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Any one seen .hack/sign? Are there any similar series?
or Princess Mononoke?
.hack//Limianity is somewhat similar in the like, sad mood junk.
.hack//DUSK(Legend of the Twilight Braclet) is somewhat similar as it's in the game too, but a much more happier mood.

I'm sure there are other serieses similar to .hack//sign that isn't within the .hack// universe...but meh.
Well, time to "recycle" this topic Razz

There is new .hack anime series - .hack//roots. It takes place 7 years after game series and is darker than older series. There are 2 fansubbed episodes out and it's really good. Different than sign, but it might be even better Smile
It's airing currently in japanese TV Very Happy

Authors are planning to make new trilogy of games - .hack//G.U., but as long as we're in anime it doesn't concern us.

Following sentences can have some spoilers, but no more than one can get from authors and from trailers Smile
New anime is being placed in completly new "The world", main hero Haseo starts playing this game and first that happens to him is being PKed. The one he meets later is Ovan who tells him he has a special talent and that the world needs him.
Other than that there will appear guy who looks just like Kite, the same colours, the same face, but he has green face and his class is called Tri-edge. This one you can get from official site as well from anime intro Razz
New story has different, harder feel to it but is proppably going to appeal to all old fans.

For those who still haven't seen anything except .hack//sign there is Liminality which takes place same time as game, dusk which happens like 3 years after game and well... it's cool to play the game because it has closing of the sign story...
There is .hack//gift and 2 .hack special episodes too, which should be watched after completing games Mad
I watching .hack/sign recently. I watched till espisode 19 and from espisode 20 onward the video seem to have problems Mad
Forgotten Legends
There are also 2 novels released in America. They are .Hack//AI Buster. The first one takes place before .Hack//Sign. The secondIs a mix of 5 stories. The first is the retelling of AI Buster one from a diffrent poin of veiw. The second takes place during .Hack//Sign. The last 3 take place after the games but before .Hack//Legend of the Twilight.

.Hack//Roots Is suppose to be based on .Hack//GU. And There is a roumor that they will make .Hack//The World but, details on that are still fuzzy.
.hack//roots for .hack//G.U. is something like sign for first series of game.

There is one game not released in america too - .hack//fragment. It's an MMORPG with really strange server system...

I never heard about .Hack//The World, it would be cool if rumors were true.

I might just import those AI buster novels. Downside of living outside america Razz
Edit: Oh, and Tokyopop site says about new novels series: .hack//another birth. It's the same story as in games but from BlackRose's point of wiev. Can be interesting. It will be a trilogy Smile

Well, we're still forgeting manga .hack//Dusk. It's even funnier than the anime Smile

Oh, and there is .hach//G.U. manga which was published in .hack magazine that appears in japan Smile

The world strikes back! Welcome to the world Smile
Forgotten Legends
I think I may have discovered the reason Tsucasa can understand Maha in .Hack//Sign. The reason is because Tsucasa can see the text of what Maha is saying but because he is a Vagrent AI he has no voice.

Does that make sence to everyone?

And Alein, .Hack//Fragment is the beta for .Hack//The World. I don't even know if they will call it the world but the reason I call it that is to seperate the beta, on the PS2 , and the full game.
i saw the first couple episodes of //Sign, and it was awesome, but then Toonami (the worst network ever) took it off for more crappy DBZ. I've been meaning to get the DVDs since them (about 3/4 year)...

and Mononoke is amazing!
Well, Tsukasa's mind was ingame so he could be contacted telepathically or something. We don't know if others could understand Maha. And remember .hack//infection? Mia can see Kite's bracelet but Kite and others cannot. That could mean that some characters related to Aura and 8 phases can see/hear things others cannot.
Forgotten Legends
but Mia was not a normal player. He was one of 2 things 1)a cheater/hacker 2)a vagrent AI.

This would allow Mia to see kites bracelet.
err... Can anyone here reveal more about it? I am rather curious as the title is rather 'stylish', and looked cool
From what I know, the entire series are each a different stories of people in "The World" which is an MMORPG (not insimilar to World of Warcraft or Everquest) but in a perfect Virtual Reality. //Sign is about a character (forget his name, it's been so long since I was watching this) who wakes up in the game with amnesia (absolutely no memory of anything) and cannot log out (exit the game).
oh, ok, so it is a series of animation of a game?
exarkun @ it's series of stories about a game. So we have animes about game, mangas about game and game about game. Even tough games are main core of the saga everything built around it is cool and has it's own soul.
.hack//liminality is the only one of them that takes place completly offline. Other ones are 99.9% offline.

squeakypants @ His name was Tsukasa. He couldn't log out from the game and could feel pain, cold, hot ingame.

Forgotten Legends @ Have you ever finished .hack//quarantine? If not there is a big spoiler for you(if you like it) Warning! Spoiler It appears that Mia was one of 8 phases that you had to fight against. You had to kill her. But that's not the end of her story. After kiling last boss there is something extra RazzWarning! Spoiler

Anyway, there is 3rd episode of .hack//roots already. Man, this is getting cooler which each episode Very Happy I can't wait to playing games:P
Dude, at the risk of posting a pointless post, I like that stuff too, but i can't download anymore (i just want to whine), My computer/router is screwing up!
I thought .hack was lame because it's about a game. It's not really the type of anime I like...
I watch .hack root when I have nothing else to watch and do...
I have been watching the latest .Hack//Roots and I must say that, after seeing all that there is to see about the series (all the series and the PS2 games) , I think this is the most promising of all. The main charatcers are fantastic, Haseo can actually kill something and is not a lame-always-running-away guy Razz At least until now Razz I have some expectations about this anime and i hope it reveals to be as good as i think it will be !!
Wow...well...hmm, I haven't seen any of the .hack series in a long time. But, I' had only seen a couple episodes of each series, although I'm an anime fan and a gamer, I don't find that show very exciting.
I've seen the first five or so episodes of the .hack//SIGN anime, and I've seen one of the .hack//LIMINALITY OVA series (forgot which one; a friend of mine had the game and brought the episode to the anime club to watch). In terms of manga, I think I've read the first chapter of .hack//Udeden (the DUSK one); although the concept was cute, I was a bit confused at the end. XD

I heard there was going to be a revival of the .hack craze in the form of new video games, though.
I've never seen the anime of .hack, but I've beat all of the games for playstation 2. They were easy games, but they were great. I wish that I could see the animes, but I don't know where to download them.
Yuo can download anima at
I like this series, not only because it's complex and deep, but because it has a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to see in storyline and plot dealing with MMORPGs. It's really interesting to think that in the future there COULD be something like this (virtual online play).

BTW does anyone know where to get .Hack Scanlations?
I have .hack//GU, so to clear things up about .hack//ROOTs, and this could be spoilers I guess:
Haseo gets PKed at the very beginning of .hack//GU, and after this, there is an 8 month gap. .hack//ROOTs takes place over this 8 month gap.
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