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Weekly or bi-monthly photography assignments...

This is not my original idea, so I can't take credit for it.
The site does it, I enjoy it.

I didn't put this into the contests because I consider it to be more of a creative outlet for the photographers on this forum.

Twice a month (maybe on the 1st and 15th) there will be a subject.
Try and photograph the subject in an interesting and original way.
I guess we could vote on the winner and let him/her choose the next subject for the following assignment.

Basic contrast/color/brightness corrections are OK from an image editing program, but this is meant to be about what comes out of your camera, not how good you are with photoshop.

I was thinking to do one every week, but alot of us work/go to school/have family obligations. So every two weeks would be better.

I know I haven't been shooting much lately and I need to get the 'creative juices' flowing. It's been a cold, dreary winter where I live, so I haven't been motivated lately.

Is anyone interested in this?
hellz yea. i am down for it. that sounds really cool. a shoot off so to say
I would be up for a regular assignment also.... anything thats gets the creative juices going cant be bad Very Happy
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