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psp the best or what

psp the best or what.
i think its the best as you can play movies, games, music watch photos and even go on the web so what do you think
I think one of the best lines I have ever heard about the psp was from someone who called themself A2K: "The PSP is the jack of all trades, but master of none." First off, the memory to hold songs is so few that you have to buy a seperate memory card just to hold it. It does have internet accessibility, but the browser is so bad that AOL is laughing at it. The ability to play movies is cool, but I'd rather play movies on a Video Ipod, instead of having to buy seperate umds, I could just view the ones I have on my computer. Now, lets talk about the one thing that really defines it, the games. Aside from afew select titles such as Lumines and maybe Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, it really does not have any good games to play. Now, compare it to the DS, which has so many great games, including Meteos, which was made by the same people who made Lumines. There are so many great games for the DS such as Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows, Super Mario DS: Partners in Time, and the list keeps on going and growing with the additions of Metroid Prime: Hunters and Tetris DS. Hell, there are so many good games for the DS that I feel like I'm sinning by leaving alot of them out. Me and My Katamari is coming to the psp, which is a plus, but my main gripe with it is the one thing that made the PS2 controller great, it needs 2 nubs! I don't understand how you can play Me and My Katamari with only one nub! Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is this, get a DS, it's just so much better when it comes to games. It doesn't matter how many things a portable system tacks on when it can't even get the games down. I feel like I should get more points for this post.
Meh, The psp isnt that bad.Its just way to small like its protable and everthing but i dont like it..Like look at the Xbox u can play game go online,Watch movies with family and friends and eveon download your on music video and songs..So i think its the same as the psp just that the psp is small and portable.I dont think u can go online with the psp can you??lol if not that would be gay.So if any of you are geting a game consol for Xmes for your birthday, Get a Xbox, Xbox live is pretty cheap and the game are fun..if u want a fun online game get cod2(call or duty2) thx for my time:DVery Happy
they are all good points and yeah the movies are a bit crap when it comes to buying umds but the graphics are well better than ds and the xbox is a great machine but its not portable as was said which is a great plus for psp.
it also stores photos which can be zoomed perfectly with no loss and.
one bad point however is that it can only play mp3s untill u go on net to allow it to play wma.
and as for games there is socom, gta, burnout, midnight club and many more so i still think it is the best but thats my opinion
I know this will probably annoy those of you with gaming consoles, but IMHO the PC is the best gaming machine out there. If you look at what the PSP, the XBox etc. are doing, they are really trying to emulate the PC in a box.

All the add-ons and extra features are already present on the PC. Then look at the price. Granted the PC is more expensive than most gaming consoles, but it will do far more than any gamning console ever invented. Add to that the fact that PC games will always work out cheaper in the long run than your average console game. I'm talking about the reduced price PC games which can go down as low as 10% of the original price of the game.

The most annoying thing about consoles however is the constant 'upgrading' of the systems dragging you into buying the latest model all the time.
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anthonygerbils wrote:
but the graphics are well better than ds

doesnt matter when the games are still better on the ds. people dont buy the psp for the games, which is kind of sad when you think about it.
Honestly I think the Ds is alot better. It focuses mainly on what a video game system should be about. Games. Not to say the psp isnt good too. I mean its functionality is very good but the ds focuses comletly on games wich makes it a more solid handheld system than the psp.
I denintally DISAGREE with this post. The DS is so much better then the PSP not only in games but soon to be in looks when the DSlite hits the US they will be selling like lemonade on a hot day. The DSlite is a very sexy system and dosent need gimics like being a "multi-media device" like the PSP is to sell systems.
I thought that a "Hand Held Game" was something that your could be able to play games on. The PSP seems to do everything but. I have always been a nintendo person so if i were to choose i would pick the Nintendo DS. I have never owned a playstation and never will
there is a lot of focus on what a psp CANT do but it CAN do a lot of things even more than ds and as for the pc being the best well i agree but this is about "hand held" machines
i was told when i bought my psp that ds was better but the ability not to play videos or music was a real turn off so what is its BIGGEST good point that the psp doesnt heve
The answer to the argument for PSP "DS doesn't have multimedia!":

The answer to "PSP can browse web!":

Sorry, DS is way ahead of ya Wink

And graphics:

DS rock on.
ok there is always this debate in gaming forums.

Sony PSP
Better graphics
Plays Music
Plays Videos
UMD Movies
Internet Browser
PS1 games will soon be able to be ported to PSP

Games aren't very good (opinion)
Lots of ports from PS2 games (could be good or bad)
UMD Movies only play on the PSP so you have to pay extra for a DVD
Memory for multimedia is expensive
more fragile than DS
Internet Browser is hard to use

Nintendo DS
Better games (opinion)
Video and Music Player add on is availiable in japan
Internet Browser is comming soon
touch screen adds more possibilities for games
plays old GBA games
DS Lite is comming out with brighter screen and smaller body
Lower Price

graphics aren't as good
Media Player doesn't ahve nice graphics
Regular DS is bulky

well for the PSP some good games like Daxter are comming out. So some of this might change soon.

Lots of this is a matter of opinion. If you are willing to spend lots of money on memory cards for media get a PSP. If you don't want to spend a lot and just want better gameplay get a DS. Now stop with the PSP vs DS topics.
i dont like psp Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
I already stated so, but DS has media with neoflash, and PSP's pro of an internet browser has been matched (and beaten) by the DS Opera brower, as Opera > IE > AOL > PSP browser
I think psp is better because of its compatibility with UMDs, games, etc. I also love the mp3s (btw how much internal memory does it have?)
The answer to the argument for PSP "DS doesn't have multimedia!":

The answer to "PSP can browse web!":

Sorry, DS is way ahead of ya Wink

And graphics:

DS rock on.

very good like your approach very good and the fact that you even went to the bother of putting in the url is great as it must have taking you a lot of time and efort to get these and when it comes down to it yeah the ds might look better when you sum it up but let me quote
in japan

as most of your cons are only available in JAPAN and are not here yet but every thing for the psp is here in EUROPE

keep sending your replies thanks
seeing this is dieing and I feel a need to answer the previous post, here it returns.

Neoflash is available worldwide and uses SD cards, readily available from almost and PC/digital camera store.

The Opera browser is planned for release like a game, and due to the DS being so revolutionary (not first in japan, not ages before it reached europe, even the japanese ones had european languages available out the box, I know this as my mate's DS is japanese. seems nintendo are trying to encourage importing Surprised Plus there's the touch screen and stuff) it will hit europe pretty quickly. And let's face it, the PSP broswer sucks. A mouse is essential in any internet browser, and how the PSP runs a mouse I don't know. Is it the analogue stick? Anyway, stylus and touch screen will make a very efficient mouse. Ever seen a smart whiteboard? You can actually navigate the web faster with one of those than you can with a mouse. The same will go for the ds - point n click. And the graphics are from the demo version, metroid prime hunters: first hunt, which I have and I must say they look better on the DS than on PC, possibly the digicam used wasn't that great. The real one is meant to have much better graphics, which makes for better than PSP's GTA and so on, because the first hunt graphics is a pretty good rival for them already.

Finally, let me thank you, as although you support PSP, you respect others opinions and actually take them into account before replying. Most supporters are fanboys, and fanboys (this applies to both nintendo and sony) never seem to take logic on board. So thanks for not being a fanboy Smile
The PSP is a fantastic portable device. With the ability to play games, movies, music and with updates coming around every few months to add new features the PSP is a revolutionary piece a hardware.
I love my psp! By far the best portable gaming system ever. This portable system acually beat many many non portable system! I love the fact that it has internet and music and pictures and everything! Pretty much it's a portable computer! I kno im never gonna sell it or give it away. Of course it does have a few it needs a memory card, some games r kinda lame, and you can't fully expirence the internet. It is still, however, very nice. Most thnigs u need for it comes with it. Only other things u need to buy is a game and a bigger memory card if you want. Also the internet is kinda limited, but it still shows 10x more then any other portable system. Most cell phones just show little "cell phone webpages" but the psp shows full blown webpages...but if you dont have big enough memory card u may run out of memory when you try to go to a big webpage. Overall I love my psp!
It's pretty much whatever you're interested in.

The PSP is more of a portable media center. Heck, more UMDs are bought than PSP games. That says something. Wink The PSP does have better graphics, but as for "blockbuster" games, it doesn't have as many as the DS has out right now.

The DS is more innovative than the PSP, but it doesn't have the extra features and graphics. Keep in mind that it's also more than $100 cheaper than the PSP.

I personally prefer the DS. It's definitely better for quick "on the go" gaming, and it also has a better battery life. Also, since I'm pretty much a Nintendo fan, I prefer the games on the DS, and I love Super Mario 64, Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario Kart, Kirby, as well as other DS games. Smile
I loved it while I had one, But the damn thing is so incredibly fragile. And retailers care not, even when you purchase THEIR warranty for the product.

I would have been much better off buying an iPod Nano, More space for music, in a smaller package, for a cheaper price.

I would have used it for games but all of them are so sub-par, and try too much to be grapics intensive rather that content-rich. I would have used it to go online, but I would have been better off on a computer as I had to be within 3 feet of a wireless 100mbps broadband gateway to keep it from timing out.

yeah, I really didn't see how useless it is until mine broke.
yeah they r pretty fragile i have to say as my friend put his on a window sill and knocked it by mistake and it smashed wide open then it fell again and this time it really broke as everything was exposed. So yeah it is fragile but thats all
I've been looking at getting one of these for a while now, but i can't seem to warrant paying all that money for something that will probably only get used on the toilet Laughing

I don't think I go anywhere interesting enough to buy one really, Ps2 doesnt seem to get played much so I doubt I'd need one ofthese.

I still want one though Wink
ha ha ha you were honoust about a bit to much but yeah i see your point and its good to see that SOMEONE besides me whants one
any way thanks for your posts
and keep them coming
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