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Php voting script needed (URGENT)

Hello all
I need a good php poll script that just has some 6 tp 7 radio buttons, each with their own picture that will be stored in MySQL. I got many programs but the additional thing I want is that suppose I have all the usernames and passwords stored in the database. I need all users to authenticate themselves first by any of the usernames, then they will be allowed to vote just once. Whenever they login again, they should be able to see their vote and change it, but not be able to vote for the second time again. I had a poll that used the cookie authentication, but what if the person deletes the cookies???
I donot want users to see the results also.
Hope you understand what I want.

Warm Regards,
Abdul Basit
Try then go on php then scripts and programs then polls and voting trust me that is where to look loads of different things there one will fit your needs.. I looked there on my previous site i had 10 in my mind i couldnt choose it was really hard.
maybe you can take a look at these:
None of them matches the requirements I need about the username and password thingie.
you could always just install a phpbb forum, set up accounts, and run your online voting that way! if setup properly it would only be accessible to those that you give accounts to and it allows each person to vote only once per poll.
There are literally hundreds of scripts at and lots of vote/poll scripts. Just have a browse. I'm sure you'll find something there.

If you can't find exactly want you want, all you need to do is verify the name, password and date of last visit/vote from your database (you may need to add the extra date field). I've done something similar (but not with a poll) and I'm a total beginner with php.

Another way would be to set a SESSION variable when they vote and check its value before you allow them to vote. If it's already set, you don't let them vote again.
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