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Homeschooling = JOKE??????????

i'm an 8th grade homeschooler (i started a year ago), and i stay at my parent's education center all day. in the morning, when there are no kids, my dad and two other people stay there with me. these two people are around my parent's age, and they have a daughter my age and a son who is a year younger.

the father, who really stresses me with his cigarette smell and sarcastic comments, for some weird reason, kept saying things like 'you should be so happy that you don't have to go to school', etc. he said the same thing twice, and on the latter one he added 'my daughter went to school today...'
and while i was posting on a forum, he came in for no reason at all to say 'wow, i see you are studying very hard'.

to many people, being homeschooled doesn't seem much like a decent 'education', if you know what i mean. as an 8th grader i am doing precalculus and trignometry, while his daughter is doing algebra1 (i finished algebra1, geometry, and algebra 2 in less than a single school year and a summer). the last time i took the S.A.T. i got 1850 (for practice tests i get 2000ish because i am more calm then), while his daughter can't even write a single paragraph without grammar errors.

To him it appears as if i don't study- mostly because i spend a lot of time online. (all his kids do online is games)

HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF PEOPLE????? (and i sincerely hope noone on this forum is a this kind of a person.)
Ignore them, and eventualy they will go away. Really, just pretend they're not even around. (Unless, of course they start to get upset at this: in that case you just aknowlege thier presence enough to calm them down.)
Act as if you don't know them when they are not teaching you anything. I do think you are missing 1 thing in homeschooling and that is being around others of the same age. You are going faster because you work at your pace and dont' have to wait for others. I am also in 8th grade and have people like this in school. You just have to ignore them unless they are teaching you somthing. Don't listen to the comments they have to say and don't stress yourself out.
School is only half of success, If your homeschooling, where the other half? You know, Your peers. People are the other half in life for sucess because they teach you something a school can't. Socializing.
The Philosopher Princess
That is a GIGANTIC myth that home-schooled kids don’t get enough socializing. It is a myth that is highly perpetuated by those who benefit from forcing children into the Government-controlled “education” monopoly, and a myth that is swallowed by others who haven’t done their homework.

In today’s world of mostly Government “education”, the problem is the opposite. Namely, Government-schooled kids get the wrong kind of socializing. For example:

Arrow Government-schooled kids learn to blindly follow authority without questioning and thinking for themselves.

Arrow Government-schooled kids learn inappropriate methods of resisting authority.

Arrow Government-schooled kids learn to form gangs to control each other.

Arrow Government-schooled kids are lumped together in a very unnatural social setting where they are grouped by age, rather than having a more normal situation where the older help the younger, and all of them learn better how to inter-react with people of different ages.

Go into a typical Government school, and you will find almost no positive inter-reaction between 3rd graders and 6th graders, such as is natural in neighborhoods, families, community clubs, and other normal social settings.
Home-schooled kids are -- on average -- far and above other kids in all aspects of real education. They excel in math quizzes, spelling bees, science fairs, etc. A handful of home-schooled kids regularly out-produce, and excel above, the thousands of Government-”educated” students in every city across the country. Before putting down home-schooling for any reason, do real research to find out the facts.
I offer just one example that is not proof but is evidence for consideration. I recently attended a county-wide spelling bee (where each school in the county sent its top spelling bee winning student, and there was the one kid who had won of the home-schooled children). The first-runner-up for the county was a home-schooled child, who had also gotten top honors the previous year.
prepkid, my advice for you is to treat your neighbor with courtesy and, like others have said, politely ignore any sarcastic comments. Little by little, you can experiment with interesting (very polite) quips like, “Oh, so I guess you think that Thomas Edison was a dunce too?” Or, “How about Abe Lincoln? Do you think he was an idiot?” But, prepkid, do not sound defensive or indignant. Instead, have a twinkle in your eye when you say these kinds of things.

Most of all, keep up with your home-schooling education. You will win in the long run by excelling in life. That person’s opinion of your education is totally irrelevant.

Hey! How about posting here later and letting us know how things are going with this situation? Please tell us what you think of the comments posted here for you.
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