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Bist Master
I just got a new site and I'm not sure what to do with it. How to I modify it? Somebody please help!!!
What do you need help with? To start with i would get a templeate installed and go from there.
Bist Master
were can I get a template? and what do i do with it when i get one?
Well, this site basically sums me up. LOTR, Halo, StarCraft, StarWars, Religion, Music, Computers, Politics, America, Israel, Canada. There's more, but this description is suppose to be small so just take a look yourself!

You definately seem like you know how to make a website. So, are you spamming?
Bist Master
No, that's just my plans for the site. I just need to know how to begin...
Well just start talking to me. I will get you on your way Very Happy Any questions or anything you can get me on MSN or AIM msn is and aim is stuntman10n1
Templete can be found here or anywhere else on google.
I think this guy know nothing about websites Shocked or just making spam posts. Let me tell you my stroy

whenI started my first website I created 4 pages of my personal life in MS front page. that was wothless as I didn't know SEO an also I didn't know that I can make livelihood with my website. For that I started learning created a health related website for my country doctors.

Wha I can suggest for bigners Have a vbulletin forum software optmize it for google using VBSEO. And your site should be about some good traffic topic like WEBHOSTING like frihost Wink
Well to start off a website it is good to first get a template... Now your asking how do I get a template for FREE well I suggest however that will take sometime and stuff so instead go on google Hehe and search up Free Website templates and hopefully you get one you like... Once you get the template upload it to your File Manager and dont forget to edit the template at the <ahref> stuff where it has '#' that means you must edit it to have it redirected so for example you can change that '#' to whatever you want it to go to like or or something like that... After you finished uploading or actually maybe you should do this before uploading is to get your content ready and put in into the template that you either made like me or found off the internet... The rest is kinda self explanatory and stuff... Oh ya and Fantastico is your friend Hehe
I think I can shorten the way for you , so go to these links and your problem will be solved

and if you realy don't know how to do something ,,don't hesitate to ask .. frihost staff will never hesitate to reply ..
Bist Master
Holy crap guys thanks for the info!!! Very Happy

I'll let you know if I have anymore troubles.

Edit: I have a template now, and I'm not sure what to do with it. All it is, is a bunch of pictures in a folder... I also have another one, all IT is, is a folder with an HTML link in it.
well you have to upload it via ftp, in public_html, then create a directory called images, thats is where u place all your images then you edit the index html that should have come with the download of your template. If you havent done HTML beofre you are gonna have a bit of trouble but all you have to do is scan the HTML document for text that makes sence to you, such as the intructions, read them then delete them and put your own text on where you deleted it. If that isnt clear to you i'd ask someone else just in case my explaining wasnt good enough. Secondly if you are wondering about different HTML commands to improve your website, such as <br> to make a new line, fell free to ask
I would also recommened
they make some good templates for gaming sites, you can always chage the menus, say u didnt want caln members u could change that
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