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I have a question regarding forms and such.

Now, I plan on letting my visitors ask me questions using forms. This may actually be a few questions, now that I think about it. I have been using "Response-O-Matic" formhosting system, but the ads are really ticking me off. I have tried surfing the web for free cgi scripts and such, and although I find many, none of them actually work. I mostly just want something that can take my forms, compile them into a message, and send the results to my e-mail account. I have actually tried countless script files, but every single one actually requires "sendmail", which I am having countless probs with in itself. I have even started a marketplace forum regarding hiring somebody to provide me with one, declaring in the subject quite clearly that the pay is negotiable, but all in vain.

I guess my questions are:
-Do you have a php, perl, or even javascript file included in the server to redirect form results?
-If so, could you please tell me how to utilize it/them?
-Do you know where I can get one/a set?
-Could you explain how to use sendmail properly?
-If possible, could I use a custom "Thank You!" page?

I am really hoping that this will be sorted out soon. Thanks much in advance!
You should be able to do it with php, perl, javascript or even a few other means. Php will be the easiest in my opinion.


$message="Form data\n\n";


Thank you very much, although this is still confusing to me Confused. Do you think you could, dumb it down for me, or tell me where I could find some instructions (like a tutorial)? I'm so glad this is starting to make sense, but I just need it explained to me a little simpler, if it's possible.

I'm very grateful Very Happy.
Try using google to find a tutrail. You should be able to find it there.
Blaster wrote:
Try using google to find a tutrail. You should be able to find it there.

Thanks! I found one, I'm currently trying it out (I love learning -especially challenges). I will ask if I need more help, at least I know I can get it.

Very Happy
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