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Add advertisements option

There are no ads added by frihost on user's websites, They must have an option of letting us display ads in return for making lesser number of posts,
this will be more advantageous for frihost as it will bring them a lot of revenue, specially from those sites who do not want to display their own ads.
displaying ones own ads is useless for owners of small sites as it hardly brings them any revenue. While for such site owners(like me), it is no problem at all if they display their hoster's ads.
Maybe - but I think Frihost's philosophy is totally different. They don't go for the money, but for the community. and some of them for world domination.
I am delighted by this spirit of yours. Keep it up. Last year, I tried to make money from the internet through different ways, but failed miserably.
Now I have learnt the lesson and I just want to be a successful webmaster.
And for earning money, I apply for jobs on freelance sites.
Uptil now, I havent been successful there either. Embarassed
Frihost is simple. Post and free adless hosting. If we were to implent this we have 2 options, post for free adless hosting, postless for free ad supported hosting. That alone is to much but then other users will want a special plan as well. post even less but get only 100mb storage instead. It would be start of a deadly chain reaction.

This also comes down to points. The max you can get, and quite easily from 1 post is 3 points, thats 3 days worth of hosting, so you don't have to post that much. Less than 3 quality posts a week. 30 mins a week posting and hopefully enjoying yorself, learning, socialling and more at frihost for a weeks worth of hosting (adless).

Bondings won't even allow his ads to be used on Bondings World.

So, I'm sure he won't allow that either.

I think he doesn't want to get himself adsense banned Wink
The higher traffic sites would be less likely to want ads from frihost. Therefore, the ads would only end up on desolate never-visited websites, and they would generate few clicks. That would probably cause a reduction in overall ad performance, as those users would use the forums less often.
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