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Frihost's Support is really very fast

Frihost support is so fast to respond that sometimes it happens that I send them a question and begin signing out from forum and turn to my yahoo mailbox, and there I see a new private message! it is from frihost support which contains answer to my question. Amazing, isn't it?
And then came my big problem, I wanted to change my subdomain name, I expected a long time before this could happen, if it could happen at all. I was logged to my site and making changes. So I wrote a Private Message to the forum administrator. Then after a few moments I turned back to my site and refreshed the page to login to my site admin. It gave me a "Page Not Found" Error. I was so dissappointed because I thought FRIHOST was down. I decided to write to forum admin again to ask what the problem was. As I opened my mailbox in the forum, there I saw a new message from admin saying my subdomain name has been changed! Now it was like a big surprise to me, I had asked them to do this only a few moments earlier.
Then I wrote the URL of my site with new subdomain name and it my site opened! it was shocking for me. I think support teams of paid services are not available to this extent as they are of frihost's free service.
All I can say to these guys is: "Please go take some rest "
Yah, it is definitely fast Razz
I have to agree, the Frihost staffers are right on the ball. The few questions that I have asked have been taken care of right away...MUCH better than most (if not all) of the paid web hosts I have used in the past.
yes that is true. There are only a few good paid hostings out there. So by far frihost is beating most of the paid hostings just because it has members always there to help.
Hey thanks for all your comments guys, we really do try our best to provide an excellent service to all. I'm glad that you chose to host your sites with FriHost, and hope that you enjoy the services that we provide

I must admit, Bondings must be one of the best system administrators ever. He beats all other web host admins as he actually knows what he's doing (there's lots of n00b admins around these days). Keep up the good work Bondings!
yes,I have to agree too
Better than other forums i get replies very fast for almost every post i post.

That is very helpful as i can get on with the job. Only google seems to be faster Wink

I must thank the members as well as the staff for this.

Also, cheers to bondings for bringing free hosting with great features Very Happy
Bondings is almost online 24/7.

He normally logs on at around 8am and until 3am (GMT+1) Smile.

Yes, Bondings is ub3r0wnag3.
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