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Free MSN Messenger & Windows Live Messenger content.


Click on "Packs". Whatever that's "featured", is.


Yes, FREE!

I thought I'd just share this with you guys, I just found it out Surprised.
I don't get what you mean, n00bie
lukeropro wrote:
I don't get what you mean, n00bie

me too...

but i know ave something to share.... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
okay. open a MSN Messenger convo (or wlm). then there's the "Packs" button.

Click on it. Then the featured packs are Free.
i already noe bout this some time ago.. LOL.. i dun realli use them though.. perhaps the only good thing is the animated display pics.. apart from that, i dun realli like the rest of the features.. the winks are good but it does annoy people sometimes, now i seldom use winks anymore.. played around with winks when the feature is just added but now everyone i know is tired of them.. perhaps Windows Live should allow us to create our own winks though..
You can create your own emoticons with for Gaim. although both people must use the client for that to work... much the same way that Trillian has its own smilies, except that smilies for Gaim are saved as PNGs, so you can create them yourself as well as download them. I particularly like Felt Tip 4 (though FeltTip3 is more compatible). Gaim was designed for linux OSes but with GTK you can run it on Windows.

on a side note, my personal preference is running AIM 5.2.3292 available at: Old Version and AIMutation with the SmileyPlus add-on.

The developers are looking into letting ourselves create our own winks. It'll take a while doh, because they have to make it "safe". As you know, Flash contains scripting that could harm another user's computer.
I tried Live Messenger, but I do not like it because although it is a beta and will have bugs, there were too many for my liking.

All the files are the same as MSN 7.5! It is just a flashy version which will become 8.0
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