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A PHP Script Contest, winner get 100F$

It won't be too hard because there is a lot same kind of script to study from...

Ok, this is what I want from the script.
(20F$)1. Chose a image from folder $folder(variable, can be anything) randomly and out put it.(need it to support most popular image files like bmp, png, gif, jpg)
here is a script you can look at and get what I mean
Here is a demo time refreshes, it shows something else)
it also need to retrive a image outside the server and show to the user(all of them should be defined in out.php of $folder)

(30F$)2. make a dynamic signature, like the one featured in I only need it to have these 6 options...
-a variable that show where this signature was lastseen
-a variable that show how many times this signature has been seen
-show random background from $dfolder(variable, can be anything)
-bbcode like thing to control the text display in dynamic signature, which include bold, italic, Underline, font color, font size and font.
-varable shows where each text start in the signature
-all the varables except $dfolder, are stored in out.php of $dfolder

(20F$)3. user can make a image that shows
-random image on top
-dynamic signature on bottom
and out put it

(5F$)4. make these variables can be send though URL
$dfolder, $folder
if it's not send though URL, then use default setting

(5F$)5. make a htaccess file go with it... I want to make it something like this
s-lala-hehe.png means access phpsignfile?folder=lala&dfolder=hehe

when you done 1-5, and proven it works better than anyone elses.. I will give you 100 F$

(extra 50F$ when you finish 1-5)6. make a good admin system so user can setup things easy....
I'll do number two if I have the time.
all right thx...
I know noobie is a great scripter...
maybe I should give you more points
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