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What messenger/email service do you use

I went with gmail when the hype began. Nice inbox size, and it's brilliant if all you want is a good email service. However, I switched back to hotmail simply because of it's MSN compatibility. MSN is still the best instant messenger, IMO. Highly doubt I'll be using whatever gmail is gonna come up with. MSN has climbed so high above the other clients that I believe it won't go down without a fight

Anyhoo, what does everyone else use? Hotmail? Yahoo? Gmail? ISP email? Or what IM client? MSN? AIM? Waiting for gmail messenger? Post away.
Better post this in the appropriate section.
This is the hardware section.
You will more likely get replies in the section that deals with the internet.
Cheers Smile
I use MSN, Yahoo & AIM.
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I use GMail and Yahoo. GMail has now come up with Google Talk. It seems to be good, but I don't think it will be able to compete with Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger in it's present form. Also, it doesn't seem to have got enough popularity, even after GMail included chat in the mailbox.

Keeping this, and the speed of GMail servers in mind, I now use GMail for mails only, and Yahoo for Messenger only. Seems to work well enough for me....
Yahho and AIM mostly for IMs. I use AOHell for email and ISP.
I use Trillian pro 3 for IM, integrates Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk and much more. Take a look at

I tried both gAIM and aMSN but they don't seem to offer the cool look that Trilly's got.

Gmail + MSN + Yahoo to go with my mobile internet access
yisou wrote:
I went with gmail when the hype began. Nice inbox size, and it's brilliant if all you want is a good email service. However, I switched back to hotmail simply because of it's MSN compatibility. MSN is still the best instant messenger

But you know?you can login to msn messenger with you gmail account.
you may see more infomation here:
I personally use a few different ones, i use Yahoo, Gmail and my own Email server that i use for my website responses. Personally i have to say for ease of use and massive amounts of storage Gmail is easily the best, however, Yahoo is a little better in some cases (IE my school server doesnt block their address) and my Websites email is good, though its a little more complicated since its fully managed by me and if something goes wrong im the one who has to fix it. Other than that though I would almost have to say that that is better because you get your own email and that means you can make it anything you want and its garunteed not to be taken unless you have already made one...
I use gmail and yahoo mail for emails and yahoo messenger.
i usethe new Microsoft Live beta which was formally hotmail, and for my messenger i use MMesseneger Live beta, which is simply the new version of MSN Messenger
I have been using hotmail all my life, its simple and all I need. They have added a lot of storage and attachment size upgrades to it in the past years. For instant messenging I use Aol but I used to use yahoo and msn. They arent as popular and all my friends use aim now so I do too
Gmail and yahoo for email. THen AIM, Google Talk, yahoo, and msn for IM'ing.
I use Trillian to keep in contact with all my friends that use aim, msnMessenger, YahooMessenger and ICQ. Only if I have to use video stream I use the "Original" client software, especially msnMessenger.
I got a Gmail account but do not really what to do with it. Everything is just another email account.. I prefer to use POP3/SMTP for email and just use the accounts I get from my ISP.
For E-mail service, I will use Yahoo and Gmail. For Im service, I use ICQ and msn messenger.
I use GMail for my mail and Windows Live Messenger (Beta successor to MSN) for messenger. I use a hotmail account for messenger just for spam-catching purposes.

Sadly, GTalk is nowhere near the level of WLM...
I use MSN as a messenger. Namely MSN 8 beta which is amazing due to its offline messenger features and it has a very nice looking interface.

For emails I use Gmail which has very large amounts of space (more than is possible to use) and a very nice interface.

If anyone needs a beta invite for MSN 8 feel free to email me, I still have 19 left. It has pretty nice features Smile
(Just so you know, WLM is open to everyone now, so invites are not needed)
I use Yahoo! and Gmail for mails. Yahoo to send attachments (because Gmail doesn't preview whether you have finished attaching it or not) and gmail for the rest, of course.

I also use Windows Live Messenger Beta. I'm loving the offline features, I've been wanting them to implement that feature for a long time and now they have!
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