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the matrix trillogy what do you think of it

the matrix trillogy what do you think of it.
i think it was brilliant and the fighting was fantastic and alot of effort was put into it like the slow time and the really fast fighting.
First movie was great (that philosophy, special effects, idea for movie...)
Secend wasn't so good ar firs, but I like it very much too.
And the third was the worsed of all of those three...
They should make one, maybe two parts and end the whole story...
i get what you are saying it was a prety unexpected for the worst ending but it was still good and yeah the first was the best but i think second was okay to. please reply with your views
The first one OWNED, and this is coming from someone who usually hates action movies. The fighting was alright (like I said, I'm not really a fan) but the story and concept were interesting. And the whole symbolism of Neo and Jesus was kind of cool. The second one kind of sucked though, and I didn't bother seeing the third.
The second was the worst for me.

The first one was amazing. It was tense, new, interesting, and the philosophy wasn't so drawn out and heavy handed like in Matrix Reloaded. Reloaded was so chock full of unnecessary boring that turned off so many people.

Part of the problem was trying to shove philosophy down the throats of everyone. Another part was just the story. In the original Matrix, it was intense and exciting everytime someone came in contact with an Agent. They were built up so well, and it was just great suspense whenever they were being chased. In the second, we know Neo is more or less invincible, and whenever he runs into an Agent, we're just waiting for it to be over. Sure, there's that new Virus-smith, but he doesn't come off as an unstoppable threat.

The action wasn't that good in Reloaded either. The first one had the lobby scene, which was a great, fresh scene. Neo didn't even fire his gun once in Reloaded. It was all CG hand-to-hand combat, which isn't bad, but not as impressive. It needed more wire work, in fact. At least Matrix Revolutions had that Captain Mifune scene in Zion.
The first like many would say is the best. I honestly agree, Since the sequels are a type of deja vu movie. I was embarrased with the Matrix Revolutions when my friend came visiting and caught me at the scene where the little girl was looking for the oracle. I had alot of explaining to do until he realized it was the matrix. Obviously the scene sounded childish.
I agree, 1st was the best, it introduced new concepts to the film industry, 2 and 3 seemed to go for more of a look what we can do action sequence movie
I would have to say that the first movie was the best, mainly because of the fact that it was the origniality of it, the one that began the trilogy. I actually really enjoyed the Matrix Reloaded, I loved all of the action that was in it. It was one after another, I mean come on, who doesn't like the highway sequence? The third movie was good and had a fantastic war sequence, but it was lacking something.

I am a big fan of CG work, so I have a lot of appreciation for all of the hard work that went into all three of these movies. Plus the philosophy and symbolism in these movies are outstanding. The only problem was there presentation and explanation of these elements. After the end of the third film it left many questions unanswered, and many people were still confused. With so many holes in the final story, I think it brought the trilogy down. I still think as a whole the three films are awesome, but I would love to have my questions answered.
The first one was the best one. It was new and had innovative effects. Not only was it an action film, it also had some philosphical parts that made you think.

At first I really didn't like the second one, however after watching it a couple of times, I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as the first one, but mainly because it helped fill in some gaps about the matrix.

The last one seemed extremely rushed by WB to make as much money as it could so it didn't turn out that good.
The first one was really good (duh!), the second one was way too philospical (not that I have something against philosophy, in contrary, but actually they were saying non-sense), and the third was better again.

What is so great about the Matrix is the way how it influenced the movie industry. You saw lots of those famous Matrix-moves in other movies after the appearance of the Matrix. Not that it was a good evolution, but it says something about the Matrix. Smile
The first one was a really good one. But from the second movie it went down hill i mean in my eyes those are just to get more money from a francise.
is it me or did the matrix bring in bullet time to movies or games big time or was it big allready
Yeah like everyone here said.. the first was great, the second still good and the third to be forgotten fast...
well i wouldnt say forgotten but i would say not missed as it wasnt THAT bad was IT?
I actually loved Reloaded. It is in dire need of an edit job as there is a bunch of extraneous material that needs to get 86'ed. The first film was classic. Apart from the attack on Zion the third film was total garbage.
yeah good point the only good point which i agree with about the third film is that the best part of the third film was the attack, the rest was rubbish and the fight with nero and smith was confusing ???????
but got it in the end but still confusing.
thanks all of you for your replies and please keep them coming
which one had neo fighting the 1000 smiths? that was awesome.

freeway scenes rocked!

neo vs smith at the end was like watching a dragonball scene.
The special fx are estonishing and the story line is engaging and intriging through the entire trilogy
what i liked about it is the use of slomotion to make it look like intense speed and the way all the moves are put together so it looks brill when they are fighting.

thanks for your replies and please keep them coming.
Please, people, do not think of matrix as just the trilogy. There's so much extra material to the series that can't be left out.

first, take the Animatrix. It's 9 shorts explaining the background story of the matrix, and fills the gap between the matrix and reloaded.

Enter The Matrix. 2003 Video Game. also helps complete the Reloaded experience, seen from Niobe and Ghost's point of view.

The Matrix Comics. these can be found at the official site, or bought in paperback. These REALLY help fill up the storyline, both old and new. Chronologically speaking.

You should also watch the philosophy of the matrix (featured disc in the ultimate 10 disc matrix collection). it really looks on specific points of the story and pinpoints it.

anyways, you might say I'm a fanatic, but I don't care. Matrix is king, and I am it's inhabitant.
The first was great. 2nd errr ok.

The 3rd was only for matrix geaks.

Kinda like the new star wars
well matrix "geeks" are just men/woman who like fighting and cool displays of ability and speed and you cant say that you dont like a bit of fighting can you????????
I saw the 1st film when I was 16 and had no idea what it was about, and I was just blown away. The effects, mystery, Kiano... It was mind blowing. Then when the sequels came (and I don't really believe it was meant to be a trilogy to begin with) I was excited.

I went and watched "Reloaded" at the movies and I was shocked at how bad it was. It seemed like a parody on the original, rather than a sequet, and the effects were overblown and it was just all too much.

I didn't bother watching the 3rd one, and honestly I don't see myself watching the first film in the next few years, because the negative effect of the sucky sequels kinda ruined the whole thing for me.

I did like the "Animatrix" though.
well the third one is only good for the fight against man and machines but you should watch it to finish the series off.
well my opinion.

thanks for your replies and please keep repling.
I think of the Matrix Trilogy as 1 1/2 really good movies (the original and some of the second). The rest was pure rubbish. If I weren't watching the third movie with someone, I would have turned it off halfway through.
My expectations for the third part were too big so I really got a bit of disappointed
thanks for all your replies but i am closing this post as there is nothing more to say about this subject but thanks alot for your posts.
will some one please close this form thanks.
The first one was great, it was something new and had amazing shots. The second one was disapointment, and the third one... well, it was a flop. I think W. Brothers should have kept their original idea, that Matrix was independent film, not part of trilogy. But still, it was nice to watch Neo few hours longer Cool ...
nagh trinity was better to watch Razz and yeah they should have left it at one or two films not 3.
but they had to make money somehow.

please close this fourm
dragonflame wrote:
which one had neo fighting the 1000 smiths? that was awesome.

freeway scenes rocked!

neo vs smith at the end was like watching a dragonball scene.

sorry mate must have missed you sorry it was the 2nd one (i think)

please close this fourm thanks
please dont close fourm.
sorry for inconvience
please dont close it
for me, I only loved the first and the three one, where the 'style' is there Cool
I've Watched the second and third (reloaded and revolutionts) on the big screen and They were great... I enjoyed and loved them!!

The 1st one.. Well I have watched a big number of years ago... So I can not really remember, But I guess I enjoyed it, after all I did watch the secont and 3rd... Razz
I've got all three on DVD.

The first one is the best, although the other two aren't without their charms. Very Happy
bigdan wrote:
I've got all three on DVD.

Me too.
The first one is the best !

Excellent trilogy.

But still, I always liked the 1st.

2nd was still good
but the last part in my view was made in a hurry.

But, the actions in the 3rd part was the good thing about it.
The Matrix was surpose to be a one-off movie - and it was brilliant, a true classic.

However, they then decided to create a franchise and milk it for everything they could get. What was a one-off movie was butchered into a trilogy, with disasterous consequences. Sequels in the action genre have to be bigger and better, which in the case of the matrix meant ridiculous and more cartoonish. So you ended up with silly sequences in the middle of a gone off the rails story and concept. I understand there is a market for this sort of fantasy concept, which I think would have been better served with cartoons (more anamatrix?), or possibly a TV serise ala Stargate.

Therefore, I will only ever watch the orginal Matrix as a stand alone film.
They went from really good to only decent. The fighting was always good but the dialogue got worse and it started to get too religious towards the end. How many Bible connections between the plot, names, and diolague can you make!? Definately the first one is the best that i for sure
the best action sci-fi trilogy ever.

The Matrix is just perfect. the philosophy, fight sequence and especially the bullet dodge & dojo scene.

Reloaded is OK....explains a few questions u have in The Matrix, actions are awesome, graphics are totally better. But they have too much attitude and ego in reloaded, not as the 1st movie.

Revolutions is darker, more nice fighting sequence with Smith. Lastly, VERY BAD ENDING, they could have done better.
U just have to say that they best matrix is the 1st one since you were told the story but the others got crazy (as good as they were)
cool some people like the third others dont and some just like the first one.

thanks for all your replies and please keep them coming
I love the 2nd part. It was the best. First part was also good but third one was not one of my favourites. On the ehole the trilogy is one of the best ever released.

2003 - Ummm yeh that was like okay......

Later 2003 - wtf 4 years and this is the best they did..... im soo confused about this movie.... so the bad guy turned out to be the babysitters mothers brother in law ( when i get bored i make up my own endings)
I think that all three movies in the triolgy were pretty good although the second one had a few problems for me. One, the second movie i think that they concentrated too much on the big special effects and it took away from the storyline of the film. Second I think that they story between Trinity and Neo was too much. All in all though I thought that they were very well done movies.

On another note I thought that the Wachoski Bros. Second project, V for Vendetta, was also very well done.
I've seen the first and second matrix movie. I would see the thrid, but I haven't heard alot of good stuff about it so in order not to ruin it i guess i won't watch. Plus I hate it when the main characters die, and I already kind of get what happens with moive spolier sites. But it was funny because the only reason I saw them in the first place was because they came on as a movie speical on TBS, and i was bored and watched. Then for like the rest of that month I was Matrix obsessed. I'm good now, but it's weird cause after you've seen it, if you didn't see it when it first came out, you realize how many times that movies been quoted and you don't even notice.
It's indeed a great movie.

The concept of the move is nothing more but ORIGINAL.
alkady wrote:
...Since the sequels are a type of deja vu movie...
That means they've changed something... oO;

I've only seen Reloaded and Revolutions once each, and it was a good while ago, so I can't really say what I thought of them, but I remember they did not come close to the first movie. I recently got all three movies, so me and my brothers + some friends will have a little marathon. Weill be sweet. Smile
3rd movie was awful...didn't expected it to end on such low note.

1st was was mindblowing...with all that slowmo shootouts and action scenes...really enjoyed taht movie.

2nd one was also good esp the freeway chase sequence.
the matrix was overblown!

the first movie was realy good.. great storyline and plot, and was realy interesting. but the following matrixs were blown out of scale! i think that the problem with the series is that they tried to extend it and reach a starwars kind of level in terms of the scale of the settings and all that. the succeeding matrixs kind of shed the feel of the first movie. i personally wanted to see more scenes that are from our world, i mean they focused more on the "real future world" setting, which left me realy disapointed.

anyway, the matrix did a great thing for the movie industry and that is the revolutionizing of action sequences! thanks to Neo and his time defying action scenes the fight scene making of the whole industry was taken to a brand new level. Cool
The 1rs and 2nd were Okay for me. A lot of people say that 'reloaded' was totally bad, i don't agree. It really adds onto the first one.

But I must say thea tthe third one in matrix revolutions was a huge disappointment. It sucked IMO.
An amazing film, easily one of the best I've ever seen... the plot is interesting and the concept fairly mind bending. The way the whole film is done is great and one of those films I really got absorbed into.

Then... the 2nd one. I'll say it had more technical stunt scenes, probably a bit more action but in a way it lacked something that the 1st one had (some of the classicness and the general mystery of it). 3rd one added insult to injury and wrecked the whole thing.
The first one was mindblowingly cool. When you realize the first part of the movie all happened in the RAM of this super kickass computer, very nice! I think the challenge to our paradigm of reality was one of the most entertaining aspects of the Matrix. Really a brilliant concept. It was encouraging to see them make a trilogy out of such a singularly ultimate cool concept. The last one had some seriously cool eye candy as well. Those Mech’s fighting the invading swarm of sentinels, very compelling.
I like them all. The first is the best one. The second has grwon on me the more I watch it. The third is a bit strange and seemed to lose itself a bit. The ending could have been better.
I liked the first and third. I also liked the second, because it had the best action but the second's story line wasn't as good. I liked how Neo finally realized that it is "inevitable" and sacrificed himself.
I only like the first movie Cool . the second en third movie are nice to see, but not great movies Confused
I loved the first one, have worn the disc out with all the times Ive watched it.

The last 2 were crap, watched them once and that was it.

Sad, very sad.
Man, this movie has brought me through the times..... The first one was awsome! The fighting was fantastic and it just tied all together so well!

Some of my friends thought this movie was so confuseing and that they would never get it and that they would never watch it ever again! But this moive was not confusing at all for me what so ever! It just all fell into place so well....

Morphius has to be the best character in the movie, he is the cause of Neo's uprising, he trained Neo and everything! If it wasnt for him the moive would be dead....

Im disapointed that the first Oricle died (for real) She was the best and the second one is not that good.... The first one just made the movie so much better..... They did a good job of why the Oricle looked different, it made it so you bearly even noticed that the other one was gone!

Later all!

Man, this movie has brought me through the times..... The first one was awsome! The fighting was fantastic and it just tied all together so well!

Some of my friends thought this movie was so confuseing and that they would never get it and that they would never watch it ever again! But this moive was not confusing at all for me what so ever! It just all fell into place so well....

Morphius has to be the best character in the movie, he is the cause of Neo's uprising, he trained Neo and everything! If it wasnt for him the moive would be dead....

Im disapointed that the first Oricle died (for real) She was the best and the second one is not that good.... The first one just made the movie so much better..... They did a good job of why the Oricle looked different, it made it so you bearly even noticed that the other one was gone!

Later all!

A unique type of movie I wonder how can a man think such a story

Every one want's to be hero of this movie ofcource atleast in dream.... Shocked

Whole movie was unique collection of good shots and i have seen it several times................. Cool
This was...some of the most unique movies I ever saw, stuff the fighting, just imagining the matrix itself is incredible, I maintain that the best one is Number One and the worst one is Number Three.
Captain Fertile
I enjoyed the first one and I thought the whole premise was a good one, the story was good to follow and most importantly of all it was entertaining.

The second movie was okay but was a bit of a bind to watch all the way through and I was fidgeting in my seat three quarters of the way through, of course the special effects etc. were out of this world.

The third movie, oh dear. This was almost the third movie I have turned off before watching it to the end (the first two being Hudson Hawk and the second was one of the later Nightmare on Elm Street sequels). I did however grit my teeth and watch it all the way through but I feel it was awful and a real physically draining effort.

All three movies had some great set-pieces but they were quickly overshadowed by and did not compensate for the rest of the poor story telling.

I think this trilogy shows the problems with a movie franchise and it highlights that state of the art special effects are a poor substitute for a great back-story.

I know plenty of other people loved the movies but this is just my take on it all.
I guess I'm like most people. The first one blew me away. Then nothing. the second and third had a few cool scenes in them but the flame was gone.
the whole story went a direction that kind of blew and Lost me.
Hi people,

About matrix movies, I liked very much the first one.

The second and the third ones, for me, no interesting. Very strange, no sense, I didn´t liked at all.

I loved the movies and will agree with most that the first > the second > the third. They are always fun to watch over and over again for me.
It is great, I think. All three of them, but the first movie I like best.

Although I prefered the first movie in terms of cinematic achievement, I'd say that Revolutions had the best story, the best action, and the best fight scenes...making it the better movie.

Although people will disagree, I am a big fan of all three films, and would say that they are all fantastic.

I found the plot thick, but easy*ish* to follow.
Matrix movies are my all-time favourate movie
The first one was simply 'path breaking'.

2nd one doesin't do any serious value additions in terms of new concepts. But the special effects were simply awesome. But I hated it when Neo just runs away after the number of agent Smiths increases to more than he could fight in that famous sequence. I mean why couldin't he just fly away in the first place..? Why bother fighting at all..?

3rd one in my opinion starts off quite well.. But then the story just gives away. You don't have Neo, Trinity, Morpheos for atleast 1/5th of the whole movie. Just pure machines. I hated it.
I love the Matrix series, I've got all 3 movies plus the Matrix Revisited doco on DVD, now for the Animatrix (harder to find out my way than hen's teeth Razz)
What is the animatrix? Is the same story as the original Matrix?
Ivooo wrote:
What is the animatrix? Is the same story as the original Matrix?

The Animatrix is more of a Side Plot to the Canon Matrix Series, There are I think 9 shorts of which talk about 8 different stories, for example how the whole think started, how the machine war began etc.
Sadly I've only seen the end of the first Matrix...
i would probably say that you are missing a life time movie....
anthonygerbils wrote:
the matrix trillogy what do you think of it.
i think it was brilliant and the fighting was fantastic and alot of effort was put into it like the slow time and the really fast fighting.

Why do people forget Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris. That one is actually my fav and it does bind together Matrix 1 and 2. Anyways loved Matrix 1, hated the others. Seemed like that the producers were forced to continue with the story after the success of the first.
Matrix Trilogy is BY FAR ^MY^ favourite movie trilogy, beating Star Wars (New Hope/Empire Strikes/Return Jedi)... LOTR, GodFather and BTTF.

Funnily, IF Terminator 3 was a better film, then Terminator would have been my fave trilogy.

Anyway. Matrix was probably best film I've EVER seen (only rivalled by the original Terminator...) And I have seen a LOT of films. Reloaded wasn't AMAZING, but had some very good scenes, a strong cast with good acting, and a followable plot. Revolutions, whilst confusing to a few people, was a great film. I could watch it over and over.
Perhaps I just need to wacht Reloaded and Revolution another time, but I just found them to be utterly confusing and makes me feel like they sacrificed the story for special effects.

I absolutely loved the original, but I feel kinda let down especially after the final part.
I liked the original Matrix and the second Matrix was alright. But the third. They should have just stopped with the second. The third one was awful. I don't know how many of you saw the Animatrix, but for the most part I thought those were pretty good too. If you haven't sen the third Matrix yet, don't see it for the sake of humanity!
It was ok
The Matrix ( the first one !!! ) is simply the best movie of the century !!! Philosophal treasure !!!

I'm really a big fan of The Matrix and i collecting Matrix action figures from long time . Discover my new purchase here :

( Click pictures for detailed descriptions )






Complete galerie of 50 Matrix wallpapers here:


Some cool Matrix Making of videos:

The second and third movies were worth being made... but I don't think I like everything they added to the story. Some elements were good, and very clever. Others... I'm less sure about.
One of my favourite movies. I'm a great fan of Keanu Reeves. Excellent actor.
I have recently revised. I can tell - thought the second and third did not make a revolution, they are absolutely stunning. The story is so complete.
first one was great, fresh, surprising... second was only good... and third... that was too much of them for my taste
I liked the first one the best as well, and liked the second a bit, but the third didnt live up to the same expectations, but was still good.

I loved the matrix trilogy, not just because of the special effects, but also because of the philosophy of the movie and theme.
Part of the philosophy being that we are all connected to a certain kind of reality that we percieve... but there is something more that we cannot see...

Also another philosohy is "there is no spoon!"
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