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RSS feeds for forums


Well, I don't know if this is available in the software itself, but
it would be nice if we have an RSS feed per forum.

I use RSS very often, and this will help us to see the new posts in order
to go to the forum directly and help directly and fast.
A wonderful idea, I think this should be installed too. Bondings, I have a very simple MOD on my PC for phpBB that allows users to create their own RSS links, personally I think that it should be installed. Try and PM before today if you want it installed I will tell you mroe about it/send you it. (Note that I think there are no files to edit, just upload)
We used to have RSS feeds. I forgot why was it removed.
n0obie4life wrote:
We used to have RSS feeds. I forgot why was it removed.

Do you think that it'll be more useful for users to be able to make their own RSS feeds, so they can pick/choose which forums they want in the RSS feed ? The MOD that I mentioned above has numerous options, its also able to create HTML and JavaScript code that enables the user to put their specificaitions on their own website,

for example, I could create a piece of HTML code that can display all new messages from a forum, or the whole forum. This could in theory also be displayed on the Home page, what do you all think ?
Welle here's actually how I often use RSS :
I use the feature "web clips" in gmail, this feature really rocks because
every time I read my mails (and that's about 80% of my online time) I checkout what's new in that web clips. It's very useful.

Another way is the website is neat and really simple
that it deserves to be a home page. You can add many rss feeds to that page.
Take a look to the website, you'll se what i mean Smile

I guess some of you have thier means too.
Anyway, IMHO, that would increase the forums activity by at least 20 to 30%.

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