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My first 3d Face


I used a combination of Poser3, Bryce4, and Photoshop7
Now i have photoshop Cs2 so the possibilities are endless
Made this pic sometime in 03'
It's not proffesional work... I can see it from 3 factors.
1.The face does not look realistic (colors and corners, skin texture)
2.Photoshop work is not completed (eyes and blood)
3.The camera shot (composition) of the image is bad, the cropping of image I mean. We do not see anything ... is not present the main object on the picture .. what is an eye cacher?
i was 13 when i made this geez.. i'll be posting more professional stuff later.. for now i'm working on my website layout
SemisonicSmile wrote:
i was 13 when i made this geez..

Hahaha, i love it when people excuse them selfs like that

i dont know poop about 3D so i cant say anything about it
If you want to show your work and get a 'real' criticism(something like Molotov's), post your latest work.
I read soemwhere that designers usually make 'portofolios' which hold their design projects.

So show your portofolio to the community.
I know that we have some very good designers here who'd be glad to criticize your work Smile
woah, thats pretty freaky!

those eyse look cool the, the pentagrams are sick! Cool
Cool face... Everytime I look at a graphic I grimance because I cant do anything as nice... You see I have to get other people to do that for me lol however sometimes I get lucky in other words fluke to a sub decent graphic Hehe
I will not talk about face model because this work was made in poser.

The face does not look realistic (colors and corners, skin texture)

Of course Wink I don't think SemisonicSmile optimised model in Maya or Max (ZBrush - the best variation for professionals Twisted Evil )

Photoshop: thease tears are blood? I've never seen so flashy blood before. No matter... By the way, this blood looks like not on the face - it seems like blood on the 2D picture (photo, covered with blood). Thoose eyes... Wipe out thease white passes!
Cropping also not so good...
I dislike it... My opinion...
I'd like to try 3D stuff sometime. Smile Could you post something more recent?
I don't know anything about 3d animation. To me the face looks industry standard to that of which you would find in a computer game of whatever sort. In saying this the 'bloody' tears look bloody awful but if the guy was thirteen when he done it then I suppose I can forgive him
I'm also doing some 3D-art, but i'm still a noob in that. I'm starting to figure new things out and make nicer things, but I make more landscapes. This ones very good, SemisonicSmile! Keep going!
Well, the the blood ain't great....I thought it was supposed to be some kinda lava or something. As mentioned, not much a fan of the crop job. That said, the model itself doesn't look bad at all. I don't know how poser or bryce work, but I still wouldn't mind seeing a wireframe to check out how you organized the mesh.

In defence to the sharp edges in places: I don't think the face was build with facial animation in mind. It apears to be maybe a few hundred tris at max, and it seems to completely lack textures all together (blood, and eye details apear to be added post-render). Due to these factors, it's not really fair to judge in terms of "realism".

Sure it's very possible to make more "realistic" meshes, but don't tell me he could've made it much more "real" without a more dense mesh, textures, better lighting, removal of photoshop "additions", or better render.
gr8 work for a start but aint the blod to shiny... looks more like glittery nail polish Laughing
i appriciate all your comments, i will take them all into consideration. I just started my summer semester classes so now i will be working with Maya and other 3D modeling programs. Now i can start some really nice stuff.. i'll be sure to post one as soon as possible. Surprised
Just a modification to a background with Characters from Spirited Away, Mostly all copy and paste with Photoshop. Made it for my girlfriend who is obsessed with the movie.. took a few hours of boring time in the computer lab in-between classes. Nothing special just something fun.
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