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Who Should Be Manager of Newcastle??

I wanna know who you guys think the next Magpies Manager should be!!! I've put a bet on Glen Hoddle at 8/1, what ya fink???
Now who would want to be a manager of a club like that.

There not doing good, in any leauge or cups, and the best player it leaving at the end of the season.

No chapions league or UEFA cup for a good few years won't help them.
I know their a crappy club but i've got a bet on the next manager!!! I'm an Arsenal man myself, but newcastle had good odds for Glen Hoddle an i need the money!!!! who you support?
Yeah Newcastle is in an awful mess right now. Shearer leaving at the end of the season is not a bad thing either. Shearer has passed his prime and its time for him to progress on to coaching or management.

Right now, what newcastle need is a good manager ( and if possible a good club chairman too. LOL). Yes, the club isn't in the run for any cups or title and its league position is pathetic. But Honestly, i feel that the club currently has a decent group of players , whom with a good manager will be able to play a lot better as a team. Of course, the manager have to be one who can bring out the best out of his players. Example of such managers are Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez, Sam Allaryce etc.

Newcastle desperately needs a good manager for its rivival. I would say Bolton's manager Sam Allaryce will be an excellent choice. However, if such excellent managers are currently not available to newcastle, I would rather let Shearer have a shot at the manager's hot seat.

Being a newcastle faithful, I certainly think Alan Shearer deserves a shot at it. If he succeeds, its will be awesome. But if he does not, well, i believe that all newcastle fans will understand. Cheers. Wink
Crusty the clown.............Whey haaaay
Who should be the newcastle castle manager is a different question as to who will be?

Answer to Q1. Martin O' Neil
Answer to Q2. Maybe Ericcson if he doesnt get the real madrid job
I've had a "tip" that Roberto Mancini has been seen in Necastle housing agency. I know this doesnt mean much but you never know...

In all honesty I think it will be O'Niell but surely Mancini is woth a small punt???
Maybe Ericcson.. cos he is a free coach, and he is very similar to this club... and he could do some good work there
Well , the latest rumour is that Gerald Houllier may be the next newcastle manager. He was quoted by the papers saying that he he won't rule out the possibility of a move to England. Well well, i wouldn't want Houllier to be newcastle's next manager anyway. Eeeks. Yeah, O'neil sounds like an excellent choice. Cheers! Smile
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