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Simpons vs. Family Guy vs. Futurama

Simpons or Family Guy?
The Simpons
 67%  [ 23 ]
Family Guy
 32%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 34

They are all very funny and similar, but, Who is the most funny to see?
So if it's Simpsons vs Family Guy vs Futurama, where's the checkbox for Futurama?

My vote is Futurama!

This is only because the Simpsons have become long in the tooth and some episodes suck. Maybe it's a good thing Futurama didn't last too long otherwise they might have started sucking.

As for Family Guy, they're funny as hell too, but I don't see myself running to see the DVD's like I do Futurama and Simpsons.
i vote simpsons. . the earlier episodes are best but it's all good Smile
I can't edit it to insert the vote of futurama... Sad
I wanted to but it doesn't offer the option
The Simpsons is by far better. It is so funny and there's so many episodes. It's one of those timeless shows that you can watch each episode many times and you wont be bored
I can't say I have watched enough of family guy - the commercials do not even appeal to me. However, the Simpson's is much better at sending a message. Futurama just pokes fun (good fun - but no messages).
you are obviously all morons,


Family guy, yes it copies a few simpsons storyline, why? Because the simpsons have been going so freekin long they have coverd everything.

Simpsons should give in they have conquerd allready, make way for a new king.
postrander wrote:
However, the Simpson's is much better at sending a message. Futurama just pokes fun (good fun - but no messages).

If I wanted to get a message, I wouldn't be wasting my time watching TV! Confused

I think the Simpsons are good at sending a message because many people identify with them (yes, it's true, we do act like Homer on occasion. I act like Barney), so we are more receptive to whatever message they're trying to send. They've been around so long they've become part of our culture and people are very familiar with the characters so they can make shows with weighty material that sends a message.

Futurama has nothing obvious that most people can relate to and it wasn't on long enough for the characters to endear themselves to most people, so any message would have not been picked up.

I still vote for Futurama. Bite my shiny metal ass!
Futurama isn't that funny. Family Guy makes me laugh alot. It's very funny. I love how the show is set to remember stupid things that the characters have done. But the simpson. i mean come on. we grew up on the simpson. Homer gets funnier every day
Futurama all the way!
I definately prefered the middle seasons of the simpsons over the latest ones.
Homer has become just completely moronic and pathetically angry.
Marge has become insubstantial.
Storylines have lost all wit.

...Anyway that's my opinion.
I really love The Simpsons. I dont know how to explain the reason for it, though Razz
Family guy, definitely. I grew up on The Simpsons too, but Seth Macfarlane is the man. His cartoons and overall hilarity are amazing. He is definitely a hero in my book. Smile
Family guy by close. LOL. They are both realy good. I prefer family guy better though.
The simpsons!!! come on, they are the best, they have the best experience!! and they have some really good jokes. something I love is how they start with something that always changes into a completely different thing!!!
ylmun!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

Bite my shiny metal ass
I vote simpsons, only a show of its calibur could have lasted this long
I'd have to say that overall the Simpsons are funnier, however the Funny Guy has more moments that make me laugh outloud. I think it really should be the Stewie show, as he's the one that cracks me up everytime!
My vote has to go to Futurama. On a scale of 1 to 10, the humour of Futurama is on a constant 7/8, whilst Simpson rest on a 4/5. however, simpsons highlights go past 10 on the scale.

Anyway, I like the whole concept of futurama, and the way they keep you laugin all the way is unque and good.

I found stewey in Family Guy to be funny, but not as hilarious as Bender in Futurama.

go Matt Groening!
Actually I think it should have been Homer vs. Bender vs. Stewie...
Originally the Simpsons was the best cartoon out there. Really all the other shows came from the Simpsons. I used to watch it everyday, I even have some of the seasons on dvd.

Next came Futurama, which I loved for the first few seasons, but I began to loose interest in both the Simpsons and Futurama. This was also due to the lack of time I had for TV.

But then came Family Guy. This has to be my favorite out of the three now. I just love how it is just completely random at moments. It's just so hilarious. True, there are times where it goes over the edge with some vulgar material, but overall the show is awesome. That is why Family Guy gets my vote. =)
omgggggg... the obviously answer is The Simpsoms..

The Simpsoms was my first TV Show.. when i had 5 years i think...
I prefer The Simpsons, because there are different forms of humour in it, which is great! It's a bit like Shakespeare (and other drama-writers): everyone, if he's rich our poor, young or old, woman or man, can laugh with it.

When I was younger for example, I laughed with the stupid reactions of Homer and the cool things Bart did. Now I laugh with the satirical side of The Simpons. That's why I find this series so rich.
I like the simpsons. Some episodes wear not that good but overall the ammount of stars are great. I dont really like the first eps that much though. But maybe that just me being picky with the animation!!!
I couldn't choose one, I love 'em all! Very Happy
family guy all the way!

it just does things to me that the simpsons did before it got dull and samey
alalex wrote:
They are all very funny and similar, but, Who is the most funny to see?

I don't think they are compareable - Simpsons is just the best!
I think Simpsons is the best but what would I know. You would need to ask someone who watched both.

To me Simpsons is one of the funniest and most enjoyable shows airing on tv. But the fact that they used all the good jokes and the directors repeating them makes the show get really boring really fast.
TurkishGamer wrote:
I think Simpsons is the best but what would I know. You would need to ask someone who watched both.

You mean watched ALL THREE. I'm assuming you're dissing Futurama and it's my job to remind everyone it's the greatest thing since Slurm (if you don't know what that is, you must have voted for one of the other two).

Bite my shiny metal ass - Bender

I, and its sad, dont know that well The Simpsones.

So between FG and FR, I would have to go with Family Guy,
I have watched it more, and I L-O-V-E it!
Futurama is just awesome. Too bad they scrapped the movie idea. They should at least do some specials or something.

Family Guy is alright, but it lacks the subtleties of the Simpsons. The Simpsons has so many inside jokes that you can't possibly get all of them. And, they're one of the only dysfunctional family that actually often has (had) good messages. Many times, they make you laugh at them, and then you realize that you do the same thing and it makes you think. Family Guys just doesn't have that. It's just corny, stupid humour. Don't get me wrong, I think it's funny, but it's just not as good as classic Simpsons.

Futurama is better than all for me, thuugh, but only because its perfectly tuned to my sense of humour.
That's a tough one... I'd have to say Family GUy is 1st, Simpsons second, and Futurama is third althoguh they are all still very funny.
I have to say Futurama because it has a mix of both shows together.
The simpson.

Family guy is good, and has its moments.

But I grew up with the Simpsons.

It's nostalgic.

Simpson rule.
i think theyre all good

best futurama episode: the one about fri's dog

best simpson episode: the one about barts soul

best family guy: when they had super powers

too bad king of the hill isnt on the list too.
Michael Wilson
Family Guy is number 1. This is teh only series I have ever bought on DVD
Simpsons is number 2. To many repeats on tv.
everything else is a long third

Ren and Stimpy is dead last
I would choose family guy!
some people say that family guy copy the simpson since they're so similiar.

but still, i like family guy better!! ^^
Clearly Simpsons here!

> Family Guy > Futurama > Simpsons
simpson!! everytime, everywhere Smile
futurama is the best...but not on the poll. out of the 2 i have to give it to family guy simply because they're not that bad nowadays, whereas simpsons is horrible.
Simpson's is tainted by some crap episodes but it has some awesome ones too. Family Guy is consistently hillarious
Thats a pretty tough call. Simpsons is classic, they've been around forever, done it all, and established the genre. However as of late i've been unimpressed with their stuff. Family guy and especially Futurama has been encroaching on the realm. Too bad simpsons.
netthug wrote:
The Simpsons is by far better. It is so funny and there's so many episodes. It's one of those timeless shows that you can watch each episode many times and you wont be bored

I agreed completly!!!

Simpsons for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everytime I see American Dad, I really want to take a rock and smash my TV. That show is horible... now that FG is back, they really need to drop that show, and burn all old copies.

1. Futurama -- long live adult swim!
2. Simpsons
3. Family Guy (because in 10 years, we won't be getting the 'murphy brown' jokes anymore).
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