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Anyone that can give me help/suggestions for forms?

Okay, I really want to have forms on my site, probably lots of them. I enjoy feedback from my visitors, and my band as a whole really loves satisfying its fans, but I am having serious problems with form processing/submiting. Response-O-Matic, while easy to use, has two major conflicts with my needs:
1) The submit takes the visitor to a page while results are composed that obviously doesn't make it possible for my visitors to be automatically forwarded to my homepage, which although I can solve by targeting "_blank", it brings us to problem 2.

2) The processing page is ridden with ads.

I have tried countless php and perl modules, but they all require "sendmail", which I apparently need instructions on how to make work on the Frihost server Brick wall .

Basically, I'm begging ( Pray ) for any advice/suggestions on how to have my simple (and preferably complex) forms sent to me in my e-mail account. I need either a suggested formhosting service, a file or group of files to process for me, or help learning about how to make my forms function properly overall.

Thanks anyone and everyone Wink.
I can advice you to try frontpage or dreamweaver which will easily help you to create the interface.

You need to learn a scripting language such as php or asp which will help you connect to a database . if you do not want to learn these languages then I suggest you go to one of these php or asp forums and become a member. They will readily give you almost all the code you need.

All you will need to do is to modify it to suit your database and password + fields.

They never get tired of answering your questions.It's almost like they enjoy it.
Thank you so much. I will certainly try Dreamweaver, if I wanted I could use the one at school. I believe I will do that now.

{name here}
Actually, I had problems with sendmail with CGI modules, but 's PHP form wizard worked like a charm on my frihost site.
As nice as all those suggestions are, none of them worked. Dreamweaver is nice, but does nothing for forms, other than insert tags for me. is of no use to me, unless I wanted just a generic form, which I obviously don't. I plan to use multiple, complex forms.

And in webpage design, we learned today that the tag

<form name="name" action="" enctype="text/plain">

may help, I'll have to give it a shot. Still open to advice, though.
I used the following which has worked well for me. I'm assuming that when you say form you want an e-mail sent with the info (becuase you mentioned sendmail() up there)

Put this where you want the form to go:


<form action="formmail.php" method="post">
stuff here




$mailto = 'the email you want it to go to' ;
$subject = "subject here" ;
$formurl = "where the form is" ;
$errorurl = "where the error page is" ;
$thankyouurl = "where the request processed page is" ;

//change according to what's in your form
$name = $_POST['name'] ;
$email = $_POST['email'] ;
$comments = $_POST['comments'] ;

$http_referrer = getenv( "HTTP_REFERER" );

if (!isset($_POST['email'])) {
   header( "Location: $formurl" );
   exit ;
if (empty($name) || empty($email) || empty($comments)) {
   header( "Location: $errorurl" );
   exit ;
$name = strtok( $name, "\r\n" );
$email = strtok( $email, "\r\n" );
if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
   $comments = stripslashes( $comments );

$messageproper =

   "This message was sent from:\n" .
   "$http_referrer\n\n" .
   "Name: " . $name . "\n" .
   "Message From: " . $email . "\n" .
   $comments .
   "\n\n-------END MESSAGE-------\n" ;
$error = mail($mailto, $subject, $messageproper);
header( "Location: $thankyouurl" );
exit ;


this is just what I used for my site, so you may have to customize it for yourself. Feel free to PM me for some help.
Well, thank you very much. I will give that a shot, it may just work. I have multiple forms, and I'm sure that it should be somewhat flexible.

And so, I depart yet again. I'll keep this topic updated.
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