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Vista Pleasuring View

Vista - "pleasure view"

i thinks its only sticked to pleasure view other than that Vista is the OS that requires larger amounts for its resources to be handled. One finds the latest technologies used in this present OS

Arrow Areo Glass - The clarity of the user interface, which now sports a glass-like sheen

Arrow Avalon - Is a graphics subsystem that will help developers build next-generation applications with beautiful user interfaces

Arrow Indigo - Is a Web services architecture for providing secure, reliable, transacted messaging between applications and services, whether they reside on the same PC or on different machines, regardless of their physical location

Arrow Win FX - Is a relational database-based data storage engine that Microsoft is building on top of SQL Server 2005.

Arrow Metro - Is to Windows Vista as Adobe PDF is to Mac OS X.It's a device- and application-independent printing architecture that allows documents to retain their exact formatting in any application, and when printed

But fails to find the smooth running on low end PC's which is ultimately a bad effect for its market.

PC's loaded with powerful configuration Shocked can only withstand for Vista Performance.

As Microsoft the worlds software gaint has just thought of "bringing clarity to our world" but has forgotten of "bringing performance along with the clarity" Sad which ultimately effects its growth. though it has concentrated on the security issues these days they are some billions of softwares which provides powerful security with greater performance.

Finally the performance and security decides what is the best because these days one has no time to wait for even the things getting happend.

Arrow Latest News - " Microsoft plans to delay the release of next version Windows OS Windows Vista to next year that is mostly in Jan 2007"

this kind of things really shows their effects on its popularity.

Any way hope changes (good for all) in this OS for its final version makes it once more the Worlds Best and Most Used Operating System.
Yeah it will surely be the next best os. It has some problems with low grade pc's and hardware configurations but more and more people nowadays are getting great pc's with good configurations. but i still doubt, can vista be used in office as just like Windows ??

I think that MS is targeting home users with Vista rather than small businesses. will Vista have separate versions for home and office users ?

I am sure that Vista is going to be a next generation OS.
It's a good step forward for PC's......

But Macs have had almost all of Vista's features since April.....

Still, it'll bring Windows out of the Dark Ages. Smile
Take it easy on windows, they just now figured out that eye-candy sells. They're a little slow, but give them time and they might just catch up to Mac and Linux. (They still havn't figured out that people like to customize. Hence windowblinds.)
Please search before posting.

There is an official Windows Vista topic that also happens to be a sticky in this forum Wink

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