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phpMyAdmin - difficult to give access

Everything was OK with me ..sometimes I faced some difficulties to access phpMyAdmin , but evrything was easy by clearing the cookies and stoping the search bars and the antivirus ... that was exactly what I was doing ..

Since three days I couldn't have any access even by doing all what I had used to do .

I stoped the fire wall and tried many times with no use .

I read some topics about How to access CPanel/DirectAdmin from behind a firewall
And tried to do as I understood but I was failed ...

So are there any easy and simple procedures that I can make ...?

Is formating my PC can help to solve this problem even temporary ...

I appreciate any suggestion may lead to help ..

thank you
Which browser do you use? Maybe just changing from browser might help?
I use avant browser besides I turned to I.E but the same problem

By the way .. I just got approved to put up a new website in another hosting server . so I tried to access phpMyAdmin and I got the access easily .

Is this problem depends on the server software or the phpMyAdmin version .

the phpMyAdmin in the other server named phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl2

thank you
I have no idea what might be the problem. Avant uses IE, so that's the same browser. Can't you try it once in Firefox?
I will try firefox ... and inform you the result

thank you Bondings
I tried firefox but still have the same result ...I failed again to access phpMyAdmin ....

What other steps I can do ?

I have to access phpMyAdmin ... it is disquieting ...

thank you
How are you trying to reach phpmyadmin?
simplyw00x wrote:
How are you trying to reach phpmyadmin?

I try the same way I used to do through the Direct Admin and then to MySQL Management to inter phpMyAdmin .

It was as simple as breathing ...

But I want to ask if any other members have the same difficulty since last four days ...

Is it possible that the server down last three days cause something like this to happen ?

I have another website on another hosting server and I login phpMyAdmin easily , and this makes me wonder if the server down affect this feature .

Still waiting your help .
Thank you
You need to use the database username and password to enter phpMyAdmin.

Do you get the login screen or completely nothing?
Bondings wrote:
You need to use the database username and password to enter phpMyAdmin.

Do you get the login screen or completely nothing?

Bondings .. my friend

I know that I bothered you ,, forgive me ...

But I did the same as every time ..but I did not get the login screen and the browser forwards me to The page cannot be displayed Screen .

I tried many times even before sending this reply

Thank you
Today I tryied to login phpmyadmin from another PC and I could not access it.

It seems that I will wait until my friend wumingsden to come back ( I pray 4 him and wish to never miss him again ) to try solving this problem together ....

Thank you and I realy appreciate your efforts ..

Thank you
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