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What is your favorite cartoon.

My favorite cartoon is Spongebob.Because it is funny.I remember when Pearl ran for the crusty crab.Right when she started she wanted to quit.Spongebob was standing talking to SQUIDWORD and Pearl said Spongebob come here and went to the kitchen.So Spongebob went to the kitchen and Pearl said I want to get fired.Mr. Crabs didn't want to fire Pearl.Spongebob did it and Mr.Crabs was happy. Smile
spongebob is gay; no offense.
Hi people,

I love cartoons so many of them, specialy the hero ones.
I loved so much Justice League Unlimited, Inuyasha, The Batman and so many others.
My favourite cartoons are Red Kit (Lucky Luke) and Asteriks. They are very funny.
My favourite carton (or manga) is Initial D!!
I LOVE and Like Drifting!!
My favourite cartoon is "The Simpsons" I started watching it about ten years ago, and it still isn't boring. I also enjoy watching episodes I already saw before, because I have the impression that I always see new (little) things.
Gah, I can't stand Spongebob. Not only is it's humor for the target audience of people who watch Nickolodeon, Tweens, but it's just too stupid. However, speaking of Nick, my friends at Inksandwich have reccomended Avatar: The Airbender. I might pir@te some episodes. Otherwise, there was a great Spiderman series that followed the comics well and had a great cast of voice actors. Otherwise, there was a great show, even though it was for kids, called Gargoyles, which was focused around alot of mythology and folklore, yet it wasn't really material that kids understood, so it got cancelled. It made me really sad to see it go.
Hi people!!!!

My favorite cartoon is DRAGON BALL Z!!!
Because this is a cartoon with a loot of action.

In this cartoon we can see a people with a power that can smash mountains or destroy planets.

Because all those things I love DBZ.
yup dbz is awesome.
does it come on tv anymore? used to come in the afternoons at 5 on cartoon network...

i hope thy make more shows/episodes
first, Spongebob Squarepants has been proven to induce homosexuality in children

secondly, samurai jack. How can anything possibly defeat the Samurai?
Batman: The Animated Series/Superman: The Animated Series/Batman Beyond/Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.

They're all from the same creative team, they have one long continuity that connects all the shows, so I consider them to be one entity. Thus I get to choose all of them at once.
hmm..I guess mine has to be Futurama, i think its better than the Simpsons and Bender rocks.
diddle wrote:
spongebob is gay; no offense.

I agree.

And also, I like Xiaolin Showdown or Dragonball Z.
Xiaolin is very funny realy, I like that too.
I like the anime kimi ga nozumo eien a lot....
Ive got a top 5 list somewhere else on this forum
Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes and Spongebob
Might sound very old but mine's Tom and Jerry
I love Invader Zim. The whole randomness of it makes it so funny. GIR is hilarious. My favorite episode would be Zim Eats Waffles. Its too bad that Nickelodeon cancelled it because only teenagers were watching it
luky luke is my favorit, he is always helping the good guys en yes he is always winnig the confrontation, i also like the comments of his horse and dog whaha
I miss Beavis and Butthead and Ren & Stimpy. There have been some good Nickelodeon (bleh) shows, but most of them now are just shit awful.
If I had to choose one it would be Invader Zim. I loved that show! Zim and Dib, supported by Gir made it a must watch for me.
My favorite cartoon is Superman, I'v e been a fan my whole life actually.
Dragon Ball is the best Exclamation Nothing can beat it
I have to say that my favorite is Family Guy. It's comic genious - truly representative of the cynical and sarcastic wit that is seemingly demonstrative of the modern world intellectual. Actually, I find the writing to be intelligent, a la Oscar Wilde. Of course, Wilde was less crude, but it was a different world in the 18th Century...
Bugs Bunny, et al, are still my favourites. They still work on many levels, and were never really intended as kid's cartoons in the first place. Most cartoons that have come after the 70s have been more marketing/advertising oriented. Of course, the best (or should I say worst) example of that was the Smurfs, where the toys came before the cartoon.

The choice becomes more difficult, however, if one includes anime, but there's already a separate thread for that, so I'll restrict my choice only to the standards, and I still think the Warner Brothers' collection, from Bugs to the Roadrunner, are hard to beat.
i love one piece and cardcaptor
i reckon both of them is fabulous
i always liked tom and jerry (really old cartoon) and spungebob
Some of the older Looney Tunes-Bugs and Daffy, the Martian etc. Chuck Jones did some great stuff. Loved Bullwinkle, for those of us who grew up during the cold war, it had some very cool stuff to say, out of context it probably seems odd and quaint now.

Fantasia and it's spoof, Allegro non Troppo. There are so many independents out there doing great work, special thanks to the touring festivals.

Any recommended online animation websites?
These are just some of the cartoons I like, but the list includes, "Rocko's Modern Life", "The Angry Beavers", "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Family Guy", "The Simpsons", "Futurama", "American Dad!", "Edd, Ed, And Eddy", "Dexter's Lab", "Cow And Chicken" "I Am Weasal", "The Critic", "Duckman", "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Harvey Birdman:Attorney At Law", "The Venture Brothers", and a bunch more. Also, the new Cartoon Network show, "Squirel Boy", looks pretty good.
sometimes spiderman and batman and stuff and other stuff and i just want to keep my website afloat though it is a dead dream and i found that out just last week in san francisco when she refused to come to brooklyn with us and we went to brooklyn but nothing is picturesque except memories and even families become unfamiliar and i've got a towel on my head and my stepdad was in china and i don't want to fall out of love at any volume
Invader Zim! This was originally designed for lil kids, but so many 18-30 year olds out of the target audience loved it so mush, Nikolodian (or however its spelt Smile) had to stop making them! It was just so goddamn funny, and there was normally atleast one bit in each episode that made me laugh each time Razz
I like many of the series already mentioned, but I'm going to add one more very underrated animated show: Clerks: The Animated Series! If you've never had a chance to catch this show (based on Kevin Smith's 1994 movie), then I suggest you pick up the DVD set - it's fantastic!
One Piece Is my best anime

you should watch it
well, there has been a long time since i have watched a cartoon. the latest one i ca remember is RED CAP performed by soem contemporan designers and man i have to say that this was fun. i have never laghed at some cartoons like that but there are i must say say some russian contempooran cartoons with adult jokes in it that are awsome. i would recomend it to everybody. Laughing
The best anime is still Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT. Wink
Tom&Jerry is the best and very funny cartoons.also funny Bugs Bunny and Dufy Duck..surely we should not forget the Popeye Laughing
there was a cartoon when i was a child.its called "Transporters"..what a cool cartoon was!
sorry but I hate Supermen,Batman and etc...
I love the ff cartoons:

* Batman Beyond
* Justice League
* X-men Evolution Very Happy
bulek wrote:
The best anime is still Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT. Wink

Yes.. that's an anime, not a cartoon.

My favourite cartoon would be the Ren & Stimy show! xD
I loved it so much when I was younger, with its gross and random humor.
As of current cartoons, I love watching Kim Possible, Fairy Odd Parents and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.. at my age! LOL
Oh, I forgot to mention Samurai Jack before - it's pretty much the only Cartoon Network show I like, but it's pretty special.
Batman: The Animated Series was one of the most finely crafted pieces of animation ever in terms of story, art and characterization.

Everything else is meh.
spongebob is gay; no offense.
There are many cartoons I enjoy, with a list that includes but isn't limited to Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Mission Hill, and South Park for the adult programming and Tom&Jerry, SpongeBob, Looney Toons, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Marvel stuff for children's programming. But by far the best cartoon I've found yet is Cowboy Bebop. It has just the right insight without becoming corny and offers a vision into the future thats still believable. Some people may disagree with my favor because they prefer other styles of cartoons but Cowboy Bebop is the one that most appealed to my tastes.
Its a shame they only made 25 episodes and a movie. Sad
My all time favorite is Doraemon.
Fairy Odd Parents is so funny! Besides, it's the only cartoon that makes all my family stop in front of TV. But my favorite cartoon is The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Mandy rules! In fact, Mandy is the theme from my site's layout. Very Happy
My favorite animes are Fate/Stay Night, Tsubasa Chronicles, Full metal alchemist, and Last exile.. try watching it.. its very cool.. ^^ /heh
Simpsons (the old episodes, the new ones aren't that good imho)
Family Guy
American Dad
South Park
King Of The Hill
has anyone else seen Roughnecks? It's a 3d amimated series based on starship troopers. I watch invader Zim occasionally it tis quiet amusing but i mainly watch adult swim cartoons like Sealab and Harvey Birdman and anime of course but i think this topic is on mre europian cartoons no anime.
Mine is Garfield! I love that character!
I think Avatar: the Last Airbender is the best, One of the Nickoledoen cartoons
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