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What kind of MP3 player do you have?

What kind of MP3 players do you people have (if you have one), and are they any good?

Me, I only own a discman with MP3 function. But I don't mind since it almost has all of the same functions of an MP3 player and it's a lot cheaper. The only disadvantage is its size.

erm.. is this thread allowed? Can any moderator reply here?

anyway, mine is a Creative Muvo^2 1.5gb..

I have a rather good discman: Sony D-NE9
HAHA! I have a SanDisk 4GB Mp3 Player, and that rips the pants off of the cheap MP3 cd players.
Transcend T-Sonic 610 1Gb with Fm radio. Neat little beast that's the size of a matchbox and doubles up as a memory stick.
Apple iPod Mini Silver, 4GB. I'm using about half of the space on it currently. I was comparing that to the size of an Apple iPod Nano, it's about the same size but as half as thick.

BTW, this is part of my portable device collection. I have a Palm M100 and a Handspring Visor Deluxe that's not shown.

- Mike.
I got the sony NW-E207 Network Walkman Bean.
512MB flash memory
Direct pop-up USB plug (no USB cable required)
Transfer up to 345 songs onto the internal memory thanks to ATRAC3plus compression technology
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, high-speed charging function and great stamina at 50 hours
High-speed charging: 3 minutes charging = 3 hours playback time
Bright and clear 1-line Organic EL display for easy navigation
Direct ATRAC3plus and MP3 compatible
SonicStage® 3.2 software for easy music management and transfer of your favourite tracks
Supports all popular digital audio compression formats: ATRAC / MP3 / WMA (non-encrypted) / WAV
Shuttle switch operation for easy one hand operation
Supplied accessories: matching headphones MDR-E010, SonicStage® 3.2 software

Animal wrote:
Please use quote tags as per forum rules.
I used to have a Creative Zen Micro, But now I just use my original Dell Axim with a Memory Card to listen to music.
I used to have a Zen extra, but I did not need the 40Gb space, and needed the laptop drive inside it for extra space.

As of now, I use a really crappy Creative player that is so old it is not even on their site. It has a 1 gig SD card in it though, so it has plenty of music. It is also 1/4 (maybe even less) the size of the extra, so no problem on portability.
I have a Zen Touch, though the "Touch" part doesnt really work anymore so i have to put it on random and just skip through and listen to what i want...which in a way is good cuz usually i cant decide what i want to listen to anyway so having it decide for me is good in a way.

Also, has anyone else had this problem? I was wondering since i know im not under warranty anymore and i need it fixed, how much will it cost me do you think to get the thing fixed?
i like ipod,want to buy but now do not have enough money for it
Helios wrote:
I have a rather good discman: Sony D-NE9

omg!! can i add songs to my MP3 Player from my discman?? Wow.. i didn't know.

i don't have a mp3 player... neither a discman Sad.. if somebody don't use it give me Cool hehe
iPod 3rd Gen, 15GB.

I would never use another MP3 player.
I have I-pod nano 2gb ...
I pod rulez !!
iPod Nano 4Gb here! Lovin' it, and using iTunes to organize music is great!
$25 cheap k-mart cd/mp3 player, and my Zire31 Palm, and of course my radio shack little radio. It takes care of all my MP3 cares...
I myself use ipod nano 4 gb. Cool gadget
Creative Zen Micro 5GB
i have a rubbish nappa 256mb mp3 to take around with me because if it gets stolen it doent matter because its cheap. Yep its true its like that where i live they steal anything.
Apple iPod Photo 60gb.

I used to own a Rio PMP300, a Rio PMP 500, and a Creative Nomad Jukebox.
i have an 15giga IPOD 3G Wink
I have a Creative Zen Sleek 20GB

I have a Creative Zen Sleek 20GB

I use my mobile phone Sony Ericsson W800i
Sony Ericsson have specially made this mobile for using like a mp3 player (walkman), with integrated & fast mp3 menu. and a 512 memory stick by default and intra auricular ear

i have a minton Crying or Very sad
i have a minton Crying or Very sad
I don't have a mp3 player Crying or Very sad Boo hoo!
I really wish I had one...

Until I get one, I am using my Sony Ericsson K600i Smile
ipod nano 2gb. had a sony walkman (yep the original one ) before that Smile
i have an Sony Mp3 player but it isn't a discman...and it has 1GB...
I've got a Sony Network Walkman. Its small, kinda like the bean, but its memory is a bit small. You have to use the Sony software in Windows to put songs on it, which sucks. But I got it for free in a draw, so I'm not complaining.
I've got a 512 MB iPod shuffle. It's extremely small, holds plenty of songs, and has a great battery life. The only downside that I can find is the need to constantly change what songs are on it, as it doesn't hold a whole lot of songs.
The only MP3 player that I'd rather have would be either an iPod nano or an iPod video. Both are extremely small and slick, and they come in black!!! They also hold way more of my music collection.
I have a MobiBlu DAH-1500i. It's boasted to be the world's smallest MP3 player (1 x 1 x1 inch) but I'm not sure it is. Anyway, I got it after reading an article about it in Popular Science. Now I'm trying to program my own firmware, but I'm not having much luck.
i have a sony-ericsson w800i which have a mp3 player intregrated, 512mb memory, wery good sound!
I've got a Creative MuVo² 5Gb
Maybe it's a little big for a mp3 player but it's pretty handy, the quality is good and the capacity is just enough for me
IPOD mini 4GBS
I got a MSI megastick 256... Used to be one of the first 256MB USB/MP3 sticks out there... Bought it for 150€ must be about 2years ago... Now you can buy a better one for 50€

Most MP3 players are terribly overpriced, and I'm not bothering to get one on eBay.
I bought a Nokia 6230i, and a MMC card, and headphones, and that's my MP3 player. Rolling Eyes
I currently have this Ipod player, this is an excellent mp3 player. i simply love it Razz

iPod 5G with Video 30GB:

Like every iPod that has come before, this “iPod with video” is a surprisingly awesome music player, surely smaller than you’d imagined, better feeling in your hand, and just plain cooler than the sum of its features.

But because of its increasingly ambitious design, it will be reviewed differently by consumers with different tastes. With each finding things to like and dislike. For instance, as a digital music player, it is unquestionably superior to each of its full-sized predecessors, but it also drops support for certain top-mounted accessories that have become extremely popular. Similarly, it is even better at displaying photographs than last year’s iPod photo, but remains slow at direct-from-camera photo transfers, and drops compatibility with two of the iPod’s three bottom-mounting photo add-ons. And as a movie player, it is several major steps shy of what video fans have been hoping for.

Which of these perspectives is right? For me, All of them. Your appreciation of the new iPod will depend precisely on the lens through which you view it. If you are a new iPod buyer looking for a “music player with video as a bonus,” as Apple has pitched it, you will love it. By the same token, if you are expecting a sophisticated portable video player, you will most likely be disappointed.

Since 2004, iPod boxes have continuously shrunk in physical size, and even dropped the exciting “origami art” unfolding process that once hid each iPod and its accessories in separate compartments for the user to discover. But like the iPod nano, the full-sized iPod has largely recovered in class from the multicolored silhouette boxes released last year.

The fifth-generation iPod’s box is a slightly larger facsimile of the nano’s: a shallow matte black outer enclosure with silver foil iPod and Apple logos, plus a top marking of the iPod’s hard disk capacity, song storage, and PC + Mac compatibility. On one large side, Bono from the rock group U2 sings into a microphone on the iPod’s screen, while the song Feel Good, Inc. from Gorillaz plays with album art on the other. The new iPod’s slim profile is shown on one thin outside, an Apple logo on the other. If you purchase a black-bodied iPod, the unit on the box is black, otherwise, it’s white.

In a move that should delight iPod owners, Apple added one other unexpected new item into the box: a simple gray and white neoprene case. Users have previously disliked the cases that were included with iPods. But as the 5G iPod shares a controversial physical design trait with the scratch-attractive iPod nano - namely, a thick clear front surface that can show more fingerprints and scratches than 3G and 4G iPods - the inclusion of a case is very much appreciated. And by Apple standards, this is a good one: made from the same vulcanized material as the iPod nano Armband, it’s thin but not too thin, embossed at the top with the iPod logo, and stitched on the sides to snugly hold the 5G inside.

The most notable piece of hardware missing from the new iPod’s box is a wall charger. a part that has been included with every full-sized iPod since 2001, but gradually disappeared from other models over the past year.

Thats all for now.
I have a 30GB iPod with Video. I got it for Christmas last year, and it's one of my prized possessions. I had a house full of people arguing with me about it when I told them I wanted it. It took about two months of me having it and showing its capabilities off before everybody who originally argued with me was jealous. It's a pretty awesome little device.
I have a Creative Zen Nano Plus - 1Gb.
Its small (perfect!). you can add songs like an external harddrive. No extra programs needed. You can sort your music in folders +++
Uses AAA-batteries.
I use my PSP as my mp3 player. Not quite as effective as a standalone MP3 player but breaking out Lumines when you are tired of listening to music is pretty awesome.

Once the prices drop a bit I'll pick up a 2GB memory stick and that will suffice for mp3's.
I have a Dell MP3 player. It works just fine.

yisou wrote:
What kind of MP3 players do you people have (if you have one), and are they any good?

Me, I only own a discman with MP3 function. But I don't mind since it almost has all of the same functions of an MP3 player and it's a lot cheaper. The only disadvantage is its size.

S3nd K3ys
I have an Ipod 40 (image ipod) and my phone has one. (s710a Sony Erricson)
I have an iPod 30GB
love the thing
i doubt i'll ever have to delete a song off it it Very Happy
I guess currently I'm the only one with a 60gb ipod video. It rocks!
I owned a Creative Zen Micro 5GB.

I have a 5G iPod 30Gig. Its pretty much filled to the brim. I have about 8 gigs of audio (mostly audiobooks and podcasts) and ~75 gig of video that can't all fit at once. Smile
wow I don't have that much videos on my computer...
I had a VisualLand 512mb mp3 player (a cheap one from ebay) which died (think the battery leaked too much, not paying for a new one) after not a great deal of use.

When thinking about buying a new one (ipod knock off from ebay again Smile I filled out a survey at work & won an Ipod Nano!!! 2Gb, fantastic! Would be nice to have a radio (not buying a $75 genuine ipod attachment when i can buy a whole new radio unit for about $10).

But then again, free is free!!!

Has anyone put ipodlinux on their nano? Aiming to do it but wondering if I can still use itunes with it?
I want to buy a iPod but of course, as always, I am flat broke Crying or Very sad
I have Ipod Nano black 2Gb which I bought when it first came out... I also use my Palm Tungsten T3 as an MP3 player Smile
krut wrote:
Has anyone put ipodlinux on their nano? Aiming to do it but wondering if I can still use itunes with it?

Yes you can put ipodlinux on your nano but it's unsafe as ipods from the 2G or 3G onwards are not officially supported by iPod Linux so you'll have to find some alternative way to install ipodlinux on your nano. I tried installing ipodlinux on my ipod video but the firmwave got screwed up. In the end I had to restore the whole firmwave... Sad
well, mine is a small one, about the size of a iPod Nano. However, it has no brand on it, and I wondered why Rolling Eyes . But, it can play videos in .amv format, and the graphics were good too.
! I got a creative muvo v200, this thing is same size as IPOD Nano but 3x as thick =\ The sound quality is excellent even though when you use lame head phones that are 3 years old LoL. I bought this for $120 Canadian at XMAS sales. O btw, this baby holds 1GB.
The bad thing is that this thing cant computer charge so you have to buy cheap battery that lasts for 3-5 hours !
I am using my Nokia 6680 mobile phone with 1Gb multimedia memory card as MP3 player. It has loudspeaker aswell as stereo headphones.
Cool. I was thinkijng about getting an mp3 phone. I also want a camera on it too. That combo is still quite expensive here.
well i got a creative zen micro and it so cool the best as it has a long battery life and can hold loads of songs as it 4-5 gig and it is also a removeable disk for holding just about everything
well i got a creative zen micro and it so cool the best as it has a long battery life and can hold loads of songs as it 4-5 gig and it is also a removeable disk for holding just about everything
I have an Ipod mini. It was excellent in the first 6 months of listening.

Pros: Great for transfering files from one computer to another (I used to download and transfer torrents from my school computer to my home computer when I had no inet access). Great sound, has an equalizer.

Cons: Less than 8 hours of battery life (To get 8 hours you have to set on one song at a constant low volume with no EQ), Crappy headphones, and worst of all the battery lasts less than a year! I have to buy a seperate battery now because the Ipod won't charge anymore!
Hello there!
I got the first MP3 Player that was available here. It was the Creative D.A.P, Digital Audio Player. It has a 6GB notebook harddrive which makes it kind of bulky and heavy. But it still works. I got it a loooong time ago.
This year my mother bought me a cheap flash Player as a present. With 512MB. The brand will be a chinese no name factory, because it says M-Budget on it, which is a swiss supermarket series of cheap products.
The Flash player is ok, but I had problems copying MP3 on it using Ubuntu Linux, because it also created a recycle bin on the flash partition, which I could not see at first. I have to take care that I empty the recycle bin before I unplug the flash stick.
I've got a 512 MB iRiver iFP-795. It's very small, has a long battery life, I can full it with few hours of my favourite songs. And this beatiful player supports a lot of codecs ( MP3, OGG, WMA ). Quality is rather good, I think. T sure it is the best mixture of price and pleasure Smile
I started out with an old 32MB Rio and eventually put an extra 32MB card in it. People used to ask me if it was a pager... I next moved to a Classic mini CD MP3 player, It was total crap, but had a huge wow factor. My next move was to use my Dell Axim as an MP3 player but a 2hr battery life just didn't suit me very well.

My life changing momment was when I get a 512mb iPod shuffle. The player was decent, but iTunes was beautiful. If you have never used iTunes, you can not imagine what you are missing. This is the single greatest piece of software I have ever used. Then tragedy struck... I lost it. Sad To this day I keep looking for it, but I'm sure I will never see it again.

After that I began to look at other MP3 players, but I knew I would only be satisfied with an iPod. I know own an ipod 4G 20GB with the b&w screen. I have over 2500 songs and still growing. It is the love of my life, I use it almost every single day.

I have an Apple ipod 60 GB. Its simply great. It just works and I LLOOVVEE ITT
yesterday my girlfriend offers me a ipod nano and love it & her also Smile
my discman works fine. it plays mp3 cds so pretty much all you need is 10 cd's if you wanted about 1400+ songs or so. it was about 50 bucks and since its a cd player you dont have to recharge it, just change the batteries. if you use it correctly the batteries can actually last 2-3 days too. ive had it for about 5-6 years now and it doesnt skip or anything. only con about it would be that when you press play it takes about 30 seconds to start up. other than that it stomps the crap out of ipods and other mp3 players due to the low cost . it cant, however, be as loud as an iPod.. but its max is loud enough and doesnt kill my ears
Creative Mind CA-C90...

bought it 2 years ago and i'm very satisfied with it, but it's time for me to buy a new one.. one with more mb space

I use my w810i as mp3 player, right now Iam using a 512 memory card on it, but i think I soon will buy a 2gb

Creative ZEN Sleek with Sony mdr V300 headphones. it rox!
I have a 60GB Cowon iaudio X5, and it's a fantastic MP3 player. It also plays videos which is a nice little addition, so I've got some Simpsons & Futurama on there for when I'm bored on-the-go. The videos play suprisingly well on the screen, and the player even comes with a program to automatically convert videos/DVDs for you.

I'm not a big iPod fan, so this was a great alternative. Check the user reviews out - the sound quality on Cowon players is especially good.
I have MuVo TX se 256mb, using it only when i'm going to school (about 45 minutes from home). one battery / 2 weeks
I had a Diva MP3 player with a CF card, but now that I bought a Samsung Z300 phone, it completely replaced it.

I carry my phone everywhere (unlike the Diva player), and I can download the songs to it from the PC via bluetooth without the need of using any cable/plugging anything in (the PC's bluetooth is always on). If I'm just sitting in front of it like right now, I'll pick up my phone, tell it to connect to my PC (without having to touch the computer), browse to My Documents -> My Music folder, and download the songs I want. I can even do it from the toilette or the living room, lol (10m range). And the same applies to download music from any other mobile phone or computer.

The quality is superb and I have a 512mb TransFlash card.

I have a gameboy micro with a play yan mp3 adapter that can play mp3s or videos. It uses SD cards so ample room Smile And i can also play games if i feel like it. Fits in my pocket perfectly too.
I have a Sharp Net MD Very Happy

Each MD can play upto 300 minutes (Via PC Recording its just 150 minutes) The sound quality is great. The only drawback is that the MDs cost a bomb. Another drawback can be that it uses a AA battery instead of internal rechargable one.
I have a Iriver cd/mp3-player for the long trips..., but mostly I'm using the mp3 in my Nokia mobile-phone!
I have a Transcend Tsonic 610 1gb mp3 player.
I used to use my w800i phone before then switched over to the ipod nano i know its like 4gb but atleast it looks cool Razz
i have a zen vision m by creative. it's better than the ipod vid. If anyone is looking to buy a hard drive video playing mp3 player, go w/ the creative zen vision m. it has features that the ipod doesn't.
Since I rarely listen to music, my mp3 player isn't so great. (I barely use it.) It's a small 128 MB mp3 player from some brandless company. If you're wondering why I have it to start with, it's because I received it as a gift. I normally don't use it to listen to music; I use it to record voice, and as a flash drive. Razz

By the way, I'd like a Toshiba Gigabeat 60 GB. Not solely for music, but mainly for video. I'm not very fond of the Apple iPod, though it's still a great device.
I Have the Zen Vision: M which is the highest quality mp3 player avaliable right now. They have a SNR of 97 which beats the ipod as with previous generations creative has been ahead. The 30Gb is great because it plays divx, xvid and wmv which is more than the ipod video as well as a much longer battery life. Ipod has the edge with its interface which connects to things like car cd players etc and a more scratch resistant screen. The good thing about the zen is the shorcut button which you can customize and the quality of the screen. For audiophiles i recommend the creative range as an owner of the original zen and an ipod user.
i have a creative zen xtra 60GB hdd .... altho i dont need 60GB its always nice to have that space so u never fill it
I'm using my Sony Erricson W810i Also. Just with a 512mb card.

But when im home, i just hook my laptop up to the 46" widescreen tv and to the surround sound around the room lol and use it like that.
black ipod nano 2gb. I should have paid another 60 bux to double the capacity. What do reckon steve jobs will unveil next- ipod pico?
I have a 1 GB iRiver T10 and it works just fine. I just wish it had a better interface and a bigger memory. It gets on my nerves sometimes, because it's not very functional with the PC. Should've gotten an iPod or something ... but then again, I don't really like the set battery.
i have an apple ipod 60 GB photo. it is simply mind blowing.
iPod Mini with 5gb, i only use when i travel or going to school, its doing its porpouse and im happy with it, i might wanted it a bit smaller but what the heck, it works Smile
I've got an asono 1gb mp3 player, its norwegian!!!! But Im not using it anymore, thats because I carry my SE w810i with at all times an it got 512mb memorycard.
Ipod Video 30 gb
I use both my Samsung Sync (A707) with a 2gb microsd card and a samsung bluetooth headset as well as a creative zen vision: m 60gb.
I have a Creative MuVu TX FM 512MB. Awesome quality!
Well , Sony Ericcson W810i with 4GB memory stick duo pro card. The original SE headset is awesome - sound has great quality.
i have a iRiver h320 series.. its pretty good. the only beef i have with it is the batery runs out after a year and if you dont want to spend the money to have a pro do it you have to open it and carefully take stuff out to install it yourself.
other than that its great!!! Smile
I have this

A Samsung with 1GB, enough for anything I need, with Sony ears... gift of a old fianceé... Cool
I've got a 30 gb black iPod... quite nice toy Mr. Green
I had bought a Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB, but I managed somehow (I really do not know how) to damage the LCD screen, so half the screen turned white and got all disfunctional Smile

So now I am buying a new one. Don't know yet if I get it on the insurance...
I got an iPod with Video a year or so back for my sister as a present.

What I have with me is a Samsung mobile phone (a930) with a microSD card slot which can play WMA files, and with a slight 'undocumented' tweak, also MP3s Smile
I got this baby. It's a Creative Zen V Plus 2gb.

Not the best picture but this is what I've got.

Black Zen Vision M

I LOVE IT. I'm pretty glad that it doesn't have many additional accessories like the Ipod ...or else I'd be investing so much on those!

This awesome gaget hold about 30 GIGS of media (music, videos, and/or other electronic files) and the battery life is really great too.

I gots a Sony PSP, I use mostly for MP3 and Movies. Though I do have Killzone Liberation and GTA for it.

Goods are how much it can do with internet and mine has the Open Firmware stuff so I can mod it and make it look the way I want it to look. Even run homebrew.

Cons are even though it can do all the stuff it lack some major features like I have to turn it on and select a song and put it in random every time. It doesn't just have a button that I can push then it skips through all that so it's not very easy to just wipe out in class and start listening to music.

Next flaw is the general size. Yeah it's portable but finding a pocket to put it in sometimes becomes a hassle. Though the 4in screen is worth it.

Now I'm looking at getting an iPod Video but I hurd rumors of the touch screen iPod which looks really cool and I want to wait for that.
I have a 30GByte white Ipod video (5g, not 5.5g). I am very happy with it. And it actually is the fastest usb external drive I have. By far!

My 2 cents
I have Nokia 9300 with 1GB Kingston RSMMC card and popular symbian S80 series program to playing mpeg layer 3 Very Happy. Nothing more.
Have a Samsung NV3 - A digital photo&video cam with integrated text and mp3 players. Sounds good Smile
I got an iPod Video 80 GB. I love itt.
krut wrote:
Has anyone put ipodlinux on their nano? Aiming to do it but wondering if I can still use itunes with it?

I have a black 1st gen iPod Nano, 4GB. It runs iPodLinux and the original Apple firmware side-by-side, and I can switch between them. I've even been able to put some short video clips on the Nano and watch with Linux. iTunes worked fine with it. I use Winamp to put my music on it now though, since iTunes was crashing at me.

lukeropro wrote:
I tried installing ipodlinux on my ipod video but the firmwave got screwed up.

Lol, it's firmware.

EDIT: It wasn't the iPod that was making iTunes crash, it was just doing that by itself. Generally it would freeze my entire machine for minutes at a time between changing songs Sad
I have a Sansa 2GB with FM radio. Has been great for my walks for the past three years.
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