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IM OFFICIALLY OBBSESSED!!!! i love that play. its coming to denver in 2007 and i already have tickets! share the wicked joy!
Not sure if it's literature Very Happy

Heading to the West End here in the UK London this summer, and its been the fastest ticket selling show in the first hour EVER!
Its here in Chicago now and i've seen it three times already, and i've read it soo many times that i can recite it like scripture. It truley is one of the greatest plays of our time. It bound to go down in history. Razz

Not sure if it's literature

Well, it's also a book, so there. Razz

I really love the muscial, though I haven't gotten the opportunity to see it yet. My roomate and i are Elphaba and Glinda (although we never hated each other, we've been best of friends from the start Very Happy ) we even photoshopped a picture so that I have green skin, put "What Is This Feeling" lyrics on it and taped it to our door. Hehe.

Has anyone here read the book? I've almost finished it. I find it hard to keep my interest in it for long, though it's good.
Miss Saigon
The book doesn't hold my interest as much as the musical.

The one thing I do appreciate about the book is it's varying third person feature. The entire book is from the perspective of people who surround Elphaba, but never from Elphaba herself. The POV changes as Elphaba moves arounds and encounters new people.

When I read the book I can't help but miss handsome!Prince!Fyiero of the musical. Just my issue Wink
Absolutly brilliant. Its one of these new things in this centuary thats actaully good, and quality:D you know how alot of things are just comercial and cheesy. This is fabulous Very HappyVery Happy
It's a book????

I had no idea. What is it called? and who is the author? I'll ask my local library as soon as I know.

So far I haven't seen the musical, I was so close once, but I ended up choosing not to travel to London. I'm not sure if they have it in my capital, I need to look, but if they have it in our language then I won't go, because it always ruins everything. As soon as I have some time of I'll buy a ticket and fly over to London, watch it, go shopping and come back.

I have always loved The Wizard of Oz and since I have heard of this musical my mind have only about that.
I wouldnt say its the same as the wizzard of Oz... Truly that classic style could never be reached again, however its stunning quality and although some west end shows aren't as fullfilling as they ued be (in my opinion) this is sheer Quality, you will enjoy it Very Happy
The book is by far better than the play, although I thoroughly enjoyed the play. I waited a year to see the play, and I'm really happy that I didn't find out about the book before then, because I would've been disappointed in the play...
Me getting to see the play was truly coincidental, even though I had been waiting a year. My grandma brings all the women in my family to a play every year, she had no idea about me wanting to see the play, and got tickets, (I was pretty annoyed with my mom after reminding her and reminding her about this play and she was surprised that I'd been wanting to see the play for so long -_-) I became truly obsessed Razz.
I have the cd, the book and have seen the play twice (well, once was on google video, does that count?) I adore Wicked although this is one of the only instances where I'd recommend watching the play before reading the book. The play can't even be compared with the book, if I had read the book first, I would have been totally disappointed (but I've already said that...).
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