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Major Startup problem!!!

Windows XP SP2 (all updates), PIII 900mhz, 384 mb ram

Well this is my problem, first I had 2-3 blue screens of death in a days time with the address of atapi.sys and kernel_data_inpage_error. The last time I got a blue screen, it did not start up again. It goes to the startup screen and the little bar moves on the bottom, but it stays there indefinetly, and makes no progress. All the startup options do the same thing (safe startup etc.). If anyone has any ideas please let me know ASAP, I need my computer!!!!
Personally, I've never seen this problem, but here are a few links that might help:

Hope this helps, but the Microsoft Knowledgebase has much more reliable information than you're likely to find on a general forum.
put in the XP CD, assuming that you have one...

boot from the CD drive

Choose "Start recovery console"

First I would try FIXBOOT, then FIXMBR, restart after executing each command

GOOGLE recovery console for some of the other options
Actually, the first thing to do is get the BSOD STOP error message. They usually are in the form 0x000000?? with a short message like IRQL_NOT_GREATER_OR_EQUAL

Like most error messages, they are easily found on the net if you do a Google search on them. You can just Google 'stop error message 0x00000001' and you'll get an explanation.

You may need to do as grantmaster suggests and load the recovery console to fix the problem. But at least you'll have some idea of the cause.

One of the causes for this could be the installation of a hotfix or SP2 of WinXP. On some systems for no particular reason, the SP2 install would fail and you could get stuck in a reboot loop like the one you describe. MS describe the procedure for fixing this using the recovery console.
If you run a WinXP system, it's a very good idea to install the recovery console before you run into trouble. By installing it on your system, you get the option of starting it every time the system boots.

This has two uses. Firstly the Recovery Console is installed and you don't have to go rooting for your XP disk when the system crashes, and if you have SATA or unsupported SCSI disks, looking for the textbased driver install floppy for this as well.

The second one is that because you now have a boot menu, it's dead easy to press F8 to give you the advanced boot menu with all the options like Safe Mode or Last known Good Configuration. If you've ever tried to get this when the system is restarting you'll know what I mean when I say you have to be leaning on the F8 key to try and stop XP loading normally Wink

To load the Recovery Console, insert your XP CD and type the following in the RUN box: D:\i386\Winnt32.exe /cmdcons (where D: is your CDROM drive letter)
Thanks for the help, I tried those and they didn't help, it seems that the hard drive might have gone, because it is having trouble even identifying the file system (NTFS). But I took it to the IT guys that work at our school and they are going to look at it. Thanks.
Did you try to run in Safe Mode?

It could be usefull to know if the situation happens in safe mode or not.

The cause may be Hardware of Software.

It could be easier to minimize the range of the possible causes by eliminating some of them.

If the problem does not happens in safe mode, we could eliminate the hardware cause, and some software cause (like extra drivers and
installed softwares).

Other method:

You could run in normal mode (not safe mode), and , using program manager (ctrl-alt-del), kill some non essential process or programs that are running in memory. See if with changes BSOD still occur. Try killing only one process then take time to see if it will have an positive effect. Then try another one.

Take always note on paper about the process name you killed and the effect on the stability of your computer. If ever you kill a process that you were suppose to ( .. resulting in crash, freeze, or error), simply reboot your computer.

If ever these methods cannot help, consider a data backup and a complete reformat and clean reinstall.

Hope this help

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