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Could anybody tell me about Leeds? I'm going next year

Hi everybody.

I'd like to tell you what the title says, jeje.
I'm going next September to Leeds, UK, to continue my studies with the Erasmus program.

I'd like to know if anyone of you knows that city or lives there.

I've never been in a spoken English country and I'd like to know something about the weather there, the habits or other interesting things.

If you are interesting about helping me, please tell me something about it.
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I live about an hour away from Leeds, and have been into the city once or twice (I haven't been here long). I also applied there for university, although I'm very unlikely to actually go there.

The university, as I understand it, is reasonably modern, and has an apparently 'innovative' (read into that what you will) language department, according to my teachers.

The city is quite large; you often hear people call it the 'capital of the North' (although just about every large Northern city seems to have adopted that title!). I don't think it's quite as visually appealing as somewhere like York or Oxford, but it's still okay.

As a side note, the Yorkshire countryside is fabulous. (See for a few piccies.)

Bring an umbrella. Very Happy
Leeds uni, while not in the top tier of british uni's is still considered pretty good. You should know that it is a pretty huge city with an equally large student contingent. The night life is good and varied and very good for general shopping purposes (As you'd expect from a large city).

It might also be relevent to you, that Leeds has quite a lot of non-native British people living there so along with the usual university mix of cultures you needn't worry about not fitting in because you weren't born there.

On a side note, I'm down the road university-ing in York.
I am from Germany. I stady in USA now. It is a pretty exciting experience.
Almost all amerikan and british universities are absolutely international.
I mean people from all over the world live and study there. All of them are
open minded and friendly.
My expirience shows it is much more easer to understand and to be able to communicate with a foreigner.
My room mate here in US is from Leeds. He loves this city. But he also says all departments in Leeds university are different. He thinks Philosophy department is not that great.
Thanks everybody for your answers
I'm getting an idea about Leeds.

If anyone could tell me something more about Civil Engineer there, I'll thank you a bit more, jeje.
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