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DoTa Players

so..who here plays DOTA(Defenses of the ancients) mod for warcraft III hehe Very Happy, looking for other players to play on just send me a pm on East, nick there is Krazy
It's actually not a mod for warcraft just a map.
But it's quite fun when you got team members who actually know what they should do... Confused
I used to play it for a while, but I play on the european server.
I'd consider it a mod.

The heroes they have created have different attributes and spells compared to the regular game.

Either or, it's still pretty fun to play. Except when you have leavers and people who piss you off on purpose.
yea..DoTa is pretty fun Very Happy hehe, watching in grow from a simple to such a rich mod/map now Razz, i recommend anyone who has WCIII to try it..and play with me! Twisted Evil
Has anyone here tried BattleLan? This is for those who can't play in BattleNet. Its a program where you can play with your friends who have internet connection and by adding their IP addresses, you can play on LAN game. This does not only work in warcraft but also other games where you can play LAN multiplayer game. You can use YM to ask your friends' IP address. Smile
Use Hamachi for your DotA games.

Blizzard considered DotA an official mod, so do I.

The game is kind of reptitive, but I still play it from time to time...if you guys want to play get Hamachi and leave a network here.
Ok guys it is a mod then Razz

But now I got some strange feeling that tells me that I want to play it, have to see if i still have warcraft installed orelse I have to go and find the disc Confused

amigohay; yea, I used to use BattleLan with some freinds to play StarCraft. It's a neat littleprogram that I can recommend. But Hamachi looks like a really cool program, I have to testit soon.
DotA is cool but i like wwarcraft 3`s TD`s more. I have played DotA too much
DOTA is great, in fact its addicting. me and my friends play it for hours. lots of heroes to choose from. the newest version is v6.38. the AI on previous versions are really inteligent. my friends play it a lot it. strategy is realy needed and of course teamplay too. it nice to master DoTA, hard though because of the thousands of posibilities and strategies and the many many many cool heroes.

heroes i love to use: mercurial, sandking, crystal maiden, axe. Smile
not again...
so much Defence of the acient player.. cant you guy play a new type of game...
(i once addict too.. He he he)
i was addicted to's just crazy! Shocked
dota is too adictive, infact I'm considering it a sport here in the phillippines.

every computer rental shops here got someone or everyone playing it, some shops even have a tournament, we have a team for it and we go to other rental shops or other teams come here to compete for a bet. I'm not very good at this game but my teamates are good.

we don't like playing in the battlenet or battlelan cause many players in there are quiters, well I'm not saying all but it is anoying, time wasting and no bets
DotA is the best game ever, and yes it is definitely addicting!!! Very Happy
Unfortunately I don't have any gaming PCs available at the moment Sad I haven't played for several months, I don't know how to survive like this any longer! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
I don't play Dota very much. I'll rather play Hero Line Wars or something like that.
I have bought one key on the web for The expansion pack frozen throne but im not sure if i will be able to connect to with only one original key and the other one from wc3 is only generated. Any suggestions.
yes it will connect. you register on battle net like registering an account on myspace or whatever. and i am thinking they don't ask for athenticity.

you should have just bought the original though, it would save you a lot of stress. hehe
I played on to, but its private. Blueserver

btw, my favourite dota heroes is balanar a.k.a night stalker Twisted Evil . Void + Silence + Super walking Speed and attack speed. At night, = I'm GooD! xD .

thank you, u have just waste 2 minits by reading my post Shocked
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