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3D Painted Rooms : optical illusion

An awesome collection of rooms meticulously painted to create an optical illusion from the right angle.

Check it out here>>

Hope u like it,
Pretty cool looking. I think it was made in photoshop or GIMP though. It still looks cool. Some of them confused me.
Catastrophic Fairy
That... would creep me out. D: It's just the kind of thing I would stare at for hours and hours and see in my nightmares and think I see in dark alleys o.o; But it is neat none the less. ^^
I would so totally do that when I get my own place! Very Happy Hehe...confuse my guests at it....
Code of Ruin
It is kind of like a trompe de l'oeil. When walking in some of the older villages of France you see these kind of paintings all over the place if you're lucky. I have never seen it in a room like this, it is simply amazing.
woaahh cool Very Happy
these are awesome. . but gosh, how long must they take to do? Shocked
I want to visit that place. It must feel crazy just to walk through a building filled with those, though I dont think those are all from the same place.
They look cool but don't quite give me the 3D effect.
they are strange.
Wow...Somone has a lot of time on their hands.
Wow, thats quite clever, and very stylish Very Happy
ok now thats messed up.... i hope its not in a rehab clinic Laughing
Pablo Diablo
Some of the rooms look like they were painted like that to create the optical ilusions, but on some of them, it almost looks as if the "paint" was added later, it looks too 2D and kind iof like it was added later.

Wonder if some are real, and perhaps some are photoshopped?
i like that is very cool Razz
Shocked Shocked Wow!

That's really well made! They must have spent hours making them.
No kidding; that would be insane even thinking about how to properly make one of those... You would have to project the image over the surfaces or something. Cool.
freaky. actually what I'd like to see is a room painted black. or possibly gloss black. I was having a conversation with my friend because he wants to repaint his room and we both though black would be cool, although a lil google time and many have said that it is a bad idea; however I wasn't able to find a pictures! Mad although searching "black walls" in an image search yields "interesting" results... Wink
someone had way too much time on their hands.

If they are for real they are very well thought out and I guess you could call them works of art...kinda. I'm going to have to agree with Catastrophic Fairy here...they would bug me right out of my sneakers! I have enough trouble navigating my own apartment without walking into furniture...if you go and put me in room like that....well, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty.

I have a friend who covered the walls of his room at college with tin foil, walls & ceiling...what an effect it had, you couldn't tell where the walls stopped and the ceiling started. That was about it for me. He went on to earn a Doctorate in Chemistry...which I guess explains why he would do something like that.
Its deffently done in an editor. You can tell by some of the pictures. Just take a close look.
Rooms like that in my house would just distract me. I'd constantly be "lining myself up" just to see the illusions.
cfackler wrote:
Rooms like that in my house would just distract me. I'd constantly be "lining myself up" just to see the illusions.

I would be walking into stuff. It is like those things that has 2828 mirrors. It would give my a headach.

Can you imagine coming home from a night out partying and trying to navigate through one of those places?? Shocked

I don't drink myself, but that certainly wouldn't give me any incentive to start!
i think some of them were photoshopped but nevertheless, they were so cool...
They probably are photoshopped, but it would be quite easy to do with a projector...
1) Project the image you want onto the area.
2) Paint over wherever the image is.
3) View from where the projector was.

I did a mural on a wall once that way.
they are cool indeed.. must hav taken a long time to do..

anyway, check this out too:
Amazing street art! Very Happy
Great looks very nice!!!
Good job man!
I'm confused, but they are cool.
They are cool and confusing but they are neat and i will show other people also. Very Happy Very Happy
very cool... Smile Smile
I rekon thats photoshopped, but if it isnt that would be like living with a constant headache 24-7
looks good but seems starnge to me
those room pictures are fake. the Photoshopping isn't that great. it doesn't look like paint, it looks like CG.

the sidewalk drawings are cool, though, I've seen people do stuff like that before, and it amazes me how good they are.
Those definately look like they were photochopped, but that would be an awesome touch to a room if that was really done they look really cool
OK, here's the long and short of what I think about these interesting paint jobs.

The short: It's cool. It would take a lot of time for very little, but the end product could actually make people excited to be where they are instead of dreaming about where they could be. nuff said.

The long: There are many things to consider before approaching a project of that magnitude. Do you have enough paint to complete the illusion would be my first question, because the illusion can ony be understood/seen after it is complete. Some of you also noticed the photoshop job done on the images to help make what is 3D into a 2D image on the web. What I mean is they went back and photoshoped it a little just so you, those on the web, could see the illusion much better. Stereoscopic vision in real life must be considered in order to make personal viewing possible, and might turn the whole project into a disaster, or make taking a photo of the image versus standing there looking at it really two different things. The images as a whole were not photoshopped, but I do believe a few were touched up on a computer to make the illusion or to cover photography mistakes. Also, I liked the one in the center of the hall way best (oval or retangle with circles cut out) because people walking down the center of the hall would see the illusion without trying to see it. If It required you to stand in a place where you aren't going to stand then the project is useless because people would have to be told it's there, and the painted walls might just get annoying or painted over if no one sees the project from where it is intended to be viewed. If you are doing this kind of project considder making people see it by accident, and don't rely on dragging people to a specific spot in the room to get a reaction (hint: use the center of a hallway as the viewing point like others did in the examples).

I might not have explained that well, but I did think about doing this to a room when I was younger and had more time, and I researched it to see what other people had done (the internet truely is a place of wonder). My resoning behind wanting to do this myself was that I had a small room, and wanted to paint it so that it became more than what it was. I had the idea of using lines and angles to make one corner of the room seem to go off into infinity, but I stopped the project because what I wanted to do was way to much work for someone who is as lazy as I was at that age. So it boiled down to a good idea, but would have taken years to complete what I saw in my mind, and settling for something less was out of the question. We moved a short time later, so that played a part in my desision as well. Wow, you read the long version. sweet.
Haha! Those are awesome! A few of them look like its just a bunch of tape though!
WOW Shocked
funny Laughing
i should try it sometime
Omg Very Happy ... that is super cool. I would like my room to have something like that Razz. U don't have to be a genius to paint that suff Smile . Some good plan's, a nice photo on your PC and u are done Very Happy.
They look like photoshopped room images too me...
That is freaking amazing! So kind of you to bring to us for our viewing pleasure ^_^
Those don't look much real to me, they look like they've been 'Shopped up to look like that. I've seen the "Sidewalk Chalk" art on and those look very convincing. (Link is already mentioned, but to a different website).

- Mike.
oooo I've always LOVED optical illusions, but i've never seen one so large in size! XD that's awesome!! Thanx
That would be cool if my house was like that. But, i would get like dissy, and black out... Shocked Shocked
Those are really cool! I think that's the same technique used in these other paintings I saw; the painters painted something on the ground to make a picture/optical illusion when you looked at it from a certain angle. Really cool stuff.
Reminds me of those 3d chalk drawings that duy would draw in the street.
This is really confusing.
Is this really painted on these walls or did someone just use Photoshop?
Trippy. I'll try that but not on my room. Probably with a box or something.

nice stuff. yet, the chances of it being photoshopped are big
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