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FirsFirst 1GB Gfx Card

ATI Introduces FireGL™ V7350, the Workstation Industry's First One Gigabyte Graphics Accelerator

check it out
Thats....really frightening....
Just imagine all the possibilities. I just cant wait for the 2 GB Video Card or even the 4 GB.
That is amazing! Can we run two at the same time? Gamers 'ought to purchase it and build themselves an ultimate gaming PC. Imagine what you can do with this card and the AMD's FX 60 CPU. Though, wouldn't a card like this be very noisy? That's the problem I have. My computer is pretty powerful but it's quite noisy. This card would be noisy as well. But, that won't stop me from purchasing this awesome "Gamer's Must Have"!
actually, its a 3d development card, so technically it wont punch out games as well as some of the new gaming cards (IE: X1900XTX). Not saying it wouldnt perform well, just that it wouldnt really run it that much better. This card is optimized to run programs like AUTOCAD and things like that. It would make a decent game card, but it would be better as a graphic design card. And yes you can link two together.
Also, it is not as though the card will even have the full gig utilized at once. Most games do not even use 256, and it is rare to see games that will even touch 512. Since the card is going to be blatantly overpriced, it would be much better to do 2 7800s in SLI on a 32x board (Asus A8N-32SLI would work best). That way, you spread the workload and the RAM is actually used in games... But even still, 2 7800s is going to be WAY more power than you will need in the near or even far (in comp terms, of course) future...

Getting a 1 gig card would be cool, but it would be like spending $100 on case lighting or something. It would not provide a boost at all for gamers, but just add to the "bling" factor of the computer.
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