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Standerdized testing

Does anyone else have standerdized testing? I have it all week and am loving it. No homework all week! Also we do nothing all day! After the testing I get to sit in the computer lab and talk to my computer teacher. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
lol i just go home after testing
You are lucky. My friend goes to school for 2 hours all this week. Very Happy
well i have 2 stay and take the tests atleast then i am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol
*sigh*....I wish I were back in school, work has turned into a huge life-sucking nightmare. It's kind of like a blackhole, niether light nor hope can escape it. Sad
yeah just last week was our state testing. however im a senior and its the freshman and sophomores that have to take it. sadly, its over and back to normal. but i got to leave really early every day so i was extremely happy with that. this year there are so many perks for seniors its rediculous.
Yes it is true. My friend's brother last year on the days of his study hall got to go into school late.
In Pennsylvania, certain grades have to take the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) test. Unfortunate, the other grades still have class. As a senior in high school, I'm one who still has class time....
I am taking the PSSA. Small world. It really isn't that bad for the seniors here. They still get off when the freshmen and all get off. Go in at 10 get out at 12. (can't wait untill next year!)
i had to take the TAKS (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills) from 9-12 thee they let us go home or site in class chillin cuz we already got credit 4 being there
9-12 that is not a lot at all. We were taking standerized testing since like 3 grade. That is no lie. Ask anyone else from PA like cfackler.
I dislike testing.
Whenever i have a testing ,i will work hard for a long time to prepair it.
when i said 9-12 i ment the time 9am - 12 pm then i get 2 go home if i wanna
For our tests (GCSE's and A levels) we had to go to lessons after our exams and before.
That blows.

Now I get what you mean 9-12. I was going to say that is not as many years as here.
I took the Wisconsin Standardized Testing, and also the PSAT (by choice). Both are very easy tests that check for only the most basic reading, math sciences, etc. skills. I like taking these kind of tests, and do good on them...the break from school was also fun Smile.
Those were the best days, because the we, the upper classmen, got to leave early.
I kind of miss high school.
They are better then just regular class tests. We do nothing after them. If you need more time and wait for the right time you get free pizza Razz

I missed the free pizza today because of a stupid orthodontest thing.

No telling me how to spell orthodontest mrs gonzalz (max) Razz
i hate standerdized testing
>_< well i had one and another comming up....
the state tries there best to throw you off
one problem *essay*
they said to write a letter to the president about ONE problem in the USA
it said plain as day write a letter
and you have to make at least a 200 on it
or repeat the corse....
isn't that great?

we arn't supposed to.... it has to be in the format of an essay, not a letter the teacher was telling us afterwords....... i thought why does it say that then?
One problem. HA. It couldn't be that hard to do that. Razz But yea that is messed up that you would have to repeat the grade. Evil or Very Mad
I think it's awesome how we have to suffer through 4 years of high school but at least in the end we have this one whole week off when everyone is testing... gotta love waking up after lunch to go to school.

I do feel sorry for all those freshmen, sophmores, and juniors though... but hey, I had to do it for the past three years.
Lucky you get out early. We don't/ But it is nice having no homework. Very Happy
Standardized testing is worthless; it measures your ability to regurgitate information.

There is no real measure of how well someone has learned from school, as one's level of knowledge can only be seen when they have to apply what they know in new ways.

But I do agree, having no homework is good Very Happy

This week, the Juniors at my school have testing... I am a Senior, but I get the benefit of no homework + no testing since I am in all slack classes. Yay for doubling up Sophomore year.
If you get held back do you have to do the tests again? That would suck. (figured you would know Twisted Evil )
Standardized testing in California is the biggest joke ever.

First they used it to hold teachers accountable and students never had to face any consequences if they failed.

So then they passed laws preventing you from enrolling in an AP course unless you were at least proficient in the subject on state exams. Every year some kid's parents get pissed off at their son/daughter not being able to take an AP class because their child cannot earn a halfway decent score on a dumbed down test.

I mean REALLY dumbed down. Some of the honors level teachers here don't even acknowledge the tests' existence because they're too busy preparing us for AP.

So every year these parents get together and sue the school district saying that it's not fair and blah blah blah. The school board backs down and postpones the standards for a year (and they do this every year) probably because they don't care to bother with angry parents. So naturally education in California is really watered down.

Someone could wipe their crack with my high school diploma and I probably wouldn't care because that piece of paper means nothing to me.

If a student isn't "proficient" on a basic test, how can their parents expect them to do well in an "ADVANCED Placement" class/Advanced Placement test?
Teacher: You didn't get a 100% on that test.
Student: So it was for the state. I got a 95% on it anyway.
Teacher: No AP couarses for you.

Yea that is messed up. I would so move out of California.
No no no.

You have to score "proficient" not perfect.

By "proficient" I mean like above 60%. Basically proficient=passing.

I'm complaining that if you can't pass a basic test, then how can you expect to do well in an advanced class? Yet, these parents are blind to their own children's ineptitude and just sue the school board to postpone the standards.

Most AP students (even the struggling ones) don't even care about the standardized tests. They're that easy. They just finish them early and use the extra time to study for their AP tests.

The worst part of the standardized tests are that they mean absolutely nothing to any AP student that knows anything but they occur very close to the AP tests and they cut down on crucial class time that AP students need to spend with their teachers to prepare for the AP test.
I took the CAHSEE this week.
(California High School Exit Exam)
It was the biggest joke ever, I got so many simple multiplication and addition problems!
Also, after you finish (most people finish like 1.5 hours early) you can't do ANYTHING execpt stay in your seet quietly and try sleeping. I don't get why, it's not like anyone's going to try and cheat on it..
They won't even let you read a book?

Our school won't even allow you to read a book. Its so stupid. so you get done an hour early you sit there and do nothing.
Those things are just about the only things that are cool about standardized tests. Seriously. Those things are crazy. Like the ACT, I got like 5 hours of sleep the night before, and didn't study at all, and got a 31. Seriously. I blew myself away, it was crazy.
What is the ACT. Is it some type of standerdized testing?
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