right? and World of Warcraft is not free. so no.
StarcraftBW is the best out there!
my favorite Online Multiplayer Game is world of warcraft too.
Counterstrike. i like this game
I would say rainbow six rogue spear. Laughing
The original EverQuest is still the best, in my opinion. =)
For me, the best MultiPlayer Online Game is Ragnarok Online. I think it gives players lots of possibilities, after some time playing your character is totally different from others and the big amount of items, monsters, and types of characters give life to the game.
i would have to say call of duty or enemy territory, enemy territory coz i like the rank and its fast quike game play, not as realistic but very good
Mario Kart DS! Go Wifi!
you know you have to differentiate between shooters and role playing though right? different strokes for different folks and all that...
Reaper wrote:
Starcraft of course, its the best stratagie game out there, it was also one of the first Smile

I did vote for Warcrack... I mean Warcraft... but I forgot all about this one. It's really good for it's time. I haven't played Starcraft in so long though.

As for other's I've played... Final Fantasy Online... we won't even go there... Guild Wars: GREAT for a free online game. Of course, I'm speaking of the monthly fees not the initial price. Yes I've noticed some of the major glitches, and I have to agree, not being able to go back to the first area kinda stinks. I only played it for a few months total. (I have this ADD thing going on i think. I can play a game for a bit, the I'll get distracted by another one and forget all about the first game.)
dark inca
Return To Castle Wolfenstein; Enemy Territory The best online multiplayer game, and it's free!!! So just download and play.

Dark Inca
Everquest is not a Voteable option? I mean really, Its not my personal favorite, but it is pretty much the model after which all MMORPGs are based. Some say UO is, but hey whatever. Id bet EQ makes up for about 80% of the other game option.

For me though, Its WoW all the way.
Also liked Guild Wars and City of Heroes/Villains
i'm surprised there wasnt a more broad "half-life/blizzard/PSP/NDS" pannel to select from. Surprised

i would say world of war craft is probably number one simply because its so amazingly popular and broad, but guild wars seems to have a pretty huge fan base, and since you only have to pay once for GW, i imagine its got far more satisfied customers.

as far as i'm concerned though, its got to be DoD. Twisted Evil
i couldnt pick between ragnorak online and maplestory...they both rock:D
World of Warcraft is best for me.

Because graphics and Other things very good.I m Warcraft Serie Fan Cool Everybody must check wow one time.
counter stike simply because of its awesome gameplay
i really enjoy playing it with friends, its just a wonderful experience playing cs on LAN
wow is best online game for me.
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