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Hosting, abuse and useless files

We recently found a lot of abuse and violations of the TOS on our servers. Please remove them immediately. There are also a lot of useless files and taking up a lot of disk space.

1)Clearly forbidden

-vBulletin and IPB forums are strictly forbidden. Certainly the nullified versions. The same goes for all other paid software if you don't have a valid license.

-Warez, mp3's(and other music), movies(not your own) and torrents are also strictly forbidden. Just linking to them is also strictly forbidden. So putting your whole warez collection on a file host and then linking to it is not allowed either.
Please note that hosting your own music is allowed if you got a permission from me.

-File hosting, image hosting(a website hosting images for other people/websites like and reselling the webhosting (making your own free/paid host) are also strictly forbidden on our servers.

-Proxy websites/scripts and all other very resource-intensive websites/scripts.

Please note that finding these things on your account may result in an account removal and complete ban from the forums(inclucing ip or ip-range if needed). I hope this won't be needed!

-Guitar tabs and song lyrics without permission from the owner are also not allowed anymore due to the recent lawsuits.

2)Useless files taking up space

-Backups and file copies are certainly necessary. However you need to download them to your own computer. They are useless if they stay on your account. After downloading it, please remove the backup.

-The file manager in cPanel throws everything you remove with it in the trash can. This is just a security measure to avoid you to remove files by mistake. Please clear the trash can from time to time by clicking on it.

-Test installations of software (mostly with Fantastico) seem to be taking over 50% of the space. They are not used anymore after the installation. Please remove the files and the databases if you do not use them anymore.

By removing these files you will not only have more space for your websites but also free up disk space for other users. Very Happy
Just to note that there was a slight mistake in the announcement. It was "song lycrics" instead of "sound lyrics". Wink
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